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ING open joint account

Open the ING joint account in Germany

28.2.2019:  1 Joint account = 1 current account with 2 account holders. Both customers have the same rights of the account. That means that each one receives an own access to the online banking, each a Visa Card, a Girocard and an own telephone PIN. The account management is free of charge at the ING (Germany) including all … read more

ING or N26 account opening?

Open ING or N26 current account?

21.2.2019:  You do not open a current account every day. Therefore, it is meaningful to take the decision of choosing the provider prudentially. The comparison as well as the experiences and tips of the editorial and community will help you finding the best option for you, open the account successfully and coping fast with the new bank. Comparison: … read more

DKB better Deutsche Bank

Free DKB better than fee-based premium accounts?

2.2.2019:  Many cannot imagine that a free current account can be superior to a fee-based current account. DKB current account = PremiumKonto (premium account) (apart from one exception ► see comparison) Deutsche Kreditbank Deutsche Bank Basic fee per month free of charge! Euros 11.90 Application ► online ► online Account management and cards Transactions (transfers, standing orders, etc.) … read more

Revolut Checking

Turn Revolut into main current account?

15.1.2019:  Guest article by Martin In our country, most people recognize N26 as the epitome of Fintech. Push-notifications, real-time settings of the cards and more. Revolut can do all this since long. Revolut is some kind of international N26 – which is what N26 wants to be since long Revolut qualifies itself by a lot of features that … read more

loan self employed

Loans for self-employed persons and freelancers in Germany

9.1.2019:  Most online banks do not grant loans to self-employed persons. The ones that do, are presented to you with details in this articles. Why is that important? So that you do not apply for a loan at a bank, at which you would not have chances anyway. As no bank is annoucing to whom they are not … read more

german business account

Open a business account online in Germany for an abroad company

2.1.2019:  It is probably no the perfect solution for everybody. However, it is a solution with which many entrepreneurs and companies can (transitionally) live. What do you think of these bank services? free current account with a German account number (DE-IBAN) receive transfers in EUR (free of charge) send money (low fees) comfortable management through online-banking or banking-app … read more

n26 love

N26 ► Recap

27.12.2018:  Will N26 ascend again into the exclusive circle of our top banks? Take a look at the new smart details of this Smartphone-bank that Martin has prepared for us and please supplement it with your ideas, wishes and experiences. A heartly thanks! The banking world changes more and more and this even in Germany. One can hardly … read more

n26 experience

Is the N26-bank worthwhile for foreigners?

15.12.2018:  Guest article by Anna Bonelli The German account at the N26-bank can be opened online from Ireland, Italy, France, Greece, Austria, Spain and Slovakia. In the future, further countries will be added! There are many reasons, why this current account with Mastercard makes a noise also outside Germany. A short summary of the conditions that made the … read more

Apply successfully for the ING loan in Germany ✅

13.12.2018:  On this page, it is not about whether taking a loan is meaningful or not – you decide this for yourself! This page helps you to get a loan in Germany! Finally, your creditworthiness is the decisive factor. As it is your creditworthiness, it is within your area of responsability to present your creditworthiness in the online application … read more

Curve use abroad

Curve Card in the use abroad

27.11.2018:  The Curve Card is currently considered the new super credit card and it is indeed a super-tool for us smart bank customers. Thanks to it, even our community grows, because owners of the Sparkasse and Volksbank’s credit cards can try risklessly and switch-free the advantages of really smart bank products. What the Curve Card exactly is, which … read more

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