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Sparkasse vs DKB vs ING-DiBa

The end of the free current account?

16.1.2018:  In the end of the 1990s, the triumph of the free current account – first as a salary account, later completely without requirements. Drivers were the new direct banks, who wanted and also had to acquire customers. At first, a trend towards secondary and third account developed – as it was free of charge. Now, it passes over to … read more

ING-DiBa use aboard

ING-DiBa for the use abroad

11.1.2018:  The ING-DiBa is Germany’s biggest direct bank and this has an important reason: It is the optimal bank within Germany for a whole lot of people regarding price, performance, product scope and service. How does it look like with the use abroad? First of all, I show you the conditions for the use abroad and depict my … read more

good current account germany

Euros 30,000 overdraft facility on the free current account without salary transfer ✓

29.12.2017:  In this article, we share with you a strategy of how to get a current account with a connected credit line of Euros 30,000 or more. It provenly works! Of course, not for everyone. You need a regular income; however, this does not have to be transferred to the bank. An electronic proof is enough. You also … read more

apply credit line

Set up the credit line cleverly ► Part 2

22.12.2017:  Due to the many replies to the article “How I got a credit line of Euros 25,000”, we have a second part today, with: new details and tips answers to your important questions feedback of granted credit lines a link-tip for all trainees/students and self-employed persons among us. Through the information of this article, the probability to … read more

Why TransferWise for international transfers?

15.12.2017:  As you might know, being a regular reader, I have legal foreign accounts since years, not just because of journeys, but also because of business partners in other currency areas. For the money transfer, I preferably use TransferWise. When I was in London some days ago, I visited the company – as so often with the camera … read more

open free current account

Open free current account ► without ◄ salary transfer (but with credit card)

15.11.2017:  More and more banks turn the salary payment –, partially even with a certain minimum amount –, into a requirement for the free account management. Well, and many banks generally charge account management fees or fees for the cards. Is there a free alternative? Yes! It exists … and you will find out all the important details about it. … read more

rahmenkredit strategy

Apply for a credit line before (!) instalment loan – plan the financings of your life strategically!

3.11.2017:  Just like it is meaningful to build asset with a strategy, it is meaningful to build financing options strategically for life. Never heard of it? No wonder. As in any area in life, there is also little known, partially hidden knowledge when dealing with the personal finances. In our circle of smart bank customers, we reveal such … read more

deposit cash

Deposit machine ► Deposit cash free of charge to the account!

24.10.2017:  Withdrawing and depositing cash free of charge is often the reason to not cancel a generally expensive current account at a branch bank. Some people, who switched to the free current account of the DKB have made different experiences now. They can dispose free of charge of currently of 16 deposit machines and around the clock, to … read more

DKB or Norisbank

Open account at the DKB or Norisbank?

16.10.2017:  As a frequent reader, you know that the DKB is our clear favourite since many years. Today, we have for you the direct comparison with the Norisbank – with the Norisbank, because this bank received most votes from you at the last voting! Moreover, the Norisbank issues a free credit card of the type Mastercard. Besides the … read more

DKB Visa Card

DKB refunds foreign transaction fee

30.9.2017:  If you like to go travelling, when you visit other countries, then the DKB Visa Card has been made for you. It costs no annual fee, the DKB does not charge fees for withdrawing at the ATM and even refunds the foreign transaction fee. DKB: the most recommended credit card for journeys! How the thing with the … read more

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