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N26 customers

Open account at N26 – yes or no?

18.7.2020:  149 smart bank customers have participated in our survey about N26 and have reported about their experiences with the bank N26. Thank you very much for everything! On this page you receive the prepared evaluation. We hope that it will be a good base for taking your decision, whether you will decide for an account opening – or … read more

Prämie Norisbank

€ 100 Bonus for an account opening account use …

6.7.2020:  Get Euros 100 from the Norisbank as a bonus for the account opening + active use? If you want it, click here ► ✅ What do you have to do to get Euros 100? You have to open the current account online. You have to use the online account switching service and redirect at least 5  … read more

dkb account

Open the DKB as a secondary account and use it meaningfully with overdraft facility!

25.6.2020:  Of course, I am a fan of the DKB and use its account since 2004 as my main bank account. However, there are people, who already have a good bank account and only want to (provisionally) open a secondary account at the DKB and use it. For you, this article has been divided into 3 acts. Act … read more

Kurzarbeit Loan

Loan at "Kurzarbeit" short-time work?

9.6.2020:  Since 2017 – and especially notable during autumn 2019 and in the early 2020 – we showed our fans how to get set up a free credit line as a provision. Costs (interest) would only apply at its use. Up to this point of time, you would have created a provision for an emergency in a meaningful and free … read more

Richard Banks Transferwise

Open secondary account abroad

18.5.2020:  Open the free account at TransferWise » The primary motivation of this article is not getting money abroad in order to remain able to act in the case of an account blocking – for whatever reason –but to build a second line in order to be able to act at technical defects. The technical failures have become more frequent … read more


A beautiful new (financial) world

22.4.2020:  Have you seen the movie Matrix? In this movie, the main character Neo is offered to swallow a blue or a red pill: With the blue one, you get back to the world that you have previously known. The red one will lead us to the truth and we will start to see the world from a … read more

transferwise real time

TransferWise: Transfer in Real Time

16.4.2020:  As a sequel to the article “TransferWise as a current account alternative”, I have implemented and documented a transfer from my TransferWise-account to the DKB-account for our frequent readers. I received an e-mail immediately after sending the transfer: Of course, I logged into the DKB right away: Before we take a look at the transfer steps, our … read more

transferwise checking

TransferWise as current account

10.3.2020:  TransferWise is no current account like we are used to by DKB or ING. However, TransferWise can take services for people, who want to create an alternative or supplement for themselves. Very practical: Modern account with card and app without monthly fees. Easy account opening ► ✅ Why TransferWise? This article appears in our series “German-speaking alternatives … read more

ING current account, free of charge

ING current account in Germany free of charge, if:

4.3.2020:  you are younger than 28 years or you arrange to transfer a monthly incoming salary of Euros 700 or more to the account. Do you fulfill these conditions? If so, you can go ahead and happily open the account: Open the ING-account (bonus of € 50) » Bonus of Euros 50 for people with incoming salary transfer! If you … read more

standing order DKB visa card

Standing order to the DKB Visa Card

26.2.2020:  Yes, there are some of us who have opened the DKB-account anew or who want to open it. Due to the fact that the bank does not know you yet, you normally will get set up an initial credit line of Euros 500 for the current account as well as for the corresponding credit card (DKB Visa … read more

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