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Overdraft facility

Overdraft facility (interest and line) in comparison ✅

9.5.2018:  Experience tells us that people who are considerably in the overdraft, only care little about the interest rate. Perhaps this is one of the reasons, why they use it regularly? We smart bank customers value the possibility of overdrawing the account to avoid things like return debit notes and the negative consequences of them. Although we should … read more

Commerzbank or Comdirect?

Open a current account at the Commerzbank or Comdirect?

4.4.2018:  You get the answer to this thrilling question in this article. You will be recommended the best option for your use! What is most thrilling about the Commerzbank / Comdirect? The Comdirect is virtually the direct bank daughter of the Commerzbank. The Commerzbank is making itself competition since the 1990ies … or is it just clever enough to keep … read more


How to get an installment loan easily + cheaply in Germany!

19.3.2018:  At least 50 per cent of all loan applications are rejected! So that your loan application will be approved and that you, being a smart bank customer, pay less interest than other people, we have developed this page for you. Idea and strategy using the example of the ING-DiBa: Loan type installment loan (German: Ratenkredit) Housing loan … read more

DKB or Gebuehrenfrei Mastercard

DKB or Gebührenfrei MasterCard Gold?

13.3.2018:  The DKB Visa Card is not ideal for 100 % of people. The biggest point of critique is the parallel opening of a current account, even though it is completely free of charge. But is a solely credit card really better? It depends on your personal usage behaviour and on what is important for you. Please use the … read more

joint account

Joint account DKB vs. Postbank

6.3.2018:  Perhaps the subject joint account has been missed out a little on our special portal for smart bank customers. Let’s change that together today! Many together living persons exploit the practical advantages of a joint account. Both account holders deposit and both have own cards and respectively a separate access to the online banking. Why shouldn’t you … read more

credit card DKB or ING-DiBa?

Credit card of DKB or ING-DiBa better?

7.2.2018:  Not every person wants to switch the current account to a direct bank. For some people, it is enough to have a free credit card to the existing current account at the Sparkasse and the like. The customer-richest direct banks DKB and ING-DiBa offer their free Visa Card only in combination with a free current account. How … read more

Overdraft expensive or cheap?

1.2.2018:  Which is the best month for banks? December. Why? In the yearly average, every fourth current account is in the red. In December, this value increases. More accounts are in the red and the amount per account is higher. In general, especially the Sparkasse should rejoice; its average overdraft facility interest rate is at 10.47 per cent. … read more

transfer real estate

International transfers for real estates (purchasing/selling)

23.1.2018:  Due to my activities in America, I am frequently asked on how to transfer higher amounts at best cheaply and safe or how to get them back from abroad to Germany. The background of my question is often the purchase or sale of real estate abroad, business or emigration. But sometimes also a special car, which could … read more

Sparkasse vs DKB vs ING-DiBa

The end of the free current account?

16.1.2018:  In the end of the 1990s, the triumph of the free current account – first as a salary account, later completely without requirements. Drivers were the new direct banks, who wanted and also had to acquire customers. At first, a trend towards secondary and third account developed – as it was free of charge. Now, it passes over to … read more

ING-DiBa use aboard

ING-DiBa for the use abroad

11.1.2018:  The ING-DiBa is Germany’s biggest direct bank and this has an important reason: It is the optimal bank within Germany for a whole lot of people regarding price, performance, product scope and service. How does it look like with the use abroad? First of all, I show you the conditions for the use abroad and depict my … read more

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