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DKB free account opening

Open another free DKB-account

16.8.2019:  For most readers, it will be the 2nd DKB-account … however, the shown below also applies to the 3rd or 4th free account at the DKB. If you not yet have an account, then open your first DKB current account ► here. If you potentially need further accounts, you already know that you start at the right bank. … read more

Comparison: DKB ⇌ TransferWise

Comparison: DKB ⇌ TransferWise

27.7.2019:  Requested by our community: Comparison of the DKB current account with Visa Card and the Borderless-Account of TransferWise with Mastercard. Both are free and in German language. Beforehand: For me, it is not an either/or question, but an interesting combination within Germany and on journeys. However, please take a look yourself: DKB account with Visa Card TransferWise … read more

withdraw money roatan

Withdraw money on Roatán ⇒ Best Practice ✅

13.7.2019:  Do you even have to withdraw cash when you visit Roatán? If you only have a few hours of shore leave from a cruise liner, then you can save yourself from that in most cases. You can pay with US-Dollars in many places. However, the change is given in the local currecy Lempira (HNL) (Exception: within the … read more

ING Account Opening

Become a customer at the ING guaranteed ✅

11.6.2019:  Perhaps you found this blog article after your application on account opening of the ING current account or the setup of the wonderful credit line has been rejected. If you are searching for a solution, then you are at the right spot. This article has been written for you! Initial situation: The strainer! A bank that offers … read more

credit lines

5 credit lines that you can combine wonderfully (for smart bank customers in Germany)

26.4.2019:  There are people, who will reject the following. Mainly because they are afraid of uncontrolled indebtedness. They key lies within in the word “control”. When someone knows, what he/she is doing, because he/she acquired financial knowledge, then the use of borrowed capital (loan) is something completely normal. Most of the physical accomplishments of our company were financed … read more

DKB cash Withdraw

DKB ↝ Withdraw money really free of charge?

2.4.2019:  Starting point for this article was the question by Achim in the internal area of our community: I am currently still at the Deutsche Bank and want to switch to an online bank, because it has gotten quite expensive. If I go e.g. with the DKB Visa credit card to the Sparkasse and withdraw € 100 at … read more

Apply for credit line through another person

Apply for credit line (Rahmen­kredit in Germany) through another person?

20.3.2019:  Overview Idea Example “Olaf” Example “Marta” Overview Private loan contract Questions If the use of the money from the credit line – as offered by the ING Bank – is absolutely free to choose, then you can also borrow this money to someone else. Can’t you? Yes, absolutely correct! This article is about the ideas and risks that … read more

The best secondary accounts

The best secondary accounts from our community ✅

13.3.2019:  What benefit can you get from this page? Double: You see at first sight for which bank the “croud” has decided for. Interestingly, these are exactly the three best current accounts of Germany, as we have selected them in this blog article in the year 2016. That means for you: You can’t do wrong with the opening … read more

ING open joint account

Open the ING joint account in Germany

28.2.2019:  1 Joint account = 1 current account with 2 account holders. Both customers have the same rights of the account. That means that each one receives an own access to the online banking, each a Visa Card, a Girocard and an own telephone PIN. The account management is free of charge at the ING (Germany) including all … read more

ING or N26 account opening?

Open ING or N26 current account?

21.2.2019:  You do not open a current account every day. Therefore, it is meaningful to take the decision of choosing the provider prudentially. The comparison as well as the experiences and tips of the editorial and community will help you finding the best option for you, open the account successfully and coping fast with the new bank. Comparison: … read more

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