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How to get a loan with “negative Schufa“!

… or completely without Schufa! This article deals with both variants. But first of all: What does “negative Schufa“ exactly mean?

The answer is: There is no universally applicable answer!

An unpaid phone bill can cause a “negative Schufa“ …

For many German banks, an unpaid phone bill is enough – yes, this is entered into Germany’s biggest credit investigation company –, in order to reject a loan.

For example, direct banks, Volksbank, savings banks an real estate-financing loan institutes are very strict at “smaller” negative entries at the Schufa and reject a loan almost always.

One case from the practice

We know about cases in which the real estate financing in the amount of several Euros 100,000 was not granted, because there were entries at the Schufa that a phone bill was not paid.

The daughter of the family called her boyfriend during their vacation and “produced” a phone bill of more than Euros 300. She destoyed the bills and reminder notices, because she was afraid of her parents. Therefore, the parents got a Schufa entry that ruined the dream of their own house.

Challenge for young people and immigrants

Also people, who have no records at the Schufa, can have problems when applying for a loan. As almost all people from the age of 18 are recorded by the Schufa, because they appear economically in Germany, the bank may ask itself, “Is this person real?”

If a loan bank gets the feedback of the Schufa: “person not recorded by the Schufa”, then this can be interpreted as something negative.

No Schufa entry = negative sign

This can become a problem for young people and immigrants, because they did not have enough time to appear economically in Germany.


Open a current account in Germany. This way, you get your first positive Schufa entry! This should be helpful for the loan application. 🙂

The solution: Loan without Schufa entry


Here, you will learn how to apply for a loan at Bon-Kredit without a Schufa entry and about the course until the payment:

Insider tip: Schufa-free loan in spite of very good creditworthiness

We heard about a case that we want to report about, because it might be interesting for you or your friends too.

How Michael has almost lost his house!

Michael lives together with his family in a beautiful home on the outskirts of the city. He did not know about our advice from the articlebsp;1 and agreed with the bank on too high monthly instalments.

What happened was unavoidable: car accident. It was his fault. The insurance paid the damage of the opponent, however, it demanded a recourse from Michael of Euros 5,000. Payment term is short!

As a matter of course, he visited his main bank and asked for a loan. The banker proved the loan application and told him that a further loan would not be possible. The regulations of the bank would not allow this, because the loan exposure is already high.

Note: Whether one is (still) “loanable” or not, is calculated by the banks as follows:

  • + all true income
  • – ficticious expenditures, so-called cost of living
  • – existing loan instalments

In Michael’s case, there was not enough left at the end of the calculation for a new monthly loan instalment. Even worse: the banker suggested that if a new loan instalment is added, then the existing loan agreement could be checked again (partially, banks can see at the Schufa, if further loans are added).

Insecurely, Michael started a search for a loan “without Schufa“. At Bon-Kredit, he found what he needed and got a loan in the amount of Euros 5,500 (Euros 500 reserve, if something else would go wrong) without entry at the Schufa. That means: the bank with the already existing loan does not know about the new loan.

Do you like that?

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26 Responses to “How to get a loan with “negative Schufa“!”

  1. Gorden says:

    Hello, is there a possibility to get a loan, if you have an entry at the Schufa?

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, at ► Bon-Kredit it always makes sense to apply for a loan, because the provider (online loan intermediary) works with banks that do not make Schufa-requests.

      Of course, you have to be able to pay the loan instalments. You definitely need a regular income.

      • Manu says:

        Can you tell me with which banks they are working?

        • Richard Banks says:

          Yes, the best organizer right now is this one. They currently cooperating closely with a foreign bank, which is not connected with German Schufa. This has the advantage, that there is no Schufa enquiry and therefore credit history entries there are not relevant re. that foreign bank.

  2. Smai says:

    Hello. Since one year, I have a permanent job (permanent employment contract, German address). Unfortunately, I get my salary paid in cash. And now my question: If I opened an account and would improve my creditworthiness thanks to the credit card and would deposit the money during six months, could I get a loan? I can also present an income certificate. Would I be credible then?

    • Gregor says:

      For the payment of the loan, it does not matter whether you receive your salary in cash or by bank transfer. However, the last 3 salary statements from an employer in Germany are important.

      The German bank account is important, so that you can be paid your money and the monthly installments can be debited.

  3. Bruno says:

    Could you explain to me what the Schufa-score given in percent means? I have checked that the Schufa has entered my loan requests too. And even the requests at the loan comparison. How does this affect my creditworthiness?

    • Gregor says:

      For this purpose, we have a detailed article.

      In short: more than 95% is very good. Between 90 and 95 is okay.

      The feature “Anfrage Kredit Konditionen” (request loan conditions) has no effect at all on the score. You can see the entries for 1 year (Schufa-query). Other banks can only see them for 10 days. Then not anymore.

      The feature “Anfrage Kredit” (request loan) is not so good. Fortunately, fewer and fewer banks do that. Then, when the loan is entered, everything is okay. If not, it looks like the bank has not granted the loan. This can lead to a downgrading of the score.

      In the condition request, it is clear that it was not an application, but only the calculation and the Schufa was queried for that reason.

      Does that help you?

  4. Natalia says:

    My fiancé wants to take a loan without Schufa to repay a few due loans, but unfortunately, he does not have a permanent employment contract. His contract will be permanent in June. What should he do? Do we have any chances of getting any loan? We need one very much now.

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, there is a chance. However, I cannot say how big it is. You only find that out, when you have gone through the online procedure. The interest rates will probably be expensive.

  5. Arlyn says:

    Hello if I apply a loan and approve amounting 5,500 Euro. Do I pay fees in advance if any? Or the fees will be deducted from the money loan. Is this how it work? Applicant no need to pay any cent until the loan money deposited in the applicant bank account?

    • Gregor says:

      In Germany, there have not been any fees for credit approvals for years. That is not allowed in Germany. Banks solely earn their money with the credit interest or the selling of additional products.

  6. Rocky says:

    Hello, I live in Germany since one month. I have a permanent employment contract, a current account at the Sparkasse and I am also registered here. My net income is Euros 1,200. Do I have any chances of getting a loan? I kindly ask for your answer.
    Best regards

    • Gregor says:

      Only those who make the online application have the chance. The personal data has to go through the system once and then you get a result. Good luck!

  7. Raymond says:

    I would like to get some loan to buy furniture for my room and other things for my room. I have a permanent job but I have a loan am already servicing from a bank. Will it be possible?

  8. Yoji says:

    I’m currently trying to open a bank account in Germany.

    After “clearing” my low (bad) Schufa score, and even though it takes up to 3years to get it back in an average position.
    Would I be able to open a bank account so I can get paid for my new permanent job?!

    (I know is a bit off-topic.)

  9. jtkala says:

    I am trying to apply mortgage, but unfortunately my Schufa score is not good (85). Is there any bank that provides house loan without Schufa check. I have a permanent residence in Germany and permanent job. Any suggestion here is much appreciated

    • Richard Banks says:

      I don’t know of any real estate financing in Germany without a Schufa check. Often, the interest rate depends on the Schufa rating. However, real estate financing is not our specialty, so it is possible that there is something I simply don’t know of.

  10. Christina says:

    Hello if you get a negative Schufa but then you pay the whole amount how long it takes to have a positive Schufa again?

    • Richard Banks says:

      Yes, that would be nice if it worked that easily. In practice, this only works if the registrant withdraws his entry. Very few do. Of course, he has to report when the claim is settled. However, some do not because they have sold the claim to a debt collection company and that is why they consider the case taken care of for them.
      A good credit rating is quickly damaged and it often takes years to rebuild it.

  11. Gandhi says:


    I am an Indian national living in Germany for last 7 years.I have a permanent job and I am EU Blue Card holder, my Schufa score is very bad. It says high critical risk. Can I still get a loan ? During my student days in Germany I had no idea about the Schufa score and ít is messed up now.

  12. Christian says:

    Hi there!

    My Schufa does not look so good.

    I am working freelance in Berlin.
    When a Schufa-free lender checks your income, how far back do they check usually? Is that 3 months or a few years?


    • Richard Banks says:

      For freelancers, it is usually 3 years. It is not easy to get a loan in this group because this is where the risk is highest from the bank’s point of view.

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