Opening a German current account without creditworthiness check

Online account with prepaid MasterCard

This online account was rated by customers in the category current accounts with MasterCard without creditworthiness check (Bonitätsprüfung) as the best offer. The success rate of account openings is more than 99 percent!

Online account with prepaid MasterCard

Account opening in 2 minutes – Success rate more than 99 percent!

A first glance at the conditions:

  • Online current account with free MasterCard Prepaid
  • monthly 1 × free cash withdrawal, valid worldwide (!)
  • monthly 5 × incoming transactions free of charge
  • Free online banking (including mTAN-procedure)
  • Account opening without creditworthiness check (no Schufa-query, no Schufa-entry)
  • Account opening through PostIdent-procedure or VideoIdent.

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How to use the online account optimally?

The usage ideas are as varied as people themselves … and there are new smart ideas each month. So far, one can summarize the subjects of a successful account usage as follows:

  • Current account without creditworthiness check

    Banks, such as the DKB or Comdirect, require that any application for account opening (Kontoeröffnung) has to undergo a two-stage creditworthiness check. During the first step, information is sought automatically on the creditworthiness of the applicant at credit agencies – especially at the SCHUFA (credit investigation company).

    Online-Konto MasterCard

    Cash is available with the Master­Card at all international ATMs.

    Based on these data, an automated rejection or – at a positive assessment by the computer – the account application is granted. If the creditworthiness check is not clear, an employee of the bank will examine the application “manually” and decide then.

    All this does not exist at this online account. No creditworthiness check takes place! Almost everyone, who is willing to pay the fees according to the price listing (Preis­verzeichnis) and is able to make the legitimating through the PostIdent-procedure, obtains the online account.

    The rate of positive decisions on the application for account opening is more than 99 percent! There are almost no rejections!

    Since no data is reported to the Schufa (not to other credit agencies either) neither when opening an account nor later in the customer relationship, one may refer to this online account as Schufa-free (schufafrei)!

  • Seizing Protection Account (P-account) (Pfändungsschutzkonto)

    Since 2009, there is a legal obligation in Germany that banks have to convert an existing current account on request of the customer into a garnishment protection account. In practice, it happens frequently that banks try to get rid of customers, whose account was seized (Kontopfändungen). Often, credit and bank cards are drawn.

    This does not apply to this online account: People, who want to open a P-account, normally apply for the online account. Immediately after the account opening, one can perform the conversion into a P-account within the online banking system by oneself.

    Therefore, the online account is seizing protected up to the limit of the deposited amount (Pfändungsfreigrenze). That means that the account won´t ever get blocked. You can always dispose your account balance within the protected limit. Moreover, also the MasterCard will fully remain active.

  • Online account for everyone (worldwide card delivery possible)

    You can also apply for this German online account, if you live outside Germany. The conditions stay the same, with only one exemption: you have to bear the postage for shipping the MasterCard to your foreign address.

    world and germany

    Online account in Germany. However, you can live anywhere in the world.

    The amount depends on the country and is individually calculated by the financial institution. That seems to be quite fair, isn´t it?

    You only have to visit a branch office of the Deutsche Post once and perform the statutory identity verification (legitimating) with your ID-card or passport. Other identification procedures are currently not available for this online account.

    It is also possible to open this online account for a foreign company (e.g. Limited).

  • Online business account with MasterCard

    The online account can be opened for:

    • Companies with a company registration number (Handelsregistereintrag) in Germany (e.g. GmbH, eK)
    • Companies without a company registration number (e.g. self-employed, freelancers)
    • Companies in establishment (e.g. to deposit the corporate capital)
    • Companies based abroad

    Any managing director (Geschäftsführer) or authorized person (Person mit Kontovollmacht) has to legitimate through the PostIdent-procedure. If available, the current certificate of registration is filed too.

  • Discrete emergency account

    This account does not report to credit agencies, as it is only known to you and the financial institution. Unless you use it for transactions – then also your business partners will know about this bank account.

    There are people, who maintain their online account in Germany as a reserve account with MasterCard for emergencies. In the everyday business, it is not used. However, you can access this account anytime – either through the MasterCard (to book flights or car hire) or for transactions. According to the terms of PayCenter, one can deposit up to Euros 15,000.

Special features of the online account

One should know about these special features before the account opening:

  • Maximum account balance

    Initially, one can not deposit more than Euros 15,000 to the account (except business customers).

  • SEPA-transactions

    Currently, transactions are only possible within the SEPA-area (transactions to the USA or to Thailand are not possible, transactions to SEPA-countries with other currencies, like England or Poland, are converted without the foreign currency charge. This means that such SEPA-transactions are very favourable).

  • TAN-procedure

    PayCenter offers the mTAN-procedure by default.

Modern online banking in German language

Modern online banking in German language

Important background on the online account in Germany

The financial institution “PayCenter” that offers online accounts, was founded in 2011. Its headquarter is in Freising, near the international airport of Munich.

The online account is specifically designed for customer groups that often have a hard time with other German banks. Not everyone wants to be “investigated” by a bank before an account is opened. Also people with debt and/or negative Schufa -entries have difficulties to get an account at banks. Persons or companies based abroad are also not the desired clientele for all banks.

This does not apply to this online account: It is paid through the transparent prices for the various services of the current account or MasterCard. The customer pays for the things he/she wants to use. PayCenter does not depend on earning through cross-selling additional hidden or known fees, as this is the case with many apparently free current accounts.

This online account provides a good (re-)start for many people in Germany!

Prices and services

You should get familiar with the price listings for the online account before opening an account. Here are the main points:

Service Price Editorial note
cash withdrawal
  • free
    1 × per month
further withdrawals Euros 5.95
incoming transactions
  • free
    5 × per month
further bookings Euros 0.50
Payments and transactions with the MasterCard
  • free
no charges for the usage in foreign currencies either
Charge for account management
  • Euros 9,90
    per month
including MasterCard and online access
Setup fee
  • Euros 39
Euros 99 for business accounts

Go directly to the detailed price listing: ⇒

Why does PayCenter open accounts for people outside Germany?

Okay, PayCenter does not advertise with this. However, it opens accounts for people outside Germany without any questions, if they can identify themselves through the PostIdent-procedure.

The financial institution does so, because it wants to offer solutions for bank customers, who have a hard time with “traditional” banks. Many people abroad are willing to pay account management fees (Kontoführungsgebühren) for an account in Germany, if they just can get a regular bank account with IBAN and Girocard in change.

This online account is a superb solution!

“Open the online account in 2 minutes”

Questions about the online account?

Since 2004, my team and I were able to gain experience with the bank account opening and usage within Germany and abroad. During this time, we have become almost experts in this field. Feel free to take advantage of our experience and post your questions through the comments feature.

Images: Globus: TUBS/Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0

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Who writes here?

Someone who gained experience with more than 100 banks in more than 20 countries during the past 15 years. My name is Gregor and if you click to continue you can find out why I am here and what this site is for ⇒ continue.

44 Responses to “Online account with prepaid MasterCard”

  1. Joe says:

    How would one go about closing this account,should they decide to do so at some point?Can it be done online?
    Thank you for all the useful information you are providing.


    • Gregor says:

      Yes, you can cancel the online account anytime. The menu item is called “Einstellungen (Configuration) ⇒ Kündigung (Cancellation)”.

      It is about the cancellation of the MasterCard, however, one refers to the complete online account (besides the current account, PayCenter mainly offers the Prepaid MasterCard). Does this answer help your decision?

      • Joe says:

        Yes, it does as that would be my only concern when opening this type of account. If cancelling is that convenient, I’m definitely considering this as a valid and interesting option.

        Thank you for your reply.


  2. Rosa says:

    How i can make one deposit in this onlinekonto? Just with transfer from another account?

  3. Dan says:

    Dear Gregor,

    I want to know how to open an account for a foreign company LTD ?!?
    When completing the account opening form for a company can not change country (Germany is defined in the list and can not be changed), how can I open an account for me UK ltd company?
    I need your precious help, please tell me the exact procedure!

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, that is the issue! At that time it is possible to open this account for a LTD, if this company will be or is registered in German Handelsregister (register of companies).

      I know, that is not the sense of a UK LTD to make an entry in German Handelsregister. I hope that I am able to convince this provider to change the rules in future or find a good provider where it is self-evident to open a company account with foreign registration … I will publish an article about, if I have a good solution.

      • Travel and Do says:

        Hello dear Gregor and thanks for your valuable assistance and expertise in advance. My question is this: Do you know if anything has changed and it is now possible to open a PayCenter BUSINESS bank account for a ltd company outside Germany (based in US)?


        • Editorial Team says:

          That will regrettably not work. All banks in the EU are very hesitant when it comes to account openings for companies from outside the EU – especially from the US, which is due to the very strict and thusly very expensive requirements of the USA (FACTA).

  4. Dan says:

    ear Gregor

    A UK LTD company with a office adress in Germany, not suficiet?

    If you can convince “” to accept foreign company without compulsory registration in the registry German or if you have other alternatives (EU countries), please come to me with details.

    Please keep me informed, are interested in a simple banking solution that accepts and foreign companies with no obligation to be registered on the German register!


  5. Justin says:

    I was almost able to get the account fully open. However Deutsches Post is a big pain. I went to two and couldn’t complete the identification proceedure. The DP people won’t accept my American passport nor an oral statement without a paper from the police indicating my German address. Pay Center doesn’t require a German address but Deutsches Post does. Therefore, I conclude there is a zero chance than someone who is not a German resident to open a full German account. Sadly, was informed Pay Center can not help and already paid the fees yet can not use the account. Please provide a real solution for people outside of Germany. Thanks!

  6. MARK.HASU says:

    i saw your ad on opening on line master card which is very good i was looking for the way to do just that and i am from papua new guinea am i eligible to an account?
    please help. can you sent me information in english?

    • Redaktion says:

      The account opening is only possible, if you make the identification in Germany (PostIdent).

  7. Gregor says:


    An account opening is possible from Germany or from abroad. Also for German citizens with a foreign place of residence.

    Currently, the statutory legitimating takes place through the PostIdent-procedure. One is working on a video solution, so that the account can be opened from anywhere.

    One expects that the VideoIdent will be available towards the end of this year. Who opens the account already, but does not visit Germany for the PostIdent-procedure, can let the account run until the video legitimating. However, only deposits but no withdrawals can be made until the legitimating is completed.

    The account contracts of most German direct banks prohibit a business use (e.g. DKB, Comdirect, ING-DiBa). That is why those are ineligible as corporate accounts for self-employed and freelancers. The online account can be used commercially … and if one is looking at the fees for business accounts in Germany, then the Onlinekonto is priced pretty favourable.

    For those who prefer the English language: PayCenter currently works on the translation of the online banking into English. You can contact the customer service by telephone or e-mail already in English language.

    • Glen says:

      So, we can make transfers to account and also out-transfers from the account until we legitimate it? Im not talking about withdrawing at ATM. Just using online.


      • Gregor says:

        Hi, incoming money is possible immediately after the account opening. Outgoing money – regardless of it being via outgoing transfer or ATM – only work after the legitimization. This regulation achieves the maximum for the banking customer that is allowed by German law.

  8. Alex. Manolias says:

    Have you an English form for applying a online new account?

  9. Baranescu Mihai says:

    Hi, I am from Romania, i’m a webdesigner, i’m dealing with several clients from Germany, but they told me that can pay me only in to a german bank account, is there a chance to open an bank account with you? I can travel to an airport in Germany for identification, what documents do i need? I have an romanian ID and also a romanian passport. Please leave and answer for me. Thank you!

    • Gregor says:


      yes, an account opening should be possible, only takes a few minutes, and you will be able to state your new IBAN on your invoices.

      At the airports of Munich and Frankfurt they each have a post office that does PostIdents durchführt. Towards the end of Summer the VideoIdent procedure will probably be implemented. In case you don’t need any cash withdrawal and no MasterCard until then, you could accumulate, for the time being, earnings of up to 15.000 Euro on your account. It is not clear though, which ID documents will be accepted for the video procedure.

      In case you decide on legitimization via Deutsche Post, you better take both ID documents with you, to be on the safe side. Good luck!

  10. Johan Jurgens says:

    Hi, I am a South African citizen and work and live in South Africa. I do not have a German address, German contracts or German family. I do however travel to Germany from time to time to conduct business, and therefore would like to set up a German account in my own name where I can transfer money to for use when I travel to Germany. Will I be able to open this account from South Africa and transfer money to this account via my regular South African bank via IBAN or BIC? When I go to Germany, will the Deutche Post be able to legitimise me when I get to Germany one day, and thus allow me to withdraw my money in Germany?

    • Editorial Team says:

      Hi! By and large, this should work. Here the details:

      The account opening is done online. You can do that up to six weeks before the legitimization, e.g. when you have booked the journey and know that you are going to be in Germany and have time for the PostIdent.

      The account is a local SEPA account. This account works well for payment transactions in Germany and with all other countries of the European Union that have the EURO as currency as well, e.g. Austria, France, Belgium etc.

      It is not suited for payment transactions with all other countries and currencies, since it does not have an option for currency exchange. You can only send and receive money in Euro.

      The solution here is to use the interposition of TransferWise. TransferWise divides transfers into foreign countries into two national transfers and takes care of the currency exchange. In comparison with the classic international money transfer between banks, TransferWise is also less expensive.

      We have been using TransferWise as well for several years – very recommendable for international transfers … and an excellent link between a local account and a bank account in South Africa.

      • Ben says:


        I now notice the following message on the signup form:

        Non EU-citizens will require a registered German address to open an account.

        Is this a new requirement? Have you any advice for a non-European resident in France?

        Thanks in advance!

  11. Ben says:

    Hi there,
    You mention a video identification solution being ready this year. Is this available yet?
    Many thanks,

    • Editorial Team says:

      Yes, regrettably there is a delay regarding the implementation of VideoIdent, which will probably now be offered 2017. An official date has not yet been published.

      With a bit of luck we might get the English language online banking by the end of this year/beginning of next year, though it’s not easy to make any promises here. It seems the IT departments in Germany have more to do than they can manage: Our economy is booming.

  12. rosu says:

    Hi, any news regarding video identification?

  13. Wall says:

    Which amount can be withdrawal at the ATM daily ? What is the daily limit ? Also for shopping ?

    • Editorial Team says:


      for new customers, the initial limits are 500 EUR ATM withdrawal withing 24 hours, and 2,500 EUR for payments in shops.

  14. Denis says:

    Hello, I am a citizen of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Is it possible for me to open an online bank account on
    Thank you in advance!

    • Gregor says:

      The provider’s focus is on account openings for people with a residence in Germany, but the accounts can be opened just as easily, if the residence is outside Germany but within the EU. This does not apply to Bosnia-Herzegovina, but I know that many people live there who have good connections in interests to and in Germany. I would simply try to open an account – either it works, or it doesn’t. One can only win, and we have heard about cases where the account opening from a third party country has worked.

      Currently one still needs to perform the legitimization process via a local branch of Deutsche Post, but this is supposed to change this autumn. Then, the legitimization via the VideoIdent procedure can be done, regardless of the location. Best of luck!

  15. Senor Animal Planet says:

    Any update on the VideoIdent?

    • Editorial Team says:

      Unfortunately it is taking longer than anticipated, which is really a pity. We don’t really dare naming a new date, since the previous ones had been rescheduled as well.

  16. Gregor says:

    Good news: From today on, the legitimating via VideoIdent is available. Therefore, one can open accounts completely without having to be in Germany at the time of account opening. A true online account opening. 🙂

  17. Anna says:

    I want to open a bank account in Germany. I am a British citizen and I frequently travel to Germany, because I have many friends here. At which bank could I open an account?

    • Gregor says:

      Dear Anna,

      you can open the above presented current account simply online. The Mastercard is also sent to the UK. The statutory identification of the customer (legitimating) can be done comfortably through a webcam. The passport is then held in front of the camera or presented in a post branch office in Germany (on one of your trips).

      Important: You receive your IBAN directly after the online account opening and can log into your online banking. Deposits can be made.

      Payments and the shipping of the Mastercard only take place after the legitimating. Is that alright with you?

  18. Baligh El Cheikh says:


    I am a Lebanese citizen and I have a Limited Company in UK and I want to open a Germany bank account for my company is that OK and what does they required for that?


    • Gregor says:

      If you have an independent business in the UK, opening an account is easy. Legal entities such as a LTD must be registered in the German commercial register so that the account provider can open an account. Bank cards are currently only shipped within the EU. I am afraid neither the provider nor our web portal are the right source of information for you.

      • Baligh El Cheikh says:

        if I open personal Germany account with my passport Lebanese that possible of there need any special requested document so I can start accept a wire transfer from our customer in Europe?

        Regards and thanks for your help and support

        • Gregor says:

          Hey, hey, I don’t sit in the department for account openings at this provider. Please ask the provider directly or apply for the account and wait for what will happen. Best of luck!

  19. Sarah says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the great website – really helpful.
    I would just like to ask some advice about the latest info on this account.
    Our company is a registered Egyptian company, based in Egypt, with an Egyptian owner, but who also has an English passport. He would like to open a personal account in Germany, and also, if possible, a business account.

    Do you think this might be possible with onlinekonto?

    If so, has anyone had success at getting an account balance of higher than 15k approved?
    How could funds be transferred to Egypt, if necessary?
    Would his English passport mean the need for a German address is not necessary and could he still verify his account through VideoIdent? Or at least Postident?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    • Gregor says:

      I am currently working on a solution for this challenge. I estimate the article covering this subject should be done somewhere around the beginning of next month.

  20. Vivian says:

    Hello can you please tell me if it is possible to do my Anmeldung in Postbank? I was in Berlin 7 months ago and already I have and post bank account and tax ID!! And I also find a job but no one can do my Anmeldung!

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