Deposit machines of the Deutsche Kreditbank – List of sites

DKB: Cash deposit (free of charge)

DKB deposit machine

The new deposit machine

Due to multiple customer request, the DKB has upgraded and converted their own ATMs from the sole withdrawal feature to withdrawals and deposits.

Please take the Girocard with you …

The depositing of cash is possible using the Girocard (former EC-card). Here, one can also withdraw cash free of charge through the Girocard, what otherwise is only possible using the Visa Card.

List of the deposit machine sites

From now on, one can deposit cash free of charge through the machines to the DKB current account at the following locations in Germany around the clock:

Site of the deposit machine Link to Google Maps Eventual editorial note
01067 Dresden
Wilsdruffer Straße 3
Show map section Show photos (German language)
03046 Cottbus
An der Wachsbleiche 1
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)
04109 Leipzig
Burgplatz 2
Show map section Show photos + detailed map (German language)
06108 Halle
Große Steinstraße 20
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)
07545 Gera
Amthorpassage Sorge 9-11 (shopping mall)
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)
09111 Chemnitz
Augustusburger Straße 26
Show map section Show exact way description + photos (German language)
10117 Berlin
Kronenstraße 8 – 10
Show map section Show exact way description, photos + detailed map (German language)
10117 Berlin
Taubenstraße 44 und 7-9 (schräg gegenüber)
Show map section Show exact way description, photos + detailed map (German language)
14469 Potsdam
Jägerallee 23
Show map section 5 free parking spots for DKB-customers, customer area is on the right side of the main building
15230 Frankfurt/Oder
Große Scharnstraße 64
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)
17033 Neubrandenburg
Woldecker Straße 2
Show map section  
18055 Rostock
Neuer Markt 11
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)
19053 Schwerin
Wismarsche Str. 154
Show map section  
39104 Magdeburg
Fürstenwallstr. 17
Show map section Deposit and withdrawal machine since 2016
80333 München
Brienner Straße 20
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)
98527 Suhl
Straße der OdF 4
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)
99084 Erfurt
Anger 30/32
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)

Further sites of the DKB, where still no ATM with this function are – we hope that this will soon change:

07545 Gera
Humboldtstraße 25
Show map section  

ATMs just for payout

(Here you can withdraw money with the DKB-Girocard free of charge)

80333 München
Brienner Str. 18
Show map section Description + Photos (German language)
66121 Saarbrücken
Halbergstraße 50
Show map section Building change. We are waiting, if there will be again a machine for us customers in the new building …

No more available deposit machines

01067 Dresden
An der Frauenkirche 13
Show map section Show exact way description + photos (German language)
80333 München
Brienner Straße 18
Show map section Foreign cash (foreign currency) can be deposited. Business hours and all details can be found here: Cash deposit Munich (German language)

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13 Responses to “DKB: Cash deposit (free of charge)”

  1. Brigitte Alex says:

    How can I deposit cash into my account from uk?

  2. Sander says:

    What can one do if their city is not listed? Are there other ways of depositing cash into the account?

    • Editorial Team says:

      The DKB is a direct bank, and only few direct banks offer the option of depositing cash at all.

      You do have the option with many local banks to deposit cash there and transfer the money from there to your DKB account. For that, fees of the local bank will apply, with amounts that can be quite varied.

  3. ERD says:

    A foreign student here, with a scholarship.
    I’m in Köln and was wondering about how could I deposit money into the account. Is there a way to find online the ATMs that have the deposit option?
    Also, these accounts can receive SWIFT deposits from overseas?
    Does the DKB open an account for people for Latinamerika? We have been told that, for example, Commerzbank doesn´t open accounts for people of Colombia.


    • Editorial Team says:

      DKB is a direct bank, and direct banks usually don’t have own ATMs. If you want to deposit cash more often, a local bank probably makes more sense for you.

      Transfers from abroad can arrive at any time in any currency and will be automatically converted into Euro. The basic fee for that is 12.50 Euro per incoming transfer.

      For an account opening you need a good “credit history”, which usually a student from abroad does not have (here). You can try, but I would not put too much hope into this – especially since the bank obviously does not quite fit your needs.

  4. Perila says:

    Can you deposit to any bank account?


  5. Antonia says:

    I have ING Visa electron card that was issued in the Netherlands. Is it possible to put money on my own account here in Germany (in Berlin)?
    Thank you in advance,

  6. Steven says:

    How much do I have to pay monthly when I open an account with DKB?
    What are the fees with DKB generally? Thanks.

    • Richard Banks says:

      The DKB giro account does not have a monthly account management fee. The Visa Card is also free of charge. Prices for other services can be found in the bank’s list of prices and services.

  7. Bill says:

    Hi all! I would like to ask why deposit cash via DKB atm in Berlin cost me 1.5%? I have this line in the statement.

    Rechnung Entgelt auf Ihre Bargeldein zahlung vom xx.12.2021 in H oehe von xxx,00 Euro am DKB -Geldautomaten.

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