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Barclaycard: 4 meaningful things!

Barclaycard is presented on as a credit card company, because it has some interesting features for our readership.

1. Credit line can be trained

It is common for German banks that a fixed credit limit remains the same for all eternity, unless you change it actively. The credit line is usually limited to three times the net monthly income.

This is different in Barclaycard: Barclaycard is a British company (Barclays Bank). In contrast to American Express, Barclaycard has taken some “features” for the German market that are common in the Anglo-American area.

Credit line can be trained!

Therefore, it is possible to “train” the credit line. That means that I can use the credit line to almost the entire amount and pay it back on time at the end of the interest-free period (up to 2 months). This way, Barclaycard sees that I am a responsible customer and increases my credit line automatically (if I am a customer since at least 6 months).

One can play this little game several times. Thus, the credit line will increase again and again. How this works in detail and is completely free of charge for you, we will show in detail in another article.

Seminar in London.

The author on a 3-day seminar in London. Subject: Property purchase with the help of trained credit cards.

2. Customers with immigrant background

Some German direct banks that also issue free credit cards encounter some problems when assessing the creditworthiness of people, who have arrived recently in Germany or did not yet appear a lot economically (e.g. Schufa query).

As a result, applications for account and credit card are sometimes rejected by a good direct bank.

Credit card is easier to get.

Being a foreign company, Barclaycard has a lot of experience with applicants, who did not choose the classic German life career. Our experience shows that the Barclaycard Visa is given relatively easily and Barclaycard monitors and refines the customer’s creditworthiness during the customer cycle.

The conditions to get issued a Barclaycard are the minimum age of 18 and a place of residence in Germany. Barclaycard Germany currently does not accept customers from other countries.

3. Ideal to withdraw cash/credit card for journeys

The top offering of Visa of Barclaycard enables to withdraw cash at all Visa-enabled ATMs without the withdrawal fee. There are banks that charge up to Euros 10 per withdrawal!

Cash free of charge!

If money is withdrawn in Euros, the payment takes place completely free of charge. At foreign currencies (eg. Czech koruna), the international service fee of 1.99% is charged.

4. Free cash loan

Imagine the following idea: you withdraw cash completely free of charge at the ATM. You do not pay interest for up to two months for this withdrawal. Afterwards, you pay or transfer the money to the credit card account, or you let it be debited from the current account.

You did neither pay fees nor interest, but you could work some time with the money. Isn’t this a brilliant free cash loan?

If you do it right, Barclaycard will still increase your credit limit. How cool is that?

“Get the Barclaycard Visa”

Perhaps you apply for the Barclaycard Visa as a second credit card and try the described above by yourself. We would be glad to get some feedback on that.

PS: The interest free credit period of up to two month also applies to withdrawals.

Illustrations: Barclaycard, Barclays Bank PLC, Gasstraße 4c in 22761 Hamburg, Germany

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2 Responses to “Barclaycard: 4 meaningful things!”

  1. Paul Finch says:

    Can I transfer my British Barclaycard balance to Barclaycard Germany?
    I have just moved to Frankfurt.

    • Richard Banks says:

      These are legally independent banks, but please do ask the provider, who can – if they decide so – accommodate you. In this community here we are all externals.

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