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Open the ING joint account in Germany

1 Joint account = 1 current account with 2 account holders.

Both customers have the same rights of the account.

That means that each one receives an own access to the online banking, each a Visa Card, a Girocard and an own telephone PIN.

The account management is free of charge at the ING (Germany) including all transactions and cards.

Joint account is free of charge including all cards

Usually, joint accounts are opened by couples. In the course of this page, you will see that there are even more possibilities.

Einzelkonto der Gemeinschaftskonto

What are the advantages of the joint account at the ING?

  • free account management without any conditions!
  • 2 × free Visa Cards
  • 2 × free Girocards
  • free cash withdrawals
  • modern banking-app
  • if desired, overdraft facility up to 3-times the total net income
  • easy online account opening

Experiences added to the individual advantages

a) free account management

The account management including all transactions and orders is free of charge and not bound to any conditions, such as minimum incoming transfers, salary account or the like.

Completely fair: If you like the bank and account, you will automatically use it more – or not. No pressure nor force ⇝ huge freedom for the account holders.

This means at the same time: You can use the joint account for different purposes: main current account, secondary current account, joint travel account or also for a residential community (flat-sharing community).

Regarding the residential community: It has to be noted that the joint account can be used for a two-person residential community, but not as a collective account for a bigger residential community.

b) Cards to the account

Each account holder receives two cards:

  • Visa Card
  • Girocard

Fees do not apply !

No matter which of the four cards are used, each payment is immediately debited from the joint account. Such a pleasant transparency!?

c) Withdrawing cash

Free cash withdrawing is easy at the ING. There are various possibilities.

My favourite is withdrawing cash with the Visa Card. You can do that at every ATM around the globe that accepts the Visa Card.

These are about 97 per cent of all ATMs. The search of the appropriate partner bank for free cash withdrawals is a piece of cake.

The limits are: Euros 50 minimum withdrawal amount and Euros 1,000 is the maximum.

The minimum withdrawal amount also applies to the Girocard, which you can use within Germany to withdraw cash free of charge at 1,200 own ATMs of the ING (frequently at ARAL-petrol stations and Saturn-markets). If the account balance should be below Euros 50, you can also withdraw less.

Who wants to withdraw less than Euros 50, but has more money in the account than that, should use the Girocard to withdraw at the cashouts of: Aldi Süd, dm, Netto, Penny, Rewe, Toom. A minimum purchase of Euros 10 or 20 is necessary. This is only worthwhile, if you buy something anyway.

Withdraw cash without fees almost everywhere!

With the Visa Card, you can withdraw without paying a withdrawal fee on the part of the ING worldwide. However, when a foreign currency is paid out (e.g. US-Dollars, Swiss Franks) a fee for the currency exchange in the amount of 1.75 per cent applies (foreign transaction fee). Please pay attention to that, if you use it as a joint travel account.

d) Access to the online-banking and banking-app

Each account holder receives a personal access to the online-banking. This, of course, is also valid for the banking-app.

The ING offers an extensive and stable online-banking. The app is also well-developed and enables you to make banking operations comfortably on the road.

e) Overdraft facility

Another advantage of the joint account is the higher credit line. When the amount is calculated, both incomes are sumed up.

The maximum amount is Euros 10,000, maximum is 3-times the sum of both net incomes together.

Another advantage of the ING: The income does not have to be transferred to the account – e.g. like at the DKB. It is enough, if the salary is proven through the salary slip! Do ideas now pop up in your mind? 😉

f) Authorized persons

If desired, you can also add up to 5 authorized persons to the joint account. Authorized persons can also get one access for each to the online-banking and own cards.

Note: Authorized persons are not account holders. They can only act on behalf of and according to the account holders. For example, a daughter could become the authorized person for the account of her mother, if the mother is not very good in bank matters anymore. This would also be an alternative to the joint account.

Gemeinschaftskonto mit Kontoinhaber und Bevollmächtigten

Big design freedom at the ING!

g) Single account – joint account

Additionally to the joint account, each account holder can open a single account at the ING or another bank. This is meaningful e.g. if you want to buy a present for the other person. It would be a pity, if you could read in the card transactions “Victoria’s Secret” before giving it to her. 😉

ING Einzelkonto – Gemeinschaftskonto

up to 8 free cards!

Requirements for the account opening

The requirements for a successful account opening at the ING are similar to the single account:

  • place of residence in Germany
  • older than 18 years
  • passing the creditworthiness check (⇝ no negative Schufa-entries)

On top of that:

  • both account holders must have their primary residence at the same address!

No requirements are:

  • family connection to the other account holder (no marriage, no registered partnership is necessary)

That means: As long as you live at the same address, you can open a joint account with whoever you want! Your connection is not checked and therefore irrelevant!

However, you should think well about with whom you open a joint account. Both have the same rights. That also means that one account holder has the possibility of completely clearing the account.

You also have the same obligations. If one account holder gets into the red, also the other one has to be responsible for settling the account. Please consider that before you open the account.

In more than 98 per cent of cases, the joint use of the account works out well.

Account opening

The account opening of a joint account is just as easy as the opening of a single account – the only difference is that you state the personal data of two.

To start, you switch to the page of the ING-bank. Here you can find the link to the account opening page ►

There, you are shown again the advantages, such as the free account management, cards, cash supply and you are offered the options of opening a single or a joint account. That looked like this, when the article was created:

ING open joint account

If both future account holders are not yet customers of the ING, then click on “beide neu hier” (both are new here) and the online application will open. Do you need help at filling the individual fields? Here we present you a detailed instruction.

Right after filling the online application, you are asked to make the legitimating. You can do this comfortably using the video camera (VideoIdent). A Smartphone is generally enough. Alternatively, you can make it free of charge in any branch office of the Deutsche Post presenting your German ID-card or the passport (PostIdent).

Tips to the account opening

The most important tip is to enter the creditworthiness-stronger person as the “first account holder”. If you do not know, who has the better creditworthiness, then just enter the person with the higher income!

Further tips

  • Professional change

    If a change of job or the foundation of self-employment is planned, then preferably open the account still having the old job. A job, which you already have since years will provide you with the most creditworthiness-points.

    The least favourable time of an account opening is at unemployment. In this case, one can only advise you to wait until a new employment contract is signed.

  • Moving

    Sometimes people open a new account due to a change of residence, for example because the old bank does not exist in the new city of residence. In the future, this cannot happen with the ING, as it is a direct bank. However: apply for the account still with your old address. Living longer at one address brings more points than a recent or frequent move. You can change your address afterwards by yourself within the online banking.

    Exception: You know that you do not live in a good neighbourhood and will move to a considerably better one.

  • Emigration

    You should open the account in every case before you emigrate from Germany, because the ING only opens accounts for people, who have their primary place of residence in Germany. When you emigrate, you can keep your current account and you even get the following cards sent free of charge to the abroad. Partially even granted credit lines can be kept.

  • Two accounts – Which should I open first?

    If you plan to hold one or several single accounts in addition to the joint account, then it is recommended to open the joint account first.


Do you have questions about the account opening or use? Please feel free to use the comments feature at the end of the page.

Our community, my team and I are happy to help people, who are already smart bank customers or are about to develop into such. You are welcome to recommend our work to others. Many thanks! 🙏🙃

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