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DKB bleibt besser

The DKB-account remains free of charge:

Website of the “Kein-Aber-Strategie” (no-but-strategy) – the DKB-account is and remains free of charge! – more and more people switch with their current account to the DKB.

Many of them were (or still are) customers of the savings banks and Volksbank. Often, there is only one free card to their accounts – although many banks of this sector have introduced fees for them too.

At the DKB, one gets two free cards as a basic equipment to the account:

Video shows: Which card to use cleverly!

You can find further instruction videos on our YouTube-channel (subject to subscription).
If you are not yet a customer of the DKB, you can become one here:

Tabular overview

Which card do I use for what purpose?
Chronology as in the video
DKB Visa Card
DKB Visa Card
DKB Girocard
DKB Girocard
Withdraw cash at the ATM
worldwide € 50–1,000 per day
all VISA-compatible ATMs within Germany and abroad
Withdraw cash at the supermarket
(e.g. Penny, Rewe) € 20–200 per operation
minimum purchase of € 20 necessary
Withdraw cash “Cash im Shop”
at the supermarket (e.g. Penny, Rewe) € 50–300 per day
Cash im Shop possible without card, instructions ⇒ here
Credit card payment
interest-free until the monthly settlement
my personal recommendation, see ⇒ tip
Debit card payment (formerly: EC-card payment)
immediate debiting from the current account
in Germany historically common
Without foreign transaction fee
Refund of the 1.75 % at the month change
(detailed instructions will follow)
applies to card payments and cash withdrawals at the ATMs in the foreign currency abroad, ideal for journeys!
Fee-free deposits and payments
only possible at DKB-owned ATMs
⇒ list of DKB depositing machines
optionally individual card motive
20 €
detailed instructions will follow
Personal note: in my wallet, I only carry the DKB Visa Card. This is sufficient for me. The Girocard stays at home.

Questions to the use of the DKB-cards?

My team and I would be pleased to help you personally when discovering and using the clever possibilities of the DKB-account. Please ask your questions through the comments box at the end of this page.

You are also welcome to contribute with the descriptions of your own experiences and ideas, so that new customers will get used to the new account and the new cards. An exchange between smart bank customers is desirable.

This is the purpose of our life and work here!

Tip: card payment with interest advantage

I personally prefer to pay with the DKB Visa Card, because all card transactions are “saved” free of interest until the end of the month and are settled with the current account then. The interest advantage applies, if there is not enough money on the current account and the overdraft-interest would be charged.

DKB Cards clever use

From the perspective of the customer, it is clever to pay with the Visa Card. By the way: cash withdrawals are also free of interest until the monthly settlement. This is a just like a free loan!

However, there are also people, who prefer the immediate debiting of card payments from the current account. They say that they have a better overview of their finances and therefore, do not spend more money than they actually can afford.

The decision is entirely yours!

The DKB only offers you several possibilities – you can take advantage of what you like and what fits to your needs. And if you like, you can share your tips with other readers here through the comments feature.

Account switching to the DKB

The DKB offers to new, but also existing customers, to use an account switching service. Many people, who have already used this service, enjoyed a true time saving and pleasant comfort. We have presented this service on the following page to our readers: DKB Kontowechselservice (account switching service).

Before you take advantage of the account switching service, you need to open the account. Additionally, I recommend to our readers to test the DKB-account and cards extensively in order to find out what they are dealing with . 😉

Recommendation: Test the account and cards extensively before the switching!

This perhaps also includes a call to the customer service at an unusual hour, e.g. on Sunday or at night. You will be surprised by the good assistance and information for its customers provided by the bank outside the usual opening hours!

The phone number is: 030-12030000. This is a Berlin area code + die DKB-bank code. Perhaps this way, you can remember it even easier?

Account opening at the DKB

Minimum age 18 years
Account opening for minors through the parents
Place of residence Germany, Austria, Switzerland
(For German expats, also further states are possible)
Account opening free of

Helpful articles about the account opening

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