Bank Account Opening from home:

DKB Account Opening with WebID

Whoever wants to open a bank account at the DKB – most people are interested in the free current account with free Visa credit card, with which one can withdraw money free of charge anywhere in the whole world – can now save the way to the post office to carry out the legitimating through the PostIdent-procedure.

With the new procedure WebID, it is possible to do the identity verification from home or any other place around the world – given a good internet connection.

This will be convenient especially for people, who can only rarely visit the post office branch during its opening hours. And it is particularly interesting for account applications from abroad.

Identification through WebID – how it works:

  • 1. Application for bank account opening

    Please use this link to go directly to the website of the bank and fill out the online form for bank account opening.

  • 2. You will receive an e-mail

    In this e-mail, you can find a reference number and the link to the data entry form at WebID.

  • 3. Data entry form at WebID

    Now you fill out the online form with your personal data and then you can click on “Start now“.

  • 4. Video Call

    The video call will take place either through Skype or WebRTC. It is most convenient, if you perform the video call using a PC with webcam, because you will be asked for a process ID, which you receive via e-mail. This way, you can easily switch between the different windows.

    Of course, it is also possible to perform the video call on other devices, like e.g. tablets or smartphones … the screen is a little smaller though … and if necessary, you can switch from Skype to your e-mail program to find the process ID.

    It is not necessary to maintain eye contact with the staff member of WebID at all times.

  • 5. ID Confirmation

    To confirm the ID, the staff member of WebID will ask you for further details, so for example, the date of issue and the issuing authority of the identification document.

    Furthermore, a photo of you through the webcam will be taken. Likewise, photos of your ID card or passport (front and back). Moreover, you will be asked to tilt the identification document to see the reflections of the holograms.

  • 6. Release

    The identification conversation will only take about 4 to 5 minutes. As soon as everything is done, you will receive a TAN, of choice via e-mail or SMS, which you enter in the confirmation page at WebID. With this, the procedure is completed and the successful legitimating will be forwarded to the DKB.

Now, what´s next?

Access to online banking and the bank cards

As the DKB has already decided to set up a bank account with Visa credit card for you – otherwise you would not have received the e-mail with the link to WebID – the process of sending you the welcoming letter, as well as the bank and Visa credit card, will take place immediately.

Important hint for a successful bank account application

Current conclusion

The DKB account opening with identity verification through WebID is beneficial for so many people, who have difficulties to visit a post office branch during the opening hours due to work or family responsibilities. Moreover, one might have to wait quite some time for one´s turn. Also at longer distances or bad weather, it is very convenient to perform the identification process from the pleasant home.

Temporal availability of the WebID team

At the moment, the legitimating through WebID can be performed every day – also on the weekend – between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

WebID also possible on weekends!

Account opening from abroad

Even more advantageous is the WebID procedure for German citizens, who are abroad at the time of account opening. This applies to long-term vacationers in Thailand, students in the USA, a businessman in Singapore …

DKB Visa Card for free with additional benefits

… the place, where one actually is, does not matter in order to be identified through the Internet and webcam. However, for the identification you require a German ID card or passport.

Unfortunately, interested parties with identity documents of other countries can currently not be identified. This applies to people abroad, as well as to people, who live in Germany, but have foreign identity documents.

This restriction will be abolished in the upcoming months – country by country, wherein our German speaking neighbours Austria and Switzerland will be most likely the first. In further steps, the acceptance of identification documents of other countries is planned.

This won´t be as fast as one thinks, because the staff members of WebID have to be well trained to distinguish original IDs from fake IDs. As the detection takes place only visually through the webcam, one must be very cautious. Furthermore, the whole process has to be verified and accepted by the Federal Agency of financial services.

We will report here about the development of the WebID procedure. Moreover, you are welcome to enhance this page in the comments box with your experiences for the benefit of all readers and interested parties of the DKB or WebID. Many thanks!

Further tips about bank account opening at the DKB:

WebID is explaining itself again here:

Complement: From the 1st of December 2014, also people with an Austrian ID card or passport can be legitimized through a webcam. With this, Germany’s best current account including a free VISA credit card is now available for Austrian citizens – regardless of their current place of residence. Good luck on opening the bank account through the Internet!

jetzt mein neues Konto eröffnen

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16 Responses to “DKB Account Opening with WebID”

  1. Rusty says:

    Hi – I made an application to DKB online at the beginning of November and went to complete the PostIdent in my local Deutsche Post office.

    I have not received anything from DKB since then. 14 days since PostIdent. How long does it normally take before DKB give you a response? I am an Irish student living in Muenster.

    Great source of information source this website!

    • Tanja says:

      After sending the PostIdent, you will usually receive the first of seven DKB letters within one week. About the contents of the letters and what to do with them, you can find out in this article

      Maybe your PostIdent got lost in the post, so please ask the DKB by e-mail or phone, whether the PostIdent has arrived. If it indeed has been lost, you might have the possibility to perfom the legitimacy through the WebID procedure. For this, the bank should send the link to you via e-mail.

      I really hope that your account will be opened soon and that you will have many great experiences with it!

  2. Daniel says:


    I’m from Sweden, used my friend address in Germany to open the bank account, and just completed the webcam identification.

    What will be the next step ? Is the process completed ?

  3. Jo says:


    I just applied for dkb account. I have a German passport but a British address. I was hoping to use video identification but they sent me an email with the option of German post office or British bank lawyer. Is there something im missing here or can you not actually open from abroad without a German address.

    • Gregor says:

      I guess the WebID is easyier for you. Contact the DKB support and ask for this option, please. I think that is no problem. The DKB will send you a link and a reference number for WebID. Thank you!

  4. Aleksei says:

    What about people who don’t speak german? WebId is not for such customers, or DKB has english-speaking employees to handle the verification process online?

    • Redaktion says:

      Sorry. In general, the DKB account is only for German speaking people, because there is no other language version.

  5. Maria says:


    I would like to inform you as I just finished Webid, it is possible to speak English (I called about 7 times as my internet connection was bad and I was interrupted and all of staff were very helpful) and I could use foreign documents (Id or Passport) I don’t have German ID or passport.
    Good luck to everybody.

  6. Igor says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to let you know that this part was not true in my case:

    “As the DKB has already decided to set up a bank account with Visa credit card for you – otherwise you would not have received the e-mail with the link to WebID…”

    I did finish WebID verification process and two days later I received a letter from DKB saying that unfortunately they cannot open an account for me. Not sure what happened there…

  7. Sathiamoorthi says:

    In WebID, Indian citizen option is not available. what is the alternative?

    • Richard Banks says:

      PostIdent. Simply ask DKB to issue a coupon for this purpose and then go with your passport to a local post office. Best of luck!.

  8. Shravani says:

    I am Indian passport holder staying in Germany. Online verification not possible for my passport. What are other ways to do identity verification for DKB cash account?

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