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Loans for self-employed persons and freelancers in Germany

Most online banks do not grant loans to self-employed persons. The ones that do, are presented to you with details in this articles.

Why is that important? So that you do not apply for a loan at a bank, at which you would not have chances anyway. As no bank is annoucing to whom they are not granting loans!

Thanks to the contribution of smart helpers, this page has been created for you, the self-employed person and freelancer. With only one purpose:

Giving you the highest possible probability of financing!

Auxmoney Barclaycard ING
Loan amount  € 1,000 up to 50,000  € 1,000 up to 35,000  € 5,000 up to 50,000
Group of persons Self employed persons (tradespersons and freelancers, no legal entities) only certain industries of freelancers (doctors, lawyers, architects, pharmacists, undertakers, computer scientists, translators and the like)
Application online online online
Further requirements
Place of residence and business seat Germany
Duration of self-employment 0 months
(business start-up loan possible)
12 months 2 income tax assessments must be submitted
Minimum income € 1,000 € 1,150
Loan payout and repayment
Loan payout possible within 2 banking days possible within 4 banking days
Loan purpose free use, private and/or commercial, no proof necessary
Repayment direct debit of the monthly installments from a German current account
Special repayment at any time and free of charge
Loan application: Weiter zur Bank
Weiter zur Bank
Weiter zur Bank
Please give feedback using the comments feature, for which loan you have decided for. Also the reason why. This way, we can better cater the smart use (tips and tricks) in future articles.
A heartly thanks for choosing DeutschesKonto.ORG for your research!

Tips on the providers


With Auxmoney, you can even finance bank-independently, because private and commercial investors invest in loans through Auxmoney (P2P-loans). If the subject investing in loans sounds interesting to you, then take a look at this page ►

Particularly decisive is the creditworthiness assessment based on your Schufa and information-score to get a loan approval at Auxmoney. A business-plan or a “promise” is not necessary.

A “history” of being a self-employed person is not necessary either, which is why even start-up loans are possible.

Loan for business start-ups possible

A German bank account is necessary for the loan payout, as well as for the direct debit of the monthly installments. If you do not have one yet, you can set up an account within 5 minutes at this provider.

Auxmoney-loan for self-employed persons:

Auxmoney Kredit für Selbstständige

Easy loan application at ►


My attention was drawn to the loan offer for self-employed persons through one of my Berlin friends, to whom I had recommended the loan comparison of Smava. He contacted me full of joy a short time later and told me that he was forwarded to Barclaycard through the loan comparison.

The application was easy and the payout really took place within only two days.

Fast loan payout

My subsequent research resulted in the fact that Barclaycard has granted loans to quite a lot of self-employed persons and has even handled later increases or reductions (special repayments) very well.

Barclaycard-loan for self-employed persons:

Kredit für Selbstständige von Barclaycard

There is creditworthiness-dependent interest at Barclaycard, which is why most of the borrowers pay higher interest than shown in the screenshot. The better the creditworthiness, the lower the interest rate– and viceversa! ► Calculate the individual offer.

ING (until November 2018: ING-DiBa)

Special repayments work just as well at the ING. However, the ING grants loans only to chosen – almost superior – freelancers. The “commercial” self-employed person does not have any chances on getting a loan approval. This is a legit decision of the bank!

Loans for “superior” professional groups

ING-loan for freelancers:

Kredit der ING für Freiberufler

The loan of the ING is especially favourable on the part of the interest rate, however, only available to chosen professions ► Open the offer

The ultimate advice

Okay, you have seen three wonderful providers, at which a loan application as a self-employed person is not doomed to failure from the very beginning (such as the DKB or other online banks with outstanding conditions for private customers) through the table and the additional details.

Which provider has the best offer for you?

But at which of the three providers will you get the best interest rate or, in total, the best offer? Are there perhaps other providers that we have overlooked?

Exactly this is the reason why I recommend, just like to my Berlin friend, to always make the loan application through the calculation tool provided by Smava ►

This has the following advantages for you:

  • enter all data 1 × and receive several (unbinding) loan offers – You can choose!
  • only banks are shown that would finance you due to your statements
  • in the comparison, there are always current banks included that finance self-employed persons
  • if desired, you receive a telephone consultation after entering the data
  • help at the fast loan payout

Next possible step: data entry for loan comparison

Kredit für Selbstständige über Smava

Caused the best results in our community ►


Questions, experiences and success reports can be posted, as usual, through the comments feature at the end of the page and can be “discussed” as a help for others.

A heartly thanks to our smart community!

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