Free service of the Comdirect through branch offices of the Commerzbank:

Cash deposit

Comdirect customers have a big advantage: One can deposit cash free of charge to the direct bank account in more than 100 branch offices of the Commerzbank in Germany during the opening hours.

Outside the opening hours, modern deposit machines are available. This following video shows how the depositing of bills and coins exactly works:

Further information regarding the use of Comdirect or the direct link to the bank’s offer:

Short description of the cash deposit at deposit machines

You insert your Girocard of the Comdirect into the deposit machines of the Commerzbank, select “Geld einzahlen” (deposit money) and follow the instructions of the machine. Entering the PIN of your card is not required, as you can only deposit to your own account. The machine identifies your account number through the Girocard.

Money transfers to other accounts are not possible at the deposit machines. At the counter, you can also deposit cash free of charge, if the account is held in the name of a family member.

You can deposit bills and coins. The slot for inserting coins is so big that even various “piggy banks” can be deposited at once. The machine only accepts cash in the currency Euro.

The amount of free deposits is unlimited.

Already on the next day, you can see you cash deposit in the online banking system. However, the booking date and value are at the day of deposit. So you won´t lose any day of interest.

Through online banking, you can transfer your money all around the world. If you should not have access to the internet, then this is no problem: you simply call the Comdirect and request the transfer by phone. Besides the usual phone toll (free with flat rate or free minutes), there are no additional fees.

Great service at the Comdirect!

How can I find the nearest branch office of the Commerzbank?

Simply type „Commerzbank Filiale“ into Google search. Thanks to the search engine intelligence, Google shows you the nearest branch office using the IP-address of your internet access.

Commerzbank branch on Google Search

the meanwhile, Google has become quite good when searching for bank branch offices. Right: Preview of the branch office with map.

Alternatively, you can directly open the branch office search:

Why is depositing cash through the Commerzbank free of charge?

In the mid-1990s, direct banks arose and the established private banks founded their own direct banking subsidiaries. The Commerzbank founded the Comdirect and still holds about 80 percent of the shares. The other 20 percent are traded on the stock market.

Although Comdirect is nowadays largely independent and often offers even better condition than the Commerzbank or outclasses it, it recourses in some areas to the parent bank. This applies to cash transactions and also to exchange rates.

Frequently read articles about Comdirect bank and opening an account there:

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