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New DKB Visa Card

If you are not yet a DKB-customer, then follow this link ► https://www.dkb.de/privatkunden/dkb_cash/index.html and click on “Open DKB-Cash now”

Information about the exchange for existing customers in part 2 of the article!

What is new at the new DKB Visa Card?

  • The design

    The DKB says goodbye to the black-silver globe. The card will become almost completely black. One can see a line pattern. The DKB-logo is set centrally into the middle and supplements the claim “Das kann Bank” (this is what a bank can do), which was introduced two years ago.

  • The “Credit“-statement

    The lettering “Credit” can be found already since the last redesign as a direct component of the VISA-logo. This will be new for older customers of the DKB. The regular card validity at the DKB is 5 years. The VISA-logo is now in the right lower corner.

  • Pay contactless up to Euros 50 without entering the PIN

    Until now, this was possible up to Euros 25 in Germany. For the payment procedure, one simply holds the Visa Card for 2-3 seconds towards the payment terminal – and that’s it. If you are on the road abroad, then there are different value limits for the PIN-free contactless payment.

Further advantages …

… that are presented in the video are known since long by us DKB-customers, such as the safe chip, the 16-digit embossed credit card number, the emergency number, the special signature field …

… and of course, that one can do the following with the DKB Visa Card:

  • withdraw cash free of charge around the globe between Euros 50 and 1,000 per day.
  • de facto does not pay the foreign transaction fee (automatic refund procedure)
  • and that the account and card are absolutely free of charge.
neue DKB Visa Card

Recommendation for action

If you do not have the DKB Visa Card yet, you perhaps would like to take a look at this basics page on the DKB or go directly forward to the page of the bank ► https://www.dkb.de/privatkunden/dkb_cash/index.html

Exchange the DKB Visa Card?

Basically, the Visa Card of the DKB has a validity of 5 years. Close before the expiration of the 5 years, existing customer get sent a new DKB Visa Card for free, always in the current design.

The expiration date of your Visa Card can be found on the front side above your name with the month and year (Valid Thru):

DKB Visa Card Gültigkeit

There are 2 possibilities to get a new DKB Visa Card before the expiration!

Damaged or lost?

No matter for which option you will decide, the initial way is the same:

1. Log into the online banking system and go to the menu point “Service”

neue DKB Visa Card bestellen

When you have clicked on “Service”, then you can choose “Ersatzkreditkarte bestellen” (order the replacement credit card) to get into this menu.

2. An important decision has to be taken!

If you just want to get the new design and the credit card number as well as the PIN should remain the same, then you have to choose “Beschädigung” (damage) as the reason.

If you are unsatisfied with your PIN, then this would be the opportunity to get a new one. However, the credit card number will change and you have to update it at consigned services (e.g. Amazon Prime). Agreed? Then you choose the reason “Verlust” (loss).

What are the financial consequences?

It is Euros 10.

… or nothing.

If you order a replacement card, the price listing states a fee of Euros 10:

Kosten für eine Ersatzkarte bei der DKB

As the footnote 7, the DKB states:

The fees only have to be paid, if the issuing of a replacement card is caused by circumstances provoked by the customer (e.g. name change) and the DKB AG is not legally required to issue a replacement card.

Exactly this is the case, if you want to exchange a functioning Visa Card due to the change of design.

The DKB generally assumes, if you order a replacement card by yourself in the online banking that you are responsible for the circumstances and are willing to bear the fee for the new issuing.

You recognize this at the button on the next page in the order procedure:

DKB Ersatzkarte kostenpflichtig bestellen

It is different, if your old card got lost:

DKB Ersatzkarte kostenlos bestellen

At the order of the DKB replacement card throught the reason “Verlust” (loss), no fee is charged; otherwise, the button should be named “order subject to charge”!

This difference – according to my presumption– has the reason that active DKB-customers even have a right to claim a free DKB-emergency card at card loss, which is delivered within 48 hours (often ealier). This is only 3 months valid and then an exchange takes place automatically and free of charge with the regular DKB Visa Card in the current design.

Overview: new card order at the DKB

Replacement card because of “damage” Replacement card because of “loss”
Card number and PIN remain the same Card number and PIN change
Euros 10 fee free of charge
Choose this option, if you only want to change the design and everything else should remain the same. Choose this option, if you would like to have a new PIN and a new card number too.

Which option will you choose?
I look forward to your feedback via the comments feature

Idea: free exchange and keeping the PIN and card number!

If your DKB Visa Card does not work anymore (e.g. because the chip is defective), then these are generally no circumstances caused by you. The bank will issue a new DKB Visa Card and this even free of charge.

However, there is no online form for this, otherwise perhaps everybody would do it. 😉

Such a defective card should be reported by phone and you will most likely be sent the Visa Card in the new design and free of charge within the next 14 days.


Same card number, same PIN – but new expiration date and new design!

If you like, you can guess through the comments feature which option I chose.

As soon as my new DKB Visa Card has arrived, I will take a comparison photo and will reveal through which way I got the new card. Moreover I am looking forward to your feedback. I am pleased to read your ideas and experiences!

Many thanks!

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  1. James says:

    I am living in Germany since December 2016, but at the moment unemployed. I already have a bank account, but I would like to get a new credit card (NOT prepaid). Is that possible?

    • Richard Banks says:

      Yes, but not at DKB. DKB offers a free checking account with credit card and credit line. This means that it requires a certain credit rating. A good situation to apply is when you either study, work or retire. Of course you can apply for the card and the account. I just do not want to make you too much hope.

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