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DKB refunds foreign transaction fee

If you like to go travelling, when you visit other countries, then the DKB Visa Card has been made for you. It costs no annual fee, the DKB does not charge fees for withdrawing at the ATM and even refunds the foreign transaction fee.


DKB: the most recommended credit card for journeys!

How the thing with the refund of the foreign transaction fee works, you will experience in this article. It was produced for you!

1. Use the DKB Visa Card for payments

Do not think about it and just use the DKB Visa Card to pay, no matter in which country you currently are. In all of my about 30 destination countries, I could perfectly pay cashless with the DKB Visa Card.

DKB: bargeldlose Kartenzahlung

Cashless card payment abroad – here Australia

2. Card transactions state foreign transaction fee

You can retrieve your card transactions anytime within the online banking or through the DKB-app. There you can see that a foreign transaction fee in the amount of 1.75 per cent was charged.

Kartenumsätze mit Auslandseinsatzentgelt

Original card transaction of my last Canada-trip. On the 8th of August you can see that I had withdrawn 1,000 Canadian Dollars at the ATM. However, whether a foreign transaction fee nor a withdrawal fee was charged for it!

DKB advantage:

At cash withdrawals, there is no foreign transaction fee nor a fee for using a third party ATM!

Most of all banks charge a foreign transaction fee.

However, the amount can vary quite a lot. I have seen everything between 1 to 4 per cent. Our best current accounts uniformly charge 1.75 per cent – only the DKB refunds it.

3. Refunds take place automatically

Especially nice: You do not have to do anything in order to get the refund. It takes place automatically with the credit card settlement.

DKB: Erstattung des Auslandseinsatzentgelts

The calculation as well as the refund was pretty comprehensible in my case. This is due to the fact that I dispose of a local bank account in Canada, whenever I am in this country. For this article, I made sure to make the refuelling of the rental car paying with the DKB Visa Card. Perhaps you take another look into the card transactions to see how cheap refuelling in Canada is! If I would have paid everything with the DKB Visa Card, then my saving would have been a two-digit amount.

On the day, on which the (interest-free!) gathered card transactions are settled with the current account, the refund of all accrued foreign transaction fees automatically takes place in one sum.

Questions, comments, advices? The comments box is activated for you!

Important tips for new DKB customers

If you are brand new at the DKB – so, just have opened the account (many people do that close before going on a journey) – then you do not immediately dispose of such a high credit line as I do.

Nevertheless, you can use the DKB Visa Card to its full extend, because you can increase the overdraft facility by yourself by depositing to the current account and transfer to the credit card.

Two years ago, I have recorded this explanatory video and it still helps new DKB customers:

You can find further DKB videos on our ► Youtube channel
If you are still not a DKB customer, then you can change this here ► www.dkb.de/kreditkarte

Increasing the overdraft facility with credit line permanently

If you arrange to receive the salary payment (this is not obligatory for the fee-exemption of the account) to the DKB, then you get an overdraft facility relatively fast and a credit line on the Visa Card in about the same amount.

I have done it and have received a high credit line through it, so that I do not have to transfer between accounts before every journey.

Everything important about the overdraft facility is gathered here for you ► Credit line up to Euros 15,000.

A little history about the refund of the foreign transaction fee

To the previous article ► DKB: Please abolish the foreign transaction fee! (German language)
If you are not yet a DKB customer, then you can change this here ► www.dkb.de/kreditkarte
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Who writes here?

Someone who gained experience with more than 100 banks in more than 20 countries during the past 15 years. My name is Gregor and if you click to continue you can find out why I am here and what this site is for ⇒ continue.

2 Responses to “DKB refunds foreign transaction fee”

  1. Nicolas says:

    Your website is amazingly informing! Thank you a lot for your efforts.

    I plan to get a credit card, and what I’m keeping in mind for it is that 1) I live in Germany 2) I travel rather often between South America, Germany and the EU zone, so I believe the best way to go is to open it with DKB, right? However I’m a bit confused with the refund policy: I’ve read that this refund is no longer offered, even for “active” users. Is that true?

    If yes, do you still recommend this card for a frequent traveler? Otherwise, would you recommend other one? My current girokonto is with Deutsche Bank, but I’m not against closing it as well.

    • Gregor says:

      Hey, sorry! We do not provide individual advice on this portal.

      But I can tell you that I continue to travel with the DKB Visa Card and not with Deutsche Bank and its numerous card offers.

      At DKB there is no foreign service charge (unlike most DB cards). In addition, the DKB does not charge any fees for ATM withdrawals (in contrast to DB). Only the fees charged by (foreign) ATMs are no longer reimbursed by DKB. But that’s not what Deutsche Bank does either. The only bank in Germany that does that is the Santander with this card here.

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