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Online savings bank as an option for free money withdrawals within Germany!

This article is a solution idea for the concern of many of our readers that more and more banks in Germany will introduce a “direct customer fee” at their ATMs in the future for cash withdrawals by customers of other banks.

This problem has the potential to reduce the joy of really good free current accounts of DKB, Comdirect, ING-DiBa and others in terms of cash supply within Germany.

1822direkt SparkassenCard

With the free SparkassenCard of the online savings bank “1822direkt”, you can now withdraw cash free of charge at 25,000 ATMs within Germany!

The solution that we have sought and found for you is to open a current account at the online savings bank “1822direkt” and set up a monthly standing order in the amount of the foreseen cash withdrawals.

Use the savings banks network free of charge!

The great thing is that everything remains free of charge for you and you have the guarantee to withdraw money free of charge nationwide using the SparkassenCard at all 25,000 ATMs of the savings banks. The savings banks have the highest number of ATMs in Germany.

Moreover, you have the option to get a high cash reward as a gift for new customers … we start now step by step.

1. What kind of bank is the 1822direkt?

Who becomes a customer of the 1822direkt, becomes a customer of the Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen. This is a remarkable parallel to the DKB, which is to 100% property of the Bayerische Landesbank.

1822direkt itself is not a bank. It is the online offshoot of the Frankfurter Sparkasse. Through this offshoot, one can enjoy quite good conditions and can become a customer of the Frankfurter Sparkasse bypassing the usual regional principle of savings banks.

At the “Online-Sparkasse” (online savings bank), there is only one type of current account available, instead of five when visiting the branch office of the savings bank. Who can do largely without the services of a bank branch office is generally better served with an account opening through the 1822direkt.

The savings bank offers better conditions online!

By the way, “1822” is the founding year of the Frankfurter Sparkasse. 1822direkt has an own bank code (BC), which is 500 502 22. If you use the BC of the Frankfurter Sparkasse BLZ 500 502 01, the transfers will also be completed. Since one is working with IBANs due to the obligatory SEPA implementation, the own bank code is increasingly forgotten, as the BC of the Frankfurter Sparkasse forms now part of the IBAN.

Through the international Bank Identifier Code (BIC, by some also called SWIFT code), one can clearly see the belonging to the Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen. This is for the 1822direkt as well as for the Frankfurter Sparkasse HELADEF1822.

2. The current account

The current account is described by the 1822direkt as “open the free current account – online, fast, uncomplicated”. The bank indicates that one only needs about three minutes to fill the online application. Then the statutory legitimating via PostIdent-procedure takes place and afterwards you get sent the access data and the SparkassenCard, in the best of cases, a few days later.

3 minutes for the account application

The current account is a common online current account, which can be used well for payments within Europe, but also for transfers beyond.

Transfers, standing orders, direct debits, payments with the card, cash withdrawals (within the savings bank association) are all free of charge in Euros.

The current account can be supplemented with other accounts (call money, fixed deposit, securities account or loans).

Is there a catch?

Yes and no! The 1822direkt has no interest in opening bank accounts, which are not used. That is why it has implemented a monthly account management fee into the price list of currently Euros 3.90 for inactive accounts.

2.2 How to avoid the account management fee ✔

In order to avoid the account management fees, you only need one single incoming transfer per month. The online savings bank would prefer, of course, if you arrange to transfer your salary payment to the new account. For this, it even grants highly attractive rewards (see further below in the article).

However, for our purpose to have a safe alternative to free cash withdrawals in Germany, it is sufficient to set up a standing order with monthly execution from the main current account.

The amount of the incoming transfer for the free account management has not been established. That means that even if you only transfer one Euro monthly to the 1822direkt account, your new savings bank account will remain free of charge!

For “young” people under the age of 27 years, the current account is free of charge also without monthly payment. Source: Point 1.1. of the price list.

3. Withdrawing cash in Germany


Simply use the savings bank ATM near your home!

Cash withdrawals in Germany are free of charge at any ATM of the savings banks!

The savings banks organization has by far the largest network of ATMs with 25,000 ATMs in Germany. You can find ATMs of the savings bank throughout the whole country.

Germany’s densest network of ATMs is at your free disposal being a 1822direkt customer!

The withdrawal limit is at Euros 500 per day, at ATMs of the Frankfurter Sparkasse even at Euros 2,000.

4. Withdrawing cash outside Germany

To withdraw cash outside Germany, the credit card is suitable, for which you can apply for optionally. The 1822direkt does not charge fees for withdrawals. Therefore, all withdrawals in the Euro-area at all ATMs without direct customer fee are therefore free of charge.

1822direkt Kreditkarten

Credit card: Free of charge from an annual turnover of Euros 2,000.

For the exchange of currency, for example, when you withdraw cash in England or in the USA, a foreign transaction fee in the amount of 1.5 per cent applies.

As a customer, one can choose between Visa or MasterCard. From an annual turnover of Euros 2,000, the credit card is free. Otherwise, Euros 25 per year will apply. The fee is charged at first and if the annual turnover was reached, it is credited again.

h2 id=”5″ class=”blau”>5. Get rewards

At the time of research for this article, the 1822direkt offers a reward of Euros 120, which can be achieved quite easily. For this, only two salary payments of at least Euros 250 or 500 are required.

If you are looking for a new free current account anyway, you can just take this gift of money.

120 Euro Bonus

Who opens a current account at the 1822direkt, can get a bonus of Euros 120. The first 5 commenters will additionally get a pen with the logo of our special portal.

Please take a look at the current conditions on this website ► an.

6. Account switching made easy

1822direkt offers with the partner “fino digital” a free account switching service. The advertisement promises that a complete account switch is possible within a coffee break. The service provider fino digital virtually reads the old current account and automatically sets up new standing orders and bears the switching letters for direct debits.

The service could be especially interesting for people, who have been customers of a savings bank previously and are bothered by the reintroduction of or increasing account management fees. You virtually remain within the savings bank organization, can withdraw money within in Germany for free and do not pay anything for your account.

7. Questions of our readers ► Answers

7.1. Place of residence abroad

1822direkt only opens bank accounts for people, who have their residential address in Germany. Unlike other savings banks, it accepts applications on account opening nationwide. As an online savings bank, no regional principle applies.

If you move after the account opening to the abroad, you can keep the accounts and continue to use them. A cancellation is not required. After the expiration date, you get the SparkassenCard or credit card sent free of charge to the address of the new foreign place of residence.

7.2 How many accounts can one open without affecting the Schufa-ranking?

The number of registered current accounts/credit cards is higher than most people think. However, it is important to gradually set up the accounts and cards (also cancel them again, if necessary).

I myself have registered four current accounts with credit lines, as well as a single credit card, in the Schufa and can rejoice of a score of 97 per cent.

7.3 Which TAN-procedure is used by the 1822direkt?

As a new customer, you will automatically be sent a iTAN-list. Additionally, you can also activate the mTAN-procedure and/or the QR-code method. All methods are free of charge for you as a customer.

Further questions?

Please use the comments box to ask further questions about the opening or use of the current account of the online savings bank 1822direkt. You are welcome to share your experiences with other readers too. Especially when it comes to cool tips! 🙂

1822direkt Girokonto

Screenshot: Current offering of the 1822direkt for the opening of a new current account!

And here again the link to the bank ►

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  1. Ashish Kalra says:

    You said, credit card is free for annual turnover greater than 2000. Would you please elaborate on the formula to calculate turnover?

  2. Editorial Team says:

    Hi. German banks add up all card payments during a year. Apart from that, we do not recommend 1822direkt anymore, since this bank has not changed in an advantageous way.

  3. Almas says:

    How to deposit money in 1822direkt account?

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