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In the future, you will gain double interest earnings and only pay half the fees, if they will be charged at all. Now, what is necessary in order to obtain these conditions? Please read this portal carefully, become a Fan, learn and implement it consistently.

Here you have the chance to get to know the best German bank accounts and their optimal usage in detail, as you will not find this kind of information elsewhere on the Internet.

Use our ideas and tests for the optimization of your own finances. Challenge us with your questions.

credit card DKB or ING-DiBa?

Credit card of DKB or ING-DiBa better?

7.2.2018:  Not every person wants to switch the current account to a direct bank. For some people, it is enough to have a free credit card to the existing current account at the Sparkasse and the like. The customer-richest direct banks DKB and ING-DiBa offer their free Visa Card only in combination with a free current account. How … read more

Overdraft expensive or cheap?

1.2.2018:  Which is the best month for banks? December. Why? In the yearly average, every fourth current account is in the red. In December, this value increases. More accounts are in the red and the amount per account is higher. In general, especially the Sparkasse should rejoice; its average overdraft facility interest rate is at 10.47 per cent. … read more

transfer real estate

International transfers for real estates (purchasing/selling)

23.1.2018:  Due to my activities in America, I am frequently asked on how to transfer higher amounts at best cheaply and safe or how to get them back from abroad to Germany. The background of my question is often the purchase or sale of real estate abroad, business or emigration. But sometimes also a special car, which could … read more

Sparkasse vs DKB vs ING-DiBa

The end of the free current account?

16.1.2018:  In the end of the 1990s, the triumph of the free current account – first as a salary account, later completely without requirements. Drivers were the new direct banks, who wanted and also had to acquire customers. At first, a trend towards secondary and third account developed – as it was free of charge. Now, it passes over to … read more

ING-DiBa use aboard

ING-DiBa for the use abroad

11.1.2018:  The ING-DiBa is Germany’s biggest direct bank and this has an important reason: It is the optimal bank within Germany for a whole lot of people regarding price, performance, product scope and service. How does it look like with the use abroad? First of all, I show you the conditions for the use abroad and depict my … read more

good current account germany

Euros 30,000 overdraft facility on the free current account without salary transfer ✓

29.12.2017:  In this article, we share with you a strategy of how to get a current account with a connected credit line of Euros 30,000 or more. It provenly works! Of course, not for everyone. You need a regular income; however, this does not have to be transferred to the bank. An electronic proof is enough. You also … read more

apply credit line

Set up the credit line cleverly ► Part 2

22.12.2017:  Due to the many replies to the article “How I got a credit line of Euros 25,000”, we have a second part today, with: new details and tips answers to your important questions feedback of granted credit lines a link-tip for all trainees/students and self-employed persons among us. Through the information of this article, the probability to … read more

Why TransferWise for international transfers?

15.12.2017:  As you might know, being a regular reader, I have legal foreign accounts since years, not just because of journeys, but also because of business partners in other currency areas. For the money transfer, I preferably use TransferWise. When I was in London some days ago, I visited the company – as so often with the camera … read more

open free current account

Open free current account ► without ◄ salary transfer (but with credit card)

15.11.2017:  More and more banks turn the salary payment –, partially even with a certain minimum amount –, into a requirement for the free account management. Well, and many banks generally charge account management fees or fees for the cards. Is there a free alternative? Yes! It exists … and you will find out all the important details about it. … read more

rahmenkredit strategy

Apply for a credit line before (!) instalment loan – plan the financings of your life strategically!

3.11.2017:  Just like it is meaningful to build asset with a strategy, it is meaningful to build financing options strategically for life. Never heard of it? No wonder. As in any area in life, there is also little known, partially hidden knowledge when dealing with the personal finances. In our circle of smart bank customers, we reveal such … read more

Open a bank account in Germany?

Many people from Germany and abroad use our special portal to inform themselves about the best possibilities of an account opening in Germany.

A brief overview for you:

  • DKB Visa Card

    Our #1 recommendation for German citizens: DKB Visa Card


    The free current account of the Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) is one of the most popular bank accounts in Germany. The distribution of this current account to people outside Germany is also quite high, because the account could be opened easily from abroad until 2014.

    Currently, a place of residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is required for the account opening. Exception: You are a German citizen and possess a German passport. In this case, you can open the account via the online application with legitimating through a video chat from almost every country in the world.

    You can learn more about the DKB-account as well as its clever application possibilities on this page ► DKB Cash with Visa Card – free of charge!

    One of the most popular German banks

  • Comdirect Visa Card

    Quite similar to the DKB: Comdirect Visa Card


    The Comdirect Bank also offers a free current account with Visa Card.

    With a corresponding connection to Germany and German language skills, the account can also be opened with a place of residence abroad. You can find details on this page ► Opening the Comdirect current account successfully.

    General information about the Comdirect, account, card, deposit and its clever use can be found here ► Comdirect Bank: free account and card!

    Account opening possible from many countries

  • ING-DiBa Karten

    Very renowned bank!


    As in many other countries around the world, there is also a subsidiary of the “ING” in Germany. The bank is called ING-DiBa in Germany and also offers an interesting free current account.

    As common at the ING in other countries, one needs to have a domestic place of residence to open an account – so in Germany. One can take the account and even the credit lines to the abroad, if one is moving later on (the account can be continued despite a foreign residence). You can learn more details in this unique article ► ING-DiBa current account as a completely underestimated option for German expatriates!

    Residence in Germany required at the time of account opening

  • Individual card design

    Individual card design possible


    This is not free, but perhaps an interesting option for many people ► The Onlinekonto of PayCenter. The account opening is virtually guaranteed, because there is no creditworthiness check. Unlike the above mentioned bank accounts, one can also use it as a business account. Even at a place of residence abroad.

    Soon, there will be a user interface in English language. The customer service is already bilingual (German  / English). One is also working on a possibility to legitimate through video camera to avoid a trip to Germany. You could even open the account already today and use it partially until the complete legitimating.

    Use as a business account possible

What happens next?

If you are here on this special portal, you probably have some questions about the account opening in Germany. Please take a look at the further articles. Many questions of readers are answered through them. If your question should not be mentioned, you can find a comments box below almost every article to post your questions and additions. You are welcome to make use of it!

We hope you enjoy the discovery, opening and clever usage of German bank accounts!

Family Janecke and Team

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