At which "N-bank" do you have an account or would you open one?

Current Account Comparison: N26 or Norisbank?

Today, we juxtapose two banks from the second row in a comparison. With second row, we refer to the fact that we do not present these two banks as frequently as e.g. the DKB, Comdirect and ING. As a consequence, it is notable that our community uses the N26 and Norisbank rather for a secondary account than a main account.

Perhaps this is different with you. Tell us about it at the end of this page using the comments feature and convince us to use one of the N-banks as a main account in the future. Thank you!

  Logo N26
Logo der Norisbank
Account management fee per month free of charge free of charge
when complying with one of these requirements:

  • monthly incoming money flow of at least € 500
  • being younger than 21 years.

If no requirement is fulfilled, a fee of € 3.90 applies for the month.

Application online online
Mastercard credit card no yes, free of charge
Mastercard debit card Yes, digital card is free of charge and the physical card is available for a shipping fee of € 10. Yes, the first 12 months are free of charge.
Afterwards, there is a yearly fee of € 24.
Maestro-Card Yes, available for German, Austrian and Dutch customers; Costs: one-time fee of € 10 Yes, free of charge
Overdraft facility / Credit line
Overdraft facility on the current account depending on the creditworthiness and application € 0 up to 10,000 € 0 up to 10,000
Credit line on the Mastercard credit card € 500 up to ?
Cash supply
With the Mastercard credit card abroad free of charge at all ATMs with the Mastercard logo
With the Mastercard debit card within Germany free of charge at every ATM free of charge at all ATMs of the Deutsche Bank
Limits? 3 withdrawals per month
With the Mastercard debit card around the globe at the ATM paying an exchange fee of 1.7 % free of charge at ATMs of the cooperation partners:
Bank of America (USA), Barclays (Great Britain), BGL (Luxembourg), BNP Paribas (France), Scotiabank (Canada, Mexico), TEB (Turkey), Westpac (Australia, New Zealand).
With the Maestro-Card within Germany fee of € 2 free of charge at all ATMs of the Cash Group
Alternatives to the ATM? free of charge with Cash26 in more than 11,500 partner shops in Germany free of charge at 1,300 Shell gas stations and at the checkout in participating stores at more than 22,000 markets
Cash deposits
Depositing machines free of charge at the machines in the branch offices of the Deutsche Bank
Alternatives? through Cash26 in more than 11,500 partner shops within Germany for a fee of 1.5%
Storage fee
Storage fee for balances above € 50,000 there is a 0.5 % fee per year for balances above € 100,000 there is a 0.5 % fee per year
Account management and communication
Online-Banking yes
App-Banking yes
Telephone-Banking no yes
Mon–Sun around the clock
Availability of the customer service through chat
Mon–Sun 7am-11pm
through phone (030-310-66000), e-mail
Mon–Sun around the clock
Supplementing services
Apple Pay yes
Google Pay yes no
Optional joint account or authorized persons yes
Call money (savings account with immediate availability) yes
Fixed deposit (savings account with term) yes
Securities account no yes
Installment Loan yes, from € 1,000 up to 25,000 yes, from € 1,000 up to 65,000
Further financing possibilities
  • Debt rescheduling
  • Car loan
  • Construction loan
Account opening
Place of residence Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, Poland, Schweden, Denmark, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, USA Germany
Legitimating Online legitimating through Video-Ident or Post-Ident
Start account opening Weiter zur Bank
(read further information)
Weiter zur Bank
(read further information)

Note regarding further account models

N26 has several account models for private and business clients. In our comparisons, we always compare the best current account without a monthly basic fee, because our community often combines bank services of several providers according to the flag theory.

Individual advantages of the corresponding bank

N26 Konto Deutschland

Leader at banking apps » ?

N26: Modern and powerful banking-app

N26 started six years ago – back then using the name “Number26” – at the German market and simultaneously at the Euro-European market to modernize banking for private customers. The Austrian-German start-up is far more popular outside Germany, because banks are often more expensive and more complicated than in Germany.

The heart-piece at N26 is the multi-functional app. When it started out, the provider was not a bank yet, but only an app that used the bank Wirecard in the background for their transactions. In wise foresight, the app-people have organized a banking licence and the rest of the requirements to operate a bank business.

In the Euro-European comparison, N26 still has one of the absolute best banking-apps for (young) people, who like doing their bank transaction through an app. So N26 is a wonderful choice for opening an account.

No matter of course at neo-banks, but offered at N26 since its beginnings, is the browser-banking. You can log into your bank account using a notebook or PC. Neverthless – and this is a point of critique since years – N26 is not particularly available for customers and interested persons apart from the app/online banking. For example, there are no branch offices and no telephone customer service. However, not every person needs that – but you should know that before the account opening.

Norisbank: using the ATMs and depositing machines of the Deutsche Bank

There are no depositing machines of the Norisbank since more than ten years. The customer service operates through telephone or typing on the keyboard.

However – and this is very dear to many people, who deal with cash – one can use the depositing machines and ATMs in the lobbies of the branch offices of the Deutsche Bank free of charge.

The Norisbank is a daughter company in the company group of the Deutsche Bank.

What further individual advantages are there?

Please supplement this article with more advantages that speak in favor of the account opening and use of N26 and Norisbank using the comments feature.

You are also welcome to post your questions and exchange your experiences among each other. We highly estimate this commitment and it has already brought a lot of positive feedback. A hearty thanks!

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