Public affirmation: Purpose for Existing

Why do I operate this site?

Gregor TV

For my dear readers, I love to be on the road with my camera.

The purpose of my life is:

Helping people to open the right bank accounts and use them cleverly.

The better the finances, the better the life!

Find out more on this page.

Turn money into a positive force in your life!

Money in your private household is like the blood in the veins of your body.

Pay attention that it flows flawlessy.

Some flows off, some flows in.

The best is to always have the currently best available quality!

If you have not visited our special portal that often, you might think the following:

“These are quite weird statements coming from a man of finances“

and you are probably (still)among the people, who go to work to earn money … in order to be able to finance things that make you happy.

This is completely alright.

This was exactly the same with me. I was just like you!

Then I made a decision:

Money is no inevitable evil, money is a positive force in life!

Can you imagine, what positive energy irradiates from such a change of attitude?

Turn money into a positive force in your life!

… and you may enjoy a more fullfilled and perhaps also a longer life too!

If you want to walk along this path, then this special portal and its spin-off is made for you (and like-minded people).

As soon as you have turned money into a positive force in your life, also many other areas of life aline with it positively! Money is the blood flow in an economic life!

With that knowledge, with my experiences and, above all, with my strong network of contacts, you can also elevate other areas to higher levels. But in a historic way, I am a “master” in the area of personal finances.

This the reason, why the focus at DeutschesKonto.ORG is to help people become smart bank customers and turn money into a positive force in life.

With our achiever-training, we go another step further and help smart bank customers to reach the financial freedom.

This is a state that many people cannot imagine for themselves. Why is that so? You can achieve everything that you imagine. How that works is described in detail in the achiever-training.

❤-ly thanks

Our team and I can produce a whole lot of great ideas, instructions and coachings. What good is it, if no one reads it?

This is why you should receive gratefullness and attention. You, being a reader, complete the meaning of the work on DeutschesKonto.ORG.

Please take great advantage of it and please recommend it to people with whom you have good intentions to turn money into a positive force in life.

At best, of course, with DeutschesKonto.ORG and Aufsteiger-Training.DE.

🙏 💫

Change of life through the philosophy of a book

My buddy Thomas e-mailed me from his Australian trip saying I needed to buy the book “The Big Five for Life”, and that afterwards we would have to discuss some things…

Since 2005 I have been operating the wide spread site for banking customers which is in line with the “Purpose of my Existence” (see below) that I created.

Still, this job was not completely congruent with my “Five Big Goals in Life” (see also below).

With the contents and aims of I am serving the purpose of my life and at the same time, working on my Five Big Goals in Life.

What does this lead to?

The Big Five for Life

The Big Five for Life (German)
more information on

Extremely high motivation as well as extremely high effectiveness in my work which actually is not much of a traditional job because it serves so much of a purpose and is so much fun.

What can you expect of me?

The creation of the absolutely best technical site for bank accounts with foreign reference. For Germans undertaking travels abroad or staying abroad for longer, as well as for persons wishing to hold a banking and asset account in Germany.

With my team I am going to:

  • process the best information for you,
  • work out the most comprehensible manuals,
  • give the most helpful tips and
  • build the best contacts in individual getting to know.
stages in life

The way I am paving will help others, too.

Public affirmation

Purpose for Existing (PFE)

To improve the relationship between people and bank(-products) with ideas, tips and guides.

The more people use better banking services, the world overall will do better. As you know: A million small things affect the big picture!

Big Five for Life (BFFL)

  • Improving the (financial) life of millions of people through my ideas and instructions.
  • Helping people to discover their success potential and let it explode.
  • Being able to know English fluently and basic terms in many other languages.
  • Four and more journeys abroad each year.
  • House on Kauai to spend the winter.

Can you help me to achieve these goals?

Why do I tell you this?

I want to encourage you to do the same. Get the book “The Big Five for Life”. Study it. Think about your life. About the purpose of your existence.

Develop the Big Five for Life for yourself (or with and for your family). This refers to the five really big things one wants to reach in life. Begin directing your life towards the BFFL step by step.

Chances are high your life will change in a positive way!

Message me!

Tell me what you think about the ideas of the book and what changes you have experienced.

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Who writes here?

Someone who gained experience with more than 100 banks in more than 20 countries during the past 15 years. My name is Gregor and if you click to continue you can find out why I am here and what this site is for ⇒ continue.

81 Responses to “Why do I operate this site?”

  1. Vadim says:

    Dear Gregor,

    I am going to open bank account in Germany following this link One thing remains unclear for me at the moment: To which bank new account will belong?

    Thank you,

    • Gregor says:

      That is not a bank; that is an electronic money institution, because there are no loans and no interest for savings. But payments with SEPA banks and a worldwide accepted MasterCard. This financial institution named “PayCenter” and is licensed by BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority).

      Here more information about the PayCenter’s online account:

  2. Fanis Malakondas says:

    Dear Gregor,
    please send me a list with all the necessary documents that is required, in order to open a bank account in ComDirect (I believe is a proper bank, isn’t it?), either from Greece or if I have to, come physically in the bank myself.
    Thank you,

    *Congratulations for your site, it is exceptional, realistic, easy reading and very helpful.

  3. Jan Saunders-Singer says:

    Dear Gregor,

    I am moving to Germany this year to take up permanent residence there. I will continue to work for the family business and salaried from the UK. My taxes will no doubt be deducted in Germany. My first stay will be at a temporary address until I find something permanent. I want to open an account in Germany for my salary to be paid into. I do not need a credit card account, but will need a debit card that I can deposit funds into in order to withdraw cash from an ATM.
    Can I open and set up such an account without a German address?

    Kind regards,

    • Gregor says:

      Dear Jan
      You will get a current account with a debit card at each local bank, if you have an address in Germany. You can change the address later, if you move from place to place.

      If I were you, I would open the current account at Comdirect Bank: – that is one of the best German banks with no cost for the account and very low prices for money transfer from/to UK. So you will have more money for to do better things in Germany.

      It is easier to open this account if you are in Germany, but it is possible to open from UK. Here are all information you need:

  4. Jerry xue says:

    Very useful tips. How do we get the best exchange rate from banks ? Thx in advance.

    Warm Regards,

  5. Steph says:

    I just moved to Germany and am in the process of opening an account with DKB. I am from the US and have US currency that I would like to convert to Euros. Is there a way to do this through DKB (I thought it was an online only bank), or is there a better way to exchange for euros? Thank you for this site with information in English!

    • Gregor says:

      Welcome to Germany and congratulations of the decision to use the DKB!

      Bank transfers from the USA are automatically converted into Euros.

      One can only deposit cash in Euros through the few deposit machines of the bank.

      The Reisebank and other exchange offices at major railway stations and airports exchange US Dollars into Euros. However, the exchange rate is not the best.

      So far, we did not test this case yet in detail, so I am sorry for not having an optimal response.

      However, I would be glad, if you would give me feedback on how you have solved this issue. Many thanks!

    • Edster says:

      How about using currencies direct or TorFx which will give you a much more favourable rate than any other bank!!!

  6. Julio says:

    Dear Gregor,
    Do you have an advice regarding what banks offers a good internet banking in Ukraine. We are starting a small firm and we will need to make payments to European Suppliers and/or get payments from European customers. And we are looking for some bank that has the best Internet Bank so att we can do the most by Internet. Have a good time!

    • Алёна says:

      Dear Julio,

      in the Ukraine the situation is so that one of the ukrainian banks is so to say a monopolist on this market, its name – Privatbank. Maybe you have already heard about it. All salaries and social paymanets for citizens as a rule are connected to the accounts of this bank (it isn’t a state bank). Therefore this bank has the biggest clientele and as a result the most developed internet banking (in my opinion). Other popular banks are Unicredit, Pumb. About their internet banking I can’t tell you anything as I do not use their internet bankting.

      Good luck!

  7. Hassan says:

    Hi Gregory

    This is Hassan , I am live in canada and like to open a Volksbank account, my Friend suggested me to do since I expect money transfer from uk to my future new account, plus I don’t wants to keep a lot of money in canada since law here sucks government can freeze your account any time with out further notices .. What you suggest me to do what kind of account I can open so it gives me safety and able to get deposits in US currency .

    Also I like to build my credit history in any European country whatever u suggest the best to build my credit history .! Such as Denmark or , Germany and Sweden .! I like.!

    Any money I have in canada like to keep some here rest I like to keep in this account with easy to withdraw any time via Visa card .’

    Pls let me know ASAP .! Thks

    • Redaktion says:

      This webportal has specialized on few, but really good German direct banks … at best, you contact the Volksbank directly, if you prefer these small local German banks. Good luck!

  8. Terry says:

    Hey Gregory,
    Thanks for the valuable content!

    I have a unique situation and want to see if you know the best route to go. I have 50 clients and need to have a unique debit card number (virtual or plastic) with lastschrift OR I need to have a bank account with multiple IBAN numbers (one for each client) for direct debit payments.

    What are my best bank options? Will Online Konto allow me to have multiple accounts?

    • Gregor says:

      Do you mean the online account that we have presented here:

      There, you can order as many online accounts as you wish using one name. However, a separate e-mail address is required for the order and login of each online account.

      The apparently presented ideal solution of having one login access for multiple accounts (if I have understood you correctly) is not possible.

      Thematically, this special portal is oriented towards “private customers”. We can only offer you limited help for corporate matters. Good luck for your further research.

  9. Simon Mason says:

    Hi Gregory,

    First of all I want to say that your site is very good and it has helped me in my quest to open a Euro Current Account. I am still trying to do it. I have been refused by some and am currently on a waiting list for Number26 Bank – this would be perfect for me and the people a very nice there I have talked to.

    My situation is that I am UK citizen working in Japan. I am a affiliate to an European Investment Company that have dividend payments to me in Euros. I do business with them in Euros via currency exchanges so I need a euro account to make transactions easier. I have a Japanese address and a UK address. Can you give me any advice?

    Best Regards


    • Gregor says:

      Yes, that is a challenge. What bank wants to have a client, who lives on the other side of the world and only needs a settlement account? Actually only paid providers can be considered.

      One possible solution would be a combination of the Onlinekonto and TransferWise. At your next visit in Germany, you can do the legitimating for the Onlinekonto by mail or you wait until the video identification procedure has been introduced. Until then, the account can only receive money – but not send it.

      TransferWise is an excellent complement for international transfers, because the Onlinekonto can currently only make SEPA payments. The legitimating at TransferWise takes place through a test transfer.

  10. VIRTUDES MIER says:

    Dear Gregory,

    You are a valuable asset to the bank industry. You provide excellent guidance in banking.

    I am interested in opening the highest interest rate fix deposit account in USD in Germany. As I am not using all the money so I’d like to get the high interest your banks in Germany pay. However, I would be using part of this money, so maybe I need a DKB Visa Sparen in order to get money from the ATM, wherever I go. Is it possible to have some checks printed as well?

    Please let me know what steps should I follow to open an account through internet?


    Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

    • Gregor says:

      Dear Virtudes Mier,

      There is a multitude of very good comparison sites in Germany. Instead of constantly comparing the terms of more than 1.000 banks in Germany, we concentrate on those we consider the “right” ones. Those are banks with constantly excellent terms and very good customer service.

      This in advance regarding the question about the bank with the highest interest rate for USD!

      We are in very good contact with Deutsche Industriebank (IKB), which at the time of the article has paid the highest interest rates for USD-deposits:

      The IKB also has an English language website, but as far as I know the part re. the investment product “US-Dollar” is only available in German, because it is aimed at German language investors. Nevertheless, an account opening with a residence in the different country is generally possible with IKB.

      With DKB, that’s different. Since June 30, 2014, they have basically stopped opening accounts for customers outside the German language area (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

      But it would be a bank that issues checks (EUR) – at least I still have some in my desk from this bank. With the proper pre-printed form and a check software one can produce checks themselves – which I have done myself. But checks are only seldom accepted in Germany these days, so hardly anyone does this.

      One alternative would be Comdirect Bank. They accept German language customers more or less regardless their country of residence. They also offer USD assets account (generally, USD accounts are unusual in Germany), but the interest rate is low.

      It might be easier to get a USD assets account in the US – or does it have to be a bank account in Germany? Here, the EUR is the no. 1 currency.

      Best regards

  11. Jason says:

    I don’t know if you still answer to this but I will leave anyways. I am Asian and I started work in Germany from Jan/2016 since my current company scouted me here and I have residence permit until end of Dec. 2018 which of course will get extended since my contract is unlimited, and my main bank is Deutsch bank. I have loan from them from July, 8th, which was 6000 euro and paying around 263 euros per month since it’s two yr installment. Suddenly I needed quick money but Deutsch bank can’t give me another one because I need to wait 3 months from last loan. So while I was searching I applied the DKB private loan and I just need to do the postident and send document.
    Do you know if how long they usually take to give answer like no or yes? I am trying to send those documents in real fast mail. Or was this even not a worth try since I already have loan from Deutsch bank? I make quite nice net income but wasn’t sure if applying to DKB is even right thing to do since i don’t know anything about them or any information.

    • Gregor says:

      Hi! That is an interesting question!

      I hold DKB in high esteem and have myself applied for and been granted a loan. They tend to be a little “conservative” though when it comes to loan decisions.

      You might have better changes, if you ask several banks for a loan. But be careful! It could decrease the chances for a credit approval, if you ask the banks directly. It is different when you use the professional credit comparison tool, which I have introduced here: The best way to get a loan in Germany!. Here, a credit check will be done first and then played through with the banks, without personal data.

      In the best case you receive one or several credit offers and can select one. It works rather quickly und would currently be my best recommendation. Good luck!

  12. Abhishek Anal says:

    Hello Gregor,

    I am leaving Germany next month and going back to India, although i have money in euros which i do not want to convert as the rates are very low.

    What should be the best method to keep the money free of charge in Germany and when the rate is good i can transfer money to india using sofort banking for services like transferwise?

    Is DKB an option?


    • Gregor says:

      Hello Abhishek,

      DKB is hardly an option, since this would be a giro account with a credit line. An account opening is difficult for somebody, who has maybe only live a short time in Germany, be-cause the level of credit history probably is not high enough.

      If you open a savings account, there is no credit check, since you are bringing money to the bank: Comdirect offers one, for example:

      The challenge here would be that for this savings account you’d a reference account with IBAN. A withdrawal via immediate transfer/TransferWise is not possible.

      Why not simply keep the current account?

  13. Navid says:

    Hi Gregory,

    fantastic website with information and tips about banks and cards in Germany: your site is a unique resource for foreigners!

    Credit card for business
    My company is registered in UK and I live in UK, I am a EU citizen (IT), I have a business bank account in Germany but they don’t provide credit cards.

    I need a credit card in EUR currency for small payments on-line (couriers, flights, hosting and other online services).

    Where do you suggest to get on-line a credit card? I have a business bank account in Germany and can link it to the credit card. (I don’t understand German and don’t travel to Germany)

    If necessary, I can open a new business bank account. But probably that is more complicated…


    • Gregor says:


      Many thanks for the appreciative words! What we don’t do though, is actual individual consulting … with our articles and overviews we show what is available on the market and how to cleverly use such offers. Do you happen to know the Viabuy MasterCard?

      • Navid says:

        Thanks for the quick reply, ViaBuy is a very interesting card that solves partially my needs.

        ViaBuy offers a IBAN number in Germany, do you know of any prepaid card in EUR in the UK or Italy?

        Thanks again

  14. Ken says:

    Thanks for your work with the site Gregor! However, as your site is aimed to an International (read: more English than German speaking) audience, I’m a little puzzled that your top recommended banks are those who speak German only. So here I propose a section for your top recommended English speaking banks, with 24/7 phone support, suitable for travelers, as outlined in this post:

    • Editorial Team says:

      Thanks for your input! This specialty portal is created by and for smart banking customers. There are only some important articles that are translated into other languages, so that it is easier to understand the content for those smart banking customers who prefer a different language.

      In addition, it is not customary in Germany to offer multi-lingual online-banking (although we are currently negotiating with one provider and they are currently working on implementing it in a test phase). The few providers that offer English language online banking, are mostly not that interesting regarding their terms and conditions and therefore less fitting for smart banking customers.

      • Ken says:

        Hello, it depends on your definition of smart banking customers. Do you mean smart banking customers are who basically want free banking? For some other readers -as you write in English-, smart banking might mean something else: the bank offers a good service for a modest fee, and they even speak English! If someone is looking for a bank account with these terms, which banks could you recommend? Is this an unreasonable question on your English pages? )

        • Editorial Team says:

          Hello. You can find our definition of “smart banking customers” here: – which is independent from the language one speaks, writes or thinks in.

          We simply translate some articles of our German specialty portal into other languages to make it easier for some people to take in our content 🙂

  15. Mohamed Raouf says:

    Hello Gregor,

    Nice website and Great work you have done!

    I have a question for you; I live in Germany since one year, and I have a current account in DB. I wanted to get a free credit card from Hanseatic Bank but my application was rejected as my level of credit history is not high enough as I live since short time I guess. When I checked my schufa report some entries had 90% and some had 87%. Can you please advise which online Bank could accept my application? If not what banks have low fees and good customer service? My German is quite good, so no problem in this point.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,
    Mohamed Raouf

    • Gregor says:

      Hello Mohamed,

      There are more than 1,000 banks in Germany – there you can already see that we do not know the details of all banks … and don’t want that either.

      On this specialty portal we show how to cleverly use the (from our subjective point of view) absolutely best direct banks. For the combination of Giro account and Visa Card, these are the ones:

      If one of those suits, we wish you best of luck with your application. If it will work out, I cannot tell you, that depends on the creditworthiness assessment the bank will get of you.

  16. Gilbert says:

    Hi Gregor,

    I wanted to know which banks besides Sparkasse, Deutsche Bank and VZN are ready to finance foreign investors who are resident outside of the EU.
    I am talking about a flat in Berlin which is smaller than 45 squared meter, 50% of the sale price was already paid, the flat is being rented out but obliviously the rent is very low and the banks demand that the mortgage payments will be higher than the rent payments and a mortgage period of max 20 years which makes it impossible.

    Many Thanks,


    • Editorial Team says:

      Hi Gilbert,

      Sorry, that is not in the focus of our specialty portal. You will probably get better answers/solutions regarding those questions elsewhere.

  17. Ian Banks says:

    Hello Gregor,
    I am a South Korean national married to a Dane and thus residing in Denmark.
    I am interested in opening a bank account in Germany because it is close to Denmark, and I would like to have an international account that is neither Danish or Korean for financial independence, security and emergency purposes. Basically I need a saving’s account with master card and or Visa card (debit and credit) attached, or at least debit.

    Which bank(s) would be mostly recommended for the above purposes?

    Also, if I am willing to travel to Germany could this also be done legitimately with DKB? or if I tried N26 is it legitimate at all to have it sent to my friend’s address in Germany? Or is there any other legitimate way to open a bank account in Germany for me?

    Thank you and Kind Regards

  18. Tim Jansson says:


    Great page!

    What is your opinion on Monese? Would you consider them serious contender?

    • Editorial Team says:

      Hi! Sorry, but Gregor cannot – and does not want to – publicly comment on all providers somewhere in the world. In addition, the focus of our specialty portal is on Germany.

  19. Martin H says:

    Hi editorial team,

    I’m just about to begin a paid internship in Germany, and need to open a German bank account, I want to stay in Germany and keep working once my internship is over, and therefore I am looking to keep my account for a longer time period.

    After much research, and reading your site, I narrowed my choices down to DKB, Comdirect, and N26 – a good mobile app is important for me, and being able to use my cards abroad and in Germany the same way.

    DKB is the obvious choice, but I am not sure I will be accepted to open an account, as I am not German.

    Comdirect is lacking in the mobile department.

    N26 looks really appealing, but I am unsure about them as a safe place to keep my money.

    Would you recommend N26 in 2017 in case DKB does not accept me?

    • Editorial Team says:

      It is correct that a good credit rating in order to obtain a great free account at a direct bank is difficult for people who have just arrived in Germany. 2015, N26 as a newcomer was a good alternative. Many foreign citizens got a free account there easily. But the bank went through a development that in 2016 already lead to the decision for Gregor, to not use them anymore himself – and he is hesitant to recommend banks he does not use himself.

      Of course one can open this account anyway. There are people who think it’s great and forgive the bank every mistake that has happened. Plainly speaking: Gregor is not a customer there anymore. There are many better providers. But there are also people, for whom N26 is a good fit.

      • mateja brescak says:


        I don’t know if this is still up to date, but I would like to ask if I can use this account to be paid from the companies where I work? I am a freelancer and work around Europe. Many companies require a bank address, iban, swift, name… this possible with N26?

        And if I open this account, I can also close it with no problem, right?

        Thank you,


  20. Philipp says:

    Dear Gregor,
    First of all thanks for maintaining such a good website with lots of information. By the way my question is. Can I open a business account in Germany, as I am currently living in Sri Lanka and my business is in Sri Lanka? I am a German citizenship holder. I tried Comdirekt but they do not allow business account, only private. So again my question is, how can I open a business account in Germany, while I am in Sri Lanka? But my business is registered in Sri Lanka. looking forwrd to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    • Editorial Team says:

      Hello Philipp,

      There are no banks in Germany that provide/open business accounts for companies from Sri Lanka via the internet. At least, we don’t know any.

  21. Ben says:

    Dear Gregor,

    I am an International student studying in Germany. I am confused about deciding on a credit card between Barclay “New Visa” and Santander “1 plus”. I am looking for a card which lets me withdraw money without charges in countries within Europe.
    Can you please guide me on a suitable credit card? Also provide if you have any alternate suggestion.


  22. Nebojsa says:

    Dear Gregor,
    Let me say first that you maintain exellent website with lots of usful information. But, even I have tried, I could not find what is interesting for me.
    Let me say that I am Serbian citizen and also a crypto trader. So I need to open personal account preferably under the SEPA protocol so I can easily deposit and withdraw money from crypto exchange such as Bitstamp for example. Unfortunately in my country we are restricted for sending money out of the country. Also receiving money from crypto exchanges is recently interrupted, until further regulation by authorities is made. Also keeping money on crypto exchange itself is not good idea because you are tied to that one exchange, and also if I want to use some of that money I have to transfer it on some bank account again. So, long story short. Can you give me some advice for opening personal non-resident account in Germany which will meet my request explained above.
    Thank’s in advance
    Best regards

    • Editorial Team says:

      We are not an online bank that’s interested in this kind of business. We are a web portal with a focus on online banks. Maybe you would like to talk to a local bank. Since one mostly (always) has to pay higher account maintenance fees, these banks are sometimes more open for other customers – especially since more and more Germans switch to the free direct banks. But those only accept customers with a good credit standing and residence in Germany.

  23. Nikoleta says:

    Hi Gregor, how can I open a Sepa Direct Debit account in Germany.I am from Bulgaria and I have Bulgarian company! Do u know what documents I need to have? And can I do it online or I have to go personally?Thank you

  24. Fabiano says:

    Dear Gregor

    I am a doctoral student from Brazil and I need to open an account in Germany to receive a DAAD scholarship. I need to do it as soon as possible, preferably from here, in Brazil, before the trip.
    I read something about the N26 … Is it a good option? What do you sugest?


  25. Raja says:

    Hi Gregor,
    I am currently having an account I’m Deutsche Bank (Giro konto n Mastercard standard). I pay minimal fee of 32€ per.a for credit card. I will be moving to Australia for 3-4 years and I am not sure of weather should I keep the deutsche bank account or shift or to online banking. I will come and visit Germany likely every year once. I am an Indian married to German women, still waiting for Niderlasungenerlaubnis. So til then no online bank on germnay going to let me open an account except N26 and ING diba.
    Can u suggest an option.
    Also I would like to have a good credit card alone, after some research Barclays visa and Santander plus looked good. The annual fee is zero and no booking for ATM USE..which one is good? Or is there any other better credit card available?

  26. Jutta says:

    Hi Gregor,

    My husband and I are moving to Germany from Virginia, USA. He is American, I have dual citizenship and have an account with Kreissparkasse already. How can we set up transfer of his retirement from VA to Germany with best exchange rate and minimal cost? Are you familiar with Transferwise? Is that an option or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you so much for any input you can give us.

  27. Luka says:

    Hey Gregor, I have a question for you. I am from Slovenija and I put my 100€ on my Viabuy account and they took me about 90€. I don’t want that. I want my money back. Can I send them an email or do something else to bring my money back?
    I loud my money with Paysafe so can I bring my money back to my Paysafe account?

  28. Lavinia says:

    Hi, do you have an email address where I can write you? Thanks.

    • Editorial Team says:

      As the founder and director of this as well as other portals, Gregor unfortunately does not have the time anymore to reply to individual emails. We are glad that he manages to regularly answer public comments.

  29. Harry says:

    Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to contact you but I could no find any contact details on your website. I live in the UK and am interested in the “Accounts System for Financial Freedom”, however your Webinar is in German. Do you cater of English speaking people. Thank you.

  30. Julien says:

    Hi Gregor, do you offer to help with real estate loans – in Germany they seem to be with negative rates and I’d like to understand if as a non-resident (but EU resident), it is possible to have such offers to buy real estate in another EU country. Thanks

  31. Alex says:

    Hi! My daughter (EU resident) is about to start studying in Germany, first a language course and then on to medicine. She is currently 17 years old. What bank account/web card would you recommend? Would N26 work or must she get a different card or account? Many thanks!

    • Gregor says:

      In Germany one needs to be 18 years old to be able to independently open a bank account.

      As an editorial web portal we do not give individual recommendations. That is something for our consultancy branch, especially since there is other additional information to factor in.

  32. NoBankAccount4You says:


    I am not really sure how and where to start with but since past few days I have had enough with the banks here.

    I am in the process of opening up a UG and have to deposit “stammkapital” but for that I need to have a “Geschäftskonto” and the banks are not willing to open it.

    Deutsch & Commerzbank: We cannot offer you an account as a business policy decision.

    Sparkasse #1: It is for small businesses in the area, your business seems like more wider, global so try some other bank.

    Sparkasse #2: We need native level deustch skills of our account holders so that they should be absolutely clear about every word in the contract. Bringing a friend to help you out will not work “how would we know that your friend explained you the right word”

    Online Banks: Cannot pass the verification stage as the German “aufenthaltstitel” is not accepted.

    Lastly about myself, I am a non EU, moved to Germany 3 years ago for masters degree after completing it I provided the complete business plan, financial etc to Ausländerbehörde to get my case approved after they got necessary approvals from IHK and other Government ministries, they revised my resident permit from student to “Geschäftsführer” and asked me to go start your business, got done with article of associations from the notary and then just got stuck up.

    I am absolutely clueless what is wrong with my case, I am not a criminal or a bank defaulter or I am not even asking for a bank loan, or overdraft or any credit of any sort what so ever.

    Your website has been helpful to provide some answers and I am hoping maybe someone can shed some light on this further.

    • Richard Banks says:

      Honestly? With such a “name” we don’t even offer you our chargeable consulting service. This portal has been created for smart banking customers , and from our community, many people have been successful with banks when using this approach! Anyway: Best of luck in your life!

    • Andreas says:

      I totally understand you, as I’m facing exactly the same thing. Mostly bank asking for the register number to be able to open a business account to input the “stammkapital” before register to chamber of commerce, but how can we get the register number if first the chamber of commerce require to open the business bank account first. This is just like going around the circle.

      Not sure how your status now, did you manage to get one? If yes, please share which bank should I contact.

  33. George says:

    Please how can I open a DKB bank account I really need this account I live in Germany. Please can you help me open the account thank you.

  34. Jeffrey Kurtz says:

    I am an Ammi that has lived in Germany since 2011. I managed to get bank accounts at Skatbank, but shortly after I got here FATCA went into action and now I can’t seem to even open a savings account. I have savings that I would like to invest as there is a big chunk that has sat quiet for 2 years now and I want to get that money working for me. I tried for an ING account, but no luck since I am an american citizen and still have to file taxes in the US. What do you recommend so that I can start investing in German stocks? Thanks so much

    • Richard Banks says:

      Open a securities account in the United States. Large German companies have a second listing on the New York Stock Exchange or trade the US stock exchange in Frankfurt as a foreign exchange.

      • Abdoulie Nyassi says:

        Hello Every one,
        I am a student trying to open a normal account in order to move my fund from a Block Account into a current account to enable access the funds for my daily expense and monthly bills settlement but,many online banks i tried at the stage of video identification would tell me that their system do not accept my passport (Gambia Passport)and that i should try and provide German residence permit which is proofing difficult in this Covid-19 erra.

        Please help me out as i am seriously running out of funds for my daily survival and settlement of end of month bills

  35. Susmitha Shankar says:

    Hi Gregor,
    I really appretiate your article on this subject.
    I reside in India and recently got an opportunity to conduct my PhD research in a German University. My institute suggest me to open a German account or account with IBAN for ease in transactions. However, I cannot relocate to Germany because of current pandemic situation, and so I do not posses a German residence permit. What are the options available for me to open an account in Germany online without holding a residence permit?

  36. Oliver cederick says:

    I need help. My contact in Germany sent me transfer last week July 30th 2020 from Germany to Kazakhstan via online banking and until now no money has arrived in my account I would like to know how can I check that the payment slip he gave his real and see where the transaction is because my bank can’t see too

  37. Joseph Hitti says:

    Hi, I am a US citizen currently living in Beirut, Lebanon. I tried to open an N26 online account, but was unable to because I only have a Lebanon-based, not a US-based, smart phone number. Otherwise I did fill out all the required information and was ready to confirm my identity with my US passport. Is there a way around the smart phone number obstacle? People these days travel and live outside of their home countries, and a silly smart phone number should not be and obstacle to financial mobility.

    • Richard Banks says:

      I can’t say anything about that. Please, contact the bank directly. If they do want you as a customer, there should be a way. However, German banks are not too eager to get customers from outside Europe, and the same is the case vice versa. Best of luck!

  38. Diana says:

    Dear Gregor,

    Thank you very much for what you are doing! Your website is full of helpful info and advice on how to make use of the DKB account! As I had already decided to open a DKB cash account, you taught me how to make full and best use of it.

    I was wondering, if it isn’t too much trouble, if you could make a post about the DKB Sparplan. How does it work exactly (I’m new at this whole investing stuff but wish to find a good way to separately save for my daughter), what are the advantages and disadvantages, how safe it is?

    I wish you all the best and can’t thank you enough for what you are doing!


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