Comparison of Festgeld in Germany

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2 Responses to “Comparison of Festgeld in Germany”

  1. Margie Hillebrands says:

    Good morning I am a South African citizen and have money invested in ABN AMRO, We have been informed that our account will be closed and that we need to transfer the money. I would like to keep my money in Euros. Would it be possible to open an account in Germany?

    • Richard Banks says:

      The easiest will be to open the Borderless account at TransferWise. You can open a EUR account there.

      Hardly any other bank allows you to open an account from your country and no German bank wants to have any further deposits. We are flooded with euros and banks have to pay -0.5% penalty interest to the European Central Bank (Europäische Zentralbank). The times are different than they used to be.

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