Euros 500 immediate loan, more possible later!

VEXCASH ⇒ loan payment already today!?

Vexcash is the German solution, if you urgently need money! At a successful application until 2 pm, the loan is paid already today via express option.

Requirements for the fast loan payment:

Vexcash – easy loan for 30 days

  • 18 years or older
  • place of residence/address in Germany
  • possibility of document upload(e.g. photo via Smartphone)
  • own current account in Germany for the loan payment
  • legitimating via VideoIdent or in a bigger post branch office

Immediately to the loan application and payment

If you have enough time, then read this specialized article with attention, because I will reveal here, how you can get the most favourable loan through Vexcash and to what points you have to pay attention to in order to not pay expensive fees.

1. You have suspected it since long, didn’t you?

What most people intuitively know: banks earn most money through loans. In order for the bank to earn a lot of money, the loan amount should be as high as possible, have a long term and the borrower should have a very good creditworthiness.

At a short-term loan, it is exactly vice-versa:

  • Loan term 30 days
    as an existing customer at Vexcash, you have the possibility to get a loan of up to 6 months lateron.
  • Loan amount up to Euros 500
    as an existing customer, you can apply for amounts of up to Euros 3,000 lateron.
  • Average creditworthiness
    people with a very good creditworthiness hardly deal with short-term loans, as they often dispose of an overdraft facility, credit line or the credit line of a credit card.

Banks avoid short-term loans, because they do not make money through them!

2. The most favourable loan of Vexcash

What do you notice in the standard offer of Vexcash?

Vexcash Loan

The loan costs for you are only about Euros 5.45!

Frankly speaking: this is not a lucrative deal for Vexcash! As the legitimating via video or post costs already Euros 10 – and this is borne by Vexcash for you! Of course, Vexcash has further costs of documentation, processing and staff.

The nice thing:
you can use the offer as often as you want!

The most favourable loan of Vexcash is the permanent standard offer, which is available to every new customer and every existing customer! The key data is:

  • Euros 500 loan amount
  • 30 day term
  • 13.90 % lending rate Euros 5.45
  • 3–4 days until the payment.

If you repay the short-term loan within 30 days completely – you receive an e-mail, in which you can find the exact amount, the date and the account number – you can apply again for exactly the same loan.

“Cheaper is impossible!”

… apply now for the most favourable loan!

3. The express-loan of Vexcash

However, there are situations in life in which it is not enough receiving the money next week – one needs the money immediately!

Vexcash has developed a solution exactly for this problem. It helped many people to watch this video (from minute 1:52 the express-option is explained):

Further information on

3.1 The express-option in detail

At the express-option, you receive your loan on the same day:

  • up to Euros 500 for new customers
  • up to Euros 3,000 for existing customers
    existing customers are people, who have already received a loan from Vexcash and have repaid it on time.

3.1.1 The sequence

Vexcash Express Loan

If you have completed all steps on the left side until 2 pm, you receive the payment to your current account on the same afternoon.
At the second time – as an existing customer – the left side is omitted, as you already have completed the steps. A payment of loan is possible within seconds!

  • Set up a customer account

    For this purpose, go to and follow the procedure of the loan application.

  • Upload the necessary documents

    In your customer account, you have the possibility to upload documents. For example, the proof of salary, if requested. In any case the loan agreement. You need a possibility to print, sign, scan or photograph the agreement and upload it afterwards.

    If you should not have these technical possibilities, ask for sending the documents by mail. However, the payment on the same day will not be possible in this case.

  • State bank account for the payment

    State the current account in your online customer account to where you want your loan to be paid. Please note that it must be a DE-IBAN and that the account must be held in your name.

    With this, it should be avoided that people apply and get paid a loan on behalf of a third person. If you do not have an own current account in Germany … this online current account is opened within 2 minutes and you immediately receive a DE-IBAN.

  • Identity verification (legitimating)

    It is determined by law that the identity of the customer must be verified at the conclusion of a customer relationship with a bank. At Vexcash, you have the possibility to do this via webcam. For this, you need your ID-card or passport. The legitimating through webcam takes about 5 minutes.

    Alternatively, you can get identified through the Deutsche Post. As soon as the identification at the post is done, the data is transmitted electronically to Vexcash. Please prefer bigger post branch offices. The electronic sending system apparently does not work anymore in smaller post branch offices.

Done, your loan is paid!

4. Frequently asked questions about the Vexcash loan

Some important questions and answers follow that where asked frequently by borrowers and that are important to unterstand the loan offer correctly. Please read them carefully.

If something should be unclear or your question should not be answered here, please use the comments box at the end of this page. Our editorial staff would be pleased to help explaining how to get a loan payment through Vexcash.

4.1 Is any person able to get a loan from Vexcash?

No, of course not. There are general requirements (e.g. older than 18 years, place of residence in Germany) and the personal aptitude (e.g. one cannot be in a private bankruptcy).

However, true is that many people, who were previously rejected by a bank, get a loan through Vexcash. The background is that other creditworthiness requirements apply to a short-term loan.

Whether you get a loan from Vexcash, one can only say, when you have applied for a loan with the opening of a customer account. This is free of charge and risk-free for you.

If Vexcash cannot pay you a loan due to the creditworthiness check, then you did not have any costs either! All incurring costs are borne by Vexcash.

4.2 What happens, if I book the express-option, but it is later than 2 pm?

Your loan will be paid anyhow with an express-transfer. However, one cannot guarantee that it will be paid to your account on the same day. Different banks have different booking procedures.

The payment usually takes place on the next day.

4.3 How does Vexcash earn money?

Vexcash earns through the optional additional services. For example, if you book the express-option or prefer to repay the loan in several instalments up to a term of half a year than within 30 days.

Our recommendation is taking the most favourable loan (see point 2). This is a standard short-term loan without additional services. It only costs Euros 5.45 for 30 days at a loan amount of Euros 500.

However, there are situations in life, in which

  • one needs the loan immediately or
  • one can only repay the loan later.

In theses cases, fees apply that finance the business of Vexcash. These are Euros 39 for the express-option (included are the fees for the express-transfer, for which banks charge a huge amount) or Euros 49 for a payment in instalments in the months 1 and 2. These fees are independent from the amount of the loan. For instalments in the months 3 to 6, there is a percentage fee regulation.

We recommend to our readers to set the loan agreement, so that these fees do not apply. Of course, we have often heard that people were jolly glad to bridge a financial bottleneck with the short-term loan and that the fees were less important.

Perhaps, one can compare this best with the situation of needing a key service on Saturday night. The costs are also higher, than buying a replacement key during the following week.

4.4 Can I repay the loan anytime?

Yes, you can repay the loan completely at any time. However, the interest will be the same. If you e.g. choose the cheap standard offer of Euros 500 with Euros 5.45 interest for 30 days, the Euros 5.45 will always apply, even if you repay the money already after half the term. Please pay attention to repaying on time. On the last day or earlier!

4.5 What if I cannot repay the money within 30 days?

Then, there are Euros 0.20 late payment interest for every passing day. At a missed deadline of 2 to 3 days, this is not worthy to worry about. However, a reminder note will be sent to you (Euros 3) and the possibility exists that your case is forwarded to a collection agency.

Recommendation: if you foresee that you won’t be able to repay on time, then call Vexcash and agree on a solution. For example an instalment. This will be more expensive, but an amicable agreement has no negative consequences.

4.5 What are experiences of customers of Vexcash?

As with any provider, there are also a few negative experiences or critical feedback. This is normal. At the time of creating this article, more than 96 per cent rated Vexcash being good to very good.

Vexcash Experience

Screenshot of the rating portal eKomi / BankingCheck. The very most have positive experiences with Vexcash.

5. Conclusion and recommendation for action

Vexcash is a special provider for short-term loans (30 days). It is an area in which loan banks hardly make business, because almost no profits are made – too big efford for too low loan amounts and too short terms.

If one takes the most favourable loan (see point 2), Vexcash does not earn money.

Vexcash only earns money, if the customers choose an additional option, which is subject to charge (express-loan, instalments).

5.1 Recommendation for action

We recommend our readers to only use the most favourable loan, as presented in point 2.

In the best case, one sets up a customer account at Vexcash on time and borrows the first Euros 500. Of course, one should repay them within the 30 days.

This is a very important step for building the creditworthiness at Vexcash!

Clever strategy!

At best, you repeat this step being an existing customers after 1 to 3 months. This costs you Euros 10.90 interest and you were able to use 2 x Euros 500 for 30 days.

Now you are considered a reliable and trustworthy customer and can, if you need it, also borrow higher amounts. You do not have to do this. But you have created a potential liquidity reserve at Vexcash, which you can dispose of as an existing customer within a few seconds.

Please note that the free loan payment takes 2 to 4 days, the express-payment, which is subject to charge, is possible on the same day.

For people, who want to finance real estate or a car, Vexcash is not the right solution. However, for people, who need to bridge a financial gap of a few days to up to a month, Vexcash is an outstanding solution! More than 100,000 persons have already taken advantage of the help of Vexcash.

Could Vexcash also be a solution for you?

“Set up a short-term loan”

… fill the online application now!

6. Survey: For what purpose do you use Vexcash?

In order to address the wishes and needs of our readers even better in the future, it would help us, if you tell us using the comments box, for which situations you want to use Vexcash. Many thanks for your commitment and good luck with Vexcash!

Please use the comments box!

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Someone who gained experience with more than 100 banks in more than 20 countries during the past 15 years. My name is Gregor and if you click to continue you can find out why I am here and what this site is for ⇒ continue.

22 Responses to “VEXCASH ⇒ loan payment already today!?”

  1. Maraike says:

    Can one borrow money through Vexcash also in the short-term, if one is only marginally employed (Euros 450 base)?

    • Tanja says:

      It always depends on the entire (financial) situation. A mini-job is no criterion for exclusion!

      Actually, there is a whole bunch of students, who have a mini-job besides their University studies and borrow money partially or even on a regular base through Vexcash.

      Please just fill the online application and wait for the automized examination (works fast), then you know what will happen. Good luck!

  2. Chima says:

    I am a student. I stoped work August last year 2016 and I am starting again this January. Do I have a chance? Again if I am required to present my salary evidence, can I show the last one which was last year.

    • Editorial Team says:

      Salary evidence from a former occupation alone will regrettably not be sufficient. But if you have not received any salary yet from your CURRENT work, you can offer the contract for your current position as evidence of your occupation as well as evidence for the expected salary.

  3. Robert says:

    My bank (savings bank) has refused to set up an overdraft facility, because I am still a student. Do I have a chance to get one at Vexcash?

    • Tanja says:

      This depends on some details! If you have an income (e.g. through a student job) or receive the federal training support, then the chances are good. It does not even have to be a lot of money. However, one wants to see that you can repay the borrowed money.

      By the way, Vexcash has a lot of customers, who are students.

      Please note that it is not a student loan or a permanent solution. For this, the loan amount would be too low and the costs would be too high at a longer use.

      Vexcash was made for bypassing a short financial bottleneck. For example, until the next salary payment or transfer of the federal training support. If you then repay the loan within 30 days, then it really would be extraordinarily cheap.

      If you stay registered after the repayment, you can log into your online account anytime and borrow money in the short term. If you are consistent with the repayments, then the available credit line will increase (you build a creditworthiness).

      However, please remember: short term loans are no permanent solution, even if one can use them frequently. For bypassing some days it is a very useful “life safer”

  4. George says:


    I am looking to get short-term loan for my small business but i am looking to get anywhere between 25-100k euros. Is there something like a “merchant cash advance” in Germany?

    Many thanks!

    • Gregor says:

      Sorry, our webportal is mainly for personal loans, cards and accounts. Look at business sites, please. Good luck!

  5. Rela says:

    Do I have chances to get a loan, if I have a permanent job since only one month?

    • Tanja says:

      This is a very good question, many thanks!

      It is important that you have received the first salary slip already. This or the current payroll is uploaded online at Vexcash as proof of the income. The duration of your current employment does not matter in the loan application.

  6. Godswill Daniel says:

    I have a quick question. I would like to apply for a student loan for upto 5.000 Euro for my student tuition, is this possible?

    • Editorial Team says:

      Vexcash is an option in Germany to very easily borrow money for a short term … which is why new customers only get an initial credit line of 500 Euro. If one pays those back in time, trust is established, and already after a short time of 2-3 months, one can have that limit extended to 3.000 Euro.

  7. Mona Mae says:

    Hi, how are payments made? How can I pay back my loan amount snd the interest?

    • Stefanie says:

      Hello Mona,

      you will receive a refund plan and then transfer the respective rate from your account to Vexcash.

  8. Rene says:

    Hi. How much do I pay, if I apply for a loan in the amount of Euros 500, but with a longer term? In the advertisement, it is stated that you pay about Euros 6 for 30 days and about Euros 12 for 60 days.

    • Gregor says:

      The maximum term is currently 90 days. So it would be Euros 17.38. It is a provider for short-term loans 🙂

  9. Geene says:

    Good day,
    I kindly ask for confirmation that I get this loan.

  10. Ivan Nikolic says:

    I need a 4000€ loan and I could pay it back over 36 months…is that an option?

    • Gregor says:

      Vexcash is a provider for the uncomplicated allocation of short-term loans. As an existing customer (good history) you have the opportunity to get a short-term loan up to 3,000 Euros. New customers (no history available) only get 500 Euros.

  11. Borche says:

    I need a 4000€ loan I am employed 1 year my contract is unlimited. I have regular income but my Schufa is bad all banks have refused me for loan help please.

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