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ING-DiBa with Giro + Visa Card ► free of charge!

last Update 9-1-2021

Modern and proven – these two characteristics apply to the ING-DiBa. The current account exists since 2005 and is free of charge without incoming salary transfers!

Depending on your personal preferences, you can manage the account by phone, online banking or banking app. It is so advanced that you can even take pictures of your bills to make a transfer!

ING-DiBa Current Account English

Far more than a free current account!

Of course, there are two free cards to the account in order to be flexible in all situations:

NG-DiBa Giro and VISA

Let’s take a general look at the conditions:

  • modern free current account
  • free Girocard (debit card)
  • free Visa Card
  • very many possibilities to withdraw cash free of charge
  • possibilities to deposit cash up to Euros 25,000 free of charge
  • account management possible via phone, online banking or banking app
  • opening of the current account via online application
    statutory legitimating via PostIdent or video chat

Go directly to the bank ► (online account opening ✔)

How other customers use the ING-DiBa

  • Main current account

    The entire private payment transfer takes place through the ING-DiBa. The monthly salary is deposited, the standing order for the rent is transferred and the telephone company also debits punctually.

    The daily purchases are paid with the Girocard and occasionally, one withdraws cash conveniently at the supermarket checkout.

    Outside the opening hours, there are 58,000 ATMs for free cash withdrawals in Germany. For this, one uses the Visa Card.

    Even an account credit line (overdraft facility) can be set up from the beginning, so that no chargebacks can happen at payment overlapses!

  • Credit card

    There are also people, who have only applied for the current account in order to get a permanently free “credit card”.

    Often, a credit card is needed for online stores, when booking cheap flights, hotel reservations or making a deposit at the car rental. This can be done well using the ING-DiBa Visa Card.

    If one sets up an overdraft facility, one even has a “true” credit card with credit line. When applying for the overdraft facility, one must submit a salary certificate, however, the regular incoming transfer of the salary is not required!

    This is a huge advantage to other banks!

  • Secondary account

    Some have opened the account in order to have a separate accounting from the main current account. It is used e.g. as a hobby account or for private eBay purchases and sales.

    The idea of keeping the online shopping separated from the main account is a good means for more and more people due to the increasing scams on the internet.

  • Emergency account

    Some people have set up the account only for emergencies. The cards were ordered and tested for their functionality. Some test transfers were made. Everything works. If the main current account should be blocked at some point, one can immediately perform the entire payment transfers through the already fully set up and immediately functional reserve account.

    Most often, this is done by people, who became victims of online scams and then had problems, because their account was blocked and they had to live a few days without a working account and cards. This is not a nice experience! Prevention is better than cure.

Presentation of some great account features

ING-DiBa Banking-App

Transfer via banking app

1. Banking-App

Many people, who extensively use their smartphones / iPhone, love to make banking on the road. ING-DiBa offers an extensive banking app.

One cannot only retrieve the account balance, but make all kinds of transfers. Up to the photo transfer. In this system, one takes a photo of a bill or a bank transfer form and, in the best case, the software recognizes all relevant payment data and transfers it to the transfer mask.

This, of course, does not yet work with all designs of bills, but the discerning technique continues to develop and improve.

Through the banking app, one can manage the most other bank accounts for savings, securities or loans.

Of course you can do internet banking easily on the computer with a large monitor and keyboard or use the telephone banking.

Of course, you can also use the internet banking comfortably on the computer with the big monitor and keyboard or through telephone banking.

2. The cards

Each current account customer receives the Girocard as well as the Visa Card automatically and for free. To keep the use free of charge for you, some things have to be considered:

  • Use the Visa Card to withdraw cash. In Germany, you have 58,000 ATMs for fee-free withdrawals at your disposal. That applies to about 90 per cent of all ATMs.

    The resulting standard charges are automatically borne by the ING-DiBa for you! If an ATM operator wants to charge you additional fees, then he/she must display this before the withdrawal and you can still cancel the operation.

  • With the Girocard, you can withdraw money at the 1,200 own ATMs of the ING-DiBa. These are usually located at petrol stations.

    The banking app also supplies you with an ATM finder. These are easy to find thanks to the interactive map.

  • If you are currently shopping anyway in the markets Penny, Rewe, Netto or toom, you can withdraw cash from your account when paying with the Girocard. You get the cash from the supermarket cash register. The debit will be made, just like the purchase itself, from your current account.
  • In the abroad Euro countries (e.g. Spain), you use the Visa Card to withdraw free of charge.

  • In the abroad with foreign currency (e.g. Switzerland), you use the Visa Card up to a converted amount of Euros 286, and for withdrawals beyond this limit you should use the Girocard.

    Background is the fee structure for foreign currencies. The withdrawal itself is free of charge with the Visa Card, however, there is a fee for the currency exchange of 1.99 per cent. This does not apply to the Girocard, but the price list here has a general withdrawal fee of Euros 5.

Both cards make the debit transfer right after the withdrawal  / payment from the current account (debit system).

3. The overdraft facility

Who wants, can apply for the overdraft facility right after the account opening (can also be made at any time later – if the application on overdraft facility should be rejected first, one has a new chance after every 6 months).

Interestingly, one gets an overdraft facility granted immediately at the ING-DiBa – provided an appropriate creditworthiness. One does not have to wait several months, as usual in some other banks, until the salary payments are credited to the account.

Better yet: At the ING-DiBa, the incoming salary payments to the account are not necessary at all! Thus, you can have a correspondingly large overdraft facility at two banks! However, and this is understandable, the bank wants to see how much money you earn. At an application for the overdraft facility, one submits a copy of the latest pay slip.

Whether you apply for the overdraft facility right at account opening or save the option for later is entirely your decision.

“Free current account with great features”

Note: At the account opening, a place of residence in Germany is required. After the account opening, it can be changed to one abroad. Online banking and customer service are only available in German language. However, one is often lucky when calling the customer service that the staff speaks English or partially also French.

Questions about the current account of the ING-DiBa?

Since the 28th of January 2008, I have my own free current account and the two cards of the bank. Even if I do not use the account regularly due to other banks that I present on our special portal (back then, I have set it up as an emergency account), I or my team are glad to answer your questions about the account opening and use via the comments box.

Moreover, I have created a step-by-step instruction here for you, so that you can apply for the account easier. Useful?

Of course, I would be especially thankful for support by dedicated readers and account holders. Thank you for being with DeutschesKonto.ORG!

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Who writes here?

Someone who gained experience with more than 100 banks in more than 20 countries during the past 15 years. My name is Gregor and if you click to continue you can find out why I am here and what this site is for ⇒ continue.

68 Responses to “ING-DiBa with Giro + Visa Card ► free of charge!”

  1. Mylene says:


    My partner and I have a joint bank and investing account. In this case, shall only one person report the capital gain/dividends/interest income in his/her tax declaration, or both?

    Thanks a lot for help!

    • Susanne says:

      Hi Mylene,

      in Germany, you normally have to pay taxes (“Kapitalertragssteuer”) for you bank account interest.

      However, you have the option of issuing a exemption order for capital gains (“Freistellungsauftrag”) with the bank, wich means that you will only be taxed for such capital gains (as in interest) that go beyond 801 EUR for a single person and 1602 EUR for joint accounts of a married couple.

      Then, only the amount beyond that will be subject to Kapitalertragssteuer. If that is the case, and there actually is still Kapitalertragssteuer to pay, the bank will automatically forward it to the tax authorities.

      This goes for all banks in Germany, btw.

      • Reggie says:

        Does this capital tax mean that I should only have maximum of 800 euro in my account to be exempted in paying the tax? I am sorry I dont quite get it clear. Thanks.

        • Susanne (editorial staff) says:

          Hi Reggie,

          the above mentioned amount of 801 EUR does not refer to the amount deposited on the account, but to a (theoretical) income from interest derived from such a deposit.

          But since this account does not pay any interest, you don’t have to worry about the 801 EUR limit.

  2. joe says:

    The legitimating through video chat can be made in English or German only?
    Thank you!

    • Susanne says:

      The bank’s focus is on German language clients, and the account agreement as well as the das online-banking are only available in German. However, you don’t have to be able to speak perfect German to open and use the account. During the legitimization process the bank employee will gladly switch into some English language, if you prefer that. However, they will speak some German with you to see, if you have some basic German knowledge – because how else could one be able to use the bank, if one does not understand them?

  3. Luis says:

    I tried to open a DKB cash account but I was not accepted (no idea why, trying the form as a German citizen with the same income and everything the same it was accepted, so I’m guessing SCHUFA check was not a reason), DKB I liked it because of the option to use positive credit balances on the VISA Sparen card as a saving account with interest rate. Is the same option available on the ING DiBa account?

    • Editorial Team says:

      With ING-DiBa it is different: It is a debit-Visa Card, directly connected with the giro account. Money on that giro account does not accumulate any interest. ING-DiBa offers (additionally) a savings account with interest. It is called Extra-Konto.

      Tipp: You can turn your debit Visa Card into a “real” credit card by applying for an overdraft of the giro account.

      • Luis says:

        Thanks for your reply. My current bank is Commerzbank, so ING DiBa would be my secondary savings account. Extra-Konto in ING DiBa has 1% interest rate, while Commerzbank equivalent (Tagesgeld I believe) has 0%, am I correct?

  4. JB says:

    Ing-Diba account opening difficult as a foreigner without an Aufenthaltstitel. Account opening process still requires hard-copy and is lengthy, application form mentions a Schufa check even if not requesting a credit facility. Seems they’re not interested in short-term visitors/overseas customers that can speak German and have a local postal address … in the meantime my N26 continues to work well.

  5. Ronald says:


    Is there a possibility of opening a salary account or simply an account for salary crediting process?

    Am moving to Deutschland in a months time for living and working in Germany, i have a EU Blue Card with Residence permit VISA,

    As a joining formality i need a bank account.

    In this case ING DiBa can help me out?

    Any help (Suggestions) would be appreciated.


    • Editorial Team says:


      ING-DiBa is Germany’s biggest direct bank. They only open bank accounts for people living in Germany. Therefore, if you want to open an account with ING-DiBa, then you need an address in Germany.

      Some further advice: There are special providers that offer the possibility to open an account while you are still abroad, and you can even transfer money to that new account. It will only be activated for full use, once the legitimization process after your arrival in Germany has been performed. Such services are naturally not free of charge. You can find further info here:

  6. Sailasi Lusias says:

    how do i get foreign currency using my Ing Diba account?

    • Editorial Team says:

      Since ING-DiBa does not have local branches where you could exchange your money into a different currency, your best option for that would one of the regular exchange services at airports and large railway stations. You do not need to be a customer there.

  7. Laura says:

    Hi there,

    I have question, as an international student is it possible to open an account with ING-DiBa even though all services are in German?

    • Editorial Team says:


      The ING-DiBa services, especially online banking, are offered in German language only. That means, in order to do the online banking, you at least have to have a rudimentary knowledge of the respective vocabulary.

      When it comes to customer service and you call within general business hours, you have a good chance that there is someone available who speaks English and might be able to at least answer some general qustions. What they cannot do though – for legal reasons – is conduct any kind of actual banking procedures (e.g. transfers) with you over the phone in English language.

      I hope this helps.

  8. Mike Melo says:

    First of all, thank you for the valuable information contained in your website.

    So I have followed your advice and have opened the current account at ING-DiBa. I am currently waiting for the cards,etc.

    During the account opening process, they have offered a 500 euro overdraft (or credit line?).I was not even requested at any stage to present a copy of my pay slips.

    The question is can I request to increase this overdraft (or credit line?) to 1000 Euros on the Visa Credit card? My net monthly salary is (slightly) superior to this amount.

    • Editorial Team says:


      the amount as such would probably not be the problem, but the credit line amount that is initially agreed upon normally needs to stay like this for up to a year, before it can be increased. I would advise to give them a call after a couple of months, after the account has had a bit of time to develop, and ask about your possibilities. They don’t have a “regular” English language customer service, but you will find that quite a few people do speak English and will probably be able to help you.

  9. Smart Banker says:

    I’ve been a regular reader of this site and would like to share my experiences. I come from a non-EU country and have been living in Germany for almost 5 years now. I have my primary account with Commerzbank. I also have a significant Credit Line that’s shared by my Current Account and a Credit Card, but I’ve never used it. I have my secondary account along with a Securities account (Depotkonto) at Consorsbank. As I’m not really happy with this bank, I’ve been considering a switch to DKB.

    But like most foreigners, I got declined by DKB for a Current Account without a Credit Line. A week later, I happened to request a Schufa report (as part of my apartment hunt) and found my Schufa score to be pretty impressive and no negative entries.

    Then I tried ING-DiBa and got the account approved immediately with a Credit Line of €3000. The whole process was very smooth and I’m quite impressed by the overall User Experience at ING. Now I’m going to open a Depotkonto at ING and complete my move from Consorsbank to ING.

    PS: PostIdent at Deutsche Post was the only bad experience that i had. It was definitely not ING’s fault. Deutsche Post treats us (Non-EU citizens) like shit. Our passports are deemed ‘too risky’ for online legitimation. At the Post Office branches, they’ve introduced new Passport reading machines and guess what? They work only for EU, US & Canadian Passports. Luckily, ING offered me an alternative solution to complete this step.

    • DV says:


      Can you please let me know what is that alternative solution to the PostIdent being a foreigner? Because I am in same boat as you were. Thanks you

      • Smart Banker says:

        I called up the Customer Care and explained the situation. Within the next couple of days, I received a letter with an alternative solution. They asked me to goto a Notary and do an identity verification there. Required Forms were also enclosed. I called up a few Notaries to see if anyone is willing to do this and how much they charge. Most Notaries were confused and rejected right away. A few of them were ready to do it and the costs were close to €50 (In my case it was a joint account with my wife and costed me €100). So I called up the bank again and told them that it’s crazy of them to expect me to spend €100 for just a Identify Verification. I asked about any other alternatives or if they will reimburse the costs. Couple of days later, i got a letter stating that they will reimburse 50% of the Notary costs. I didn’t accept this offer and called up again to complain. During this call, they asked me if I would be willing to come to their office in person and submit my Identification Documents. As I live in Frankfurt and am literally few mins away from their office, I gladly accepted this solution. We scheduled an appointment for Friday afternoon and went over in person. In the end, it didn’t cost me anything!

      • Oshin says:

        I had the same problem. I called up customer service and they asked me to come in person to ING DiBa office. I went there and one of the staff did the legitimation (simply took a copy of my passport and asked me to sign on copy).

  10. Hazem Sulaiman says:

    Thank you very much for all the information here, very helpful!
    I have a question considering the credit line in ING-DiBa, when I open my account, I applied for a credit of 8000 Euros (3 times my net income) and got declined. Now, I am trying to apply again but it seems that the option (Dispo ändern) does not appear on Internet banking. What is the work around for this? Although I am not a EU citizen but I have very good SCHUFA score and an unlimited contract with my company!
    Thanks in advance

    • Editorial Team says:


      You can apply for an increase oft he Dispo/overdraft facility in the online banking. In order to do that, you log into your giro account and go to „mehr Funktionen“ (more features). Only then a tab with „Dispokredit ändern“ (change overdraft facility) will show. This feature does not show on a permanent base, because it is not used that often.

      Maybe it makes sense to give the bank a call, because they can do the procedure with you over the phone and can also give you tips according to your personal situation. ING-DiBa has an extra credit department with quite good people. We talk with them from time to time, too.

  11. Elitex says:

    Hello, I am also a non-EU citizen with an Aufenthaltstitel. I am here in Germany slightly more than a year. I have a stable income with an unlimited contract. I have a Commerzbank for my salary account, but due to the fact that they do not provide a VISA/Master card, I wanted to open a new one at ING.

    Since DKB declined me although, my salary is double the average, I tried with ING online, and within 5 minutes I filled the form, and then performed the online legitimization via PostIdent (in 5 minutes also). After a week I received a letter by post that was asking for a copy of my residence permit. I sent them via email, and the next day I received a response which says I was accepted, with all the details for both Giro/Extra Konto. I am waiting, my cards and pins to start using the account. So far good and hassle-free.

    I like Commerzbank due to it being a trustworthy account, and their online service is near to perfect (English speaking is a must for me). However I do not like the idea of me “borrowing” my money to a bank, and paying for it also! I even lose money due to inflation!

    • Gregor says:

      Many thanks for this feedback … and ING-DiBa is a great decision (even though English language online banking is not available there). Enjoy your new great account!

    • Elitex says:

      Replying to myself.

      The ING-DiBa cards (VISA Debit Card – a.k.a credit card here in Germany, plus EC Karte), the online username/pin etc they all arrived, and now I am using my account with both cards. Both cards allow also for contactless payments up to a certain amount, which is great.

      Note that the whole opening process might take approximately 2 weeks.

      Compared to Commerzbank:
      1) The internet and mobile management of Girokonto, especially the transaction list with categories, is far more superior than that of ING-DiBa.
      2) ING-DiBa mobile app is nearly useless, very basic (though they are claiming they are porting an old application to this new one).
      3) I like the cards of ING-DiBa they both have contactless payments, up to a certain amount.
      4) Transactions can show up immediately after the order, in ING-DiBa, although it takes time to complete. While in Commerzbank it takes time, sometimes several days.
      5) ING-DiBa provides an Extra-Konto along with Girokonto which is used for saving money with a small 0.1% interest rate. You can transfer the money from the account whenever you wish.
      6) I still trust Commerzbank due to the fact that I have an agent assigned and I can personally contact him should an issue show up. Also, the phone service of Commerzbank has always been great, not only the personnel was kind (yes whether you like it or not, this is not a standard here in Germany, I was even been told by a German personnel by phone “Official language in Germany is Deutsch, and you should speak Deutsch as it is as expressive as English (I believe Chinese is more expressive than both languages though!)”)! they had no issue to speak English also.

  12. PG says:

    Hi, are Incoming international transfers still free of charge with ING-DiBa?

    • Editorial Team says:

      All transfers, regardless of the currency, are credited to the ING Giro account free of charge.

  13. Fykes says:


    is it possible to just open a savings account with ING-DiBa? I do not need any credit or whatsoever. Just a normal account where my salary will be paid in.

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, there is the option to open a savings account at ING-DiBa. They call it “Extra-Konto”. However, if you want to have your salary transferred there, we recommend to open a checking account, in German “Girokonto”. From a savings account you can only transfer money to one reference account (which usually is a checking account). Nothing else.

      If one does not apply for a Dispo with a checking account (Girokonto), one does not get one. This means that your checking account will operate with a balance only. You will receive two cards for payment with your checking account, which only work with a balance on your account as well. Does that work for you?

  14. Constantin says:


    A friend transfered me some money from his ING-DiBa account on Tuesday and I have a Postbank Account and I haven’t received the amount, yet (Saturday). I know that on Wednesday it was a bank holiday but do you know why is it taking so long? Should I worry?

    • Gregor says:

      Oops – such transfers should in fact not take longer than a day. Maybe you would like to check the IBAN once more, before your friend starts a research request at his bank. Best of luck!

      • Constantin says:

        It was a holiday on Wednesday and my friend transferred the money on Tuesday evening. So everything is clear, it takes up to 3 days they say. Thank you for you reply.

    • Constantin says:

      Solved. Received it on Monday, after 3 working days.

  15. Ania says:

    Is it possible to open a current account at this bank, if you have a negative entry at the Schufa? Or at which bank is it possible?

    • Gregor says:

      You will only hardly have a chance at the ING having a negative Schufa-entry.

      However, you can open this account Online Account. It is financed through monthly account management fees and therefore the creditworthiness of the customer does not matter.

  16. Bais says:

    Hello. Where can I find the transfer limits at the ING DiBa? And if they exist, where can I change them?

    • Gregor says:

      The standard setting at ING Germany is: There are no limits for transfers within Germany or to the abroad.

      But you can set the limits yourself. The setting can be found under » Service » Produkteinstellungen (product settings) » Girokonto (current account) » Überweisungslimits (transfer limits) » ändern (change)

  17. Félix says:

    Hello, I just found your website and yt channel. Really helpful.
    May I ask. I already open a ING Diba account.
    I have US Dollars here in Germany, and I want to deposit my savings which are in us dollars to the account. I guess I have to change them to euros, right? Which would be the best way and where in order to lose as less as possible?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, that’s correct. Cash in US dollar must first be exchanged before it can be deposited on the ING account. You can do both with the Reisebank. Local branches are often located near major railway stations and airports in Germany. If the amount is 1,000 Euro or more, the deposit is free of charge for you (the ING takes over the Reisebank fee). The currency exchange is on you. Fees and exchange rate are sub-optimal. I do not know any variant that is faster, cheaper or safer.

      • Felix says:

        Thank you very much. One last question,
        Do you know anything about Transferwise? Because I was thinking to open a Tranferwise account which allows to have more than one currency in separated accounts. So I can transfer my salary there in Dollars, and then with their best exchange rate put them in Euro

        • Gregor says:

          Yes, Felix! I love this feature at TransferWise. It is called “Borderless Account”. You can apply here ► TransferWise Borderless Account. Do you think it might be a good idea for us to produce a separate article about this subject?

          • Felix says:

            Of course it would be a good idea. I opened one account and ask for my Mastercard card from TW.
            My problem is that I get paid in US dollars, and I can’t find the best way to put the money in ING DiBa account but in Euro of course. There is no US dollar account in Germany that I can open?
            I have dollars in cash, what should I do with it? Put it on a safe? Reisebank is no option the exchange is terrible.
            So I thought to open TW and put my salary there, but is it safe? for how long? and what to do with the cash?

            • Gregor says:

              Wonderful. I wish you a great experience with TransferWise! You can receive your Dollars there, exchange them and then transfer them to your ING Account. It is safe enough for salary payments 🙂

              Regarding your cash dollars, I have no idea. As a banking portal, or focus lies more on modern banking. 😉

            • Carlton says:

              I have been a customer of Wise (formerly TransferWise) for a number of years. It is my favourite banking product and I have more than a dozen accounts with various institutions in the UK and Germany.

              I have both personal and business accounts and the multi-currency features are great, which allow the user to maintain logaicly separate accounts for different currencies with different external-facing account details. Also there are no banking fees and Visa credit cards supplied for free. And all possible using only one user account.

  18. Tom says:

    Good day,
    I have an account at the ING since one week. As written in the article, I own 2 cards – Maestro and Visa. One card is linked to the current account and the second is a credit card. At the Visa, I could easily enter my PIN, but at the Maestro I have no such possibility. How can I do that? Additionally, I cannot pay with the Visa-card nor withdraw cash.
    I ask for your help.

    • Gregor says:

      The PIN for the Maestro Card is sent by mail. If the mail has not arrived, please contact the ING customer service.

      You are the first person, who writes us that he can neither pay nor withdraw cash with the Visa Card. Usually, this works flawlessly. Unless it is the case that you do not have money in the account?

      The Visa Card of the ING in Germany does not have its own credit card account, but debits solely from the current account balance (possibly from the credit line, if an overdraft facility has been agreed on the current account – you can do that at account opening – or later).

  19. Magda says:

    Hello. At which ATMs can I withdraw money free of charge with the ING-DiBa card?

    • Gregor says:

      It is important to differ between the two cards that you receive after the account opening. To withdraw at the ATM, please only take the Visa Card. This is free of charge within the Euro-area (on the part of the ING). Abroad with a currency other than Euro (for example in Poland), a foreign transaction fee of 1.75% applies. That is for the currency exchange, not for the withdrawal.

      In Germany, you can withdraw cash free of charge up to Euros 200 when buying at many supermarket chains at a value from Euros 20 (sometimes from Euros 10). This only works with the Girocard. Alright?

  20. Felipe says:

    Hello Gregor, may I ask you something.
    I opened an account in IngDiba. They are asking me for the Steuer-ID or tax number.
    When I opened the account I was not working, and I am not working now, so I don’t have one. Or do I have one?
    What should I do to provide it or get my tax id?

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, you do have one. In Germany every person gets a tax ID with their birth. When people from other countries come to our county and they start working, they also get one. This number is unique and remains the same for your whole life

      • Felipe says:

        Gregor thanks very much for your answer. The thing is that my situation is kinda different. Why? Well because as a European Citizen I opened the ING-DiBa account just to store the money safely, but I have never worked or lived in Europe or Germany. I work outside EU and I just transfer money to the ING-DiBa account.
        So they are asking me for the Tax Number. May I ask you again, do I have one? What should I do if I don’t? For now I don’t have plans to work in Germany or Europe.
        I am concerned about church taxes, or any kind, because if I don’t have one what should I do? The bank asked me so for sure they don’t have it.

        • Gregor says:

          How did you manage the account opening? After all, ING only opens accounts for clients with a residence in Germany.

          • Felipe says:

            I put the address from relatives that live in Germany. I was there for 2 months. Do you think i should just close the account ? Because if i do not provide Tax id by February 2020 they will inform to the BZSt. Thanks for your help!

  21. Jazmin says:


    I have a DKB account but due to their very poor implementation of the requirements on the TAN systems, I’m considering switching to ING DIBA.

    I have a DKB account with a V PAY card (Girokarte) and 2 VISA credit cards, all free of charge.

    Can I have something similar with ING DIBA?


    • Gregor says:

      ING has a Visa and a Maestro Card, without yearly/monthly fees either. You can read more detailed information in the article above.

  22. Sofía says:

    Hello! I just arrived in Germany and need to open a bank account since I’ve got a job offer to work in Stuttgart; I don’t speak German yet, so I was wondering what would be the best option for opening an account. I have friends with me that could help me translate everything so online banking shouldn’t be a problem, but my concern is the video call, could I have any inconvenient with this part of the process? If so what would be my best option to get an account and start working?

    • Gregor says:

      Welcome to Germany! Good that you have friends who help you. Instead of video legitimization, you can go to a post office and have your identity legitimized there. Take a friend and your passport with you. That will be the best. 🙂

  23. Freyja says:

    Hi Gregor,

    I have a question because I cannot find the answer anywhere, I hope you can help me 🙂 I have been an ING DiBa client for more than 1 year.

    As you know, ING DiBa gives their clients 2 cards, Girocard and Visa card. Because I forgot the PIN of my Girocard (and cannot find the PIN letter anymore), I use solely the VISA Card for everything (money withdrawal at ATM, paying/buying stuffs, withdrawing money abroad, etc.)…

    My question is, because I use only the VISA card and never the Girocard, will this affect my SCHUFA score? Would it be fine if I keep on using only the VISA card (no negative effect)? Because VISA card works just fine for every single thing, I don’t need a Girocard. Thank you beforehand for your answer 🙂

    • Gregor says:

      Hi Freyja,
      Yes, one can do that, it does not have a negative impact. Myself, I solely use the Visa Card as well.

  24. Tera Kilbride says:


    Gregor, what is the address of the office of ING-DiBa in Berlin? I live in Schoneberg. I would like to set up my account in person, might be easiest!


    • Gregor says:

      ING is a direct bank. Accounts can only be opened online. Since the bank has more than 8 million customers, these are processes that work. Wishing you much success with opening the account and exploring its benefits!

  25. David W says:

    Hi, I have opened up ING debit & Credit Card. I have changed the PIN on my CC but how do I do these on my debit card? Also do I need to have money on my CC (i.e. a debit balance) before I withdraw cash otherwise fees will be incurred? Thanks

    • Richard Banks says:

      Both ING cards (Visa and Girocard) access the account balance. There is no extra credit card account. That’s why there are actually 2 debit cards. I always withdraw money with the Visa Card, because that is free of charge on the side of ING. With the Girocard only at their own machines. I have never changed the PIN for the Girocard. I think that is not possible. Or has something improved without my noticing? 🙂

  26. muneeb says:

    Account is no longer free, from may 2020 if you don’t have a monthly transition of 700 euro they will start charging a fee.

  27. A.W. says:

    It is not free if you are over 28 yrs…

    • Richard Banks says:

      Banking conditions are subject to change – just like life itself. Currently, the account remains free of charge if you have a monthly incoming payment of at least 700 euros. We have reported about it in more current blog articles.

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