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Open a Schufa-free current account …?

Schufafreie Girokonten

Yes of course, our subscribers already have a fabulous main account and many already a secondary account as well.

It is also known that “too many” current accounts that are entered into the Schufa or a too fast switch (probably) do not have a very good impact on it.

Advice: Do not switch “Schufa-entry-required” current accounts too often

However, people, who open another account without Schufa-connection, increase their flexibility, without risking to compromise their creditworthiness.

Moreover, the opening of a Schufa-free current account – let alone if it is free of charge and includes some interesting features – can be interesting for people, who are just starting to build their creditworthiness and currently perhaps do not get a current account at the DKB or ING!

Which Schufa-free current accounts are free of charge?

The cost-free account management is an important point in our community and for many others, and there are good news: We have already dealt with three of them this year:

Provider Account management + cards Editorial notes Account opening
German providers
  • free
  • Visa Card

  • 3 × per month free cash withdrawals
  • no foreign transaction fee
  • subaccounts possible
  • automatic and for bank customers free contributions for the environmental protection
  • online application
  • legitimating through VideoIdent
  • Weiter zur Bank

  • free
  • Mastercard

  • unlimited fee-free cash withdrawals
  • no foreign transaction fee
  • optionally Crypto-Wallet in BTC and ETH
  • online application
  • legitimating through VideoIdent
  • Weiter zur Bank

Providers from abroad (available in German language)
  • free
  • Mastercard

  • Belgian IBAN
  • low exchange fees to other currencies
  • free accounts in foreign currencies with local account numbers
  • immediate transfers

Seat of the provider: Great Britain

  • online application
  • legitimating through document upload
  • Weiter zur Bank

You can find further Schufa-free current accounts here – not all of them are free of charge.

With which of these accounts do you have experiences?

It would be interesting to find that out and I am looking forward to read your posts about the main experience and the reason for the account opening through the comments feature. We will take a dive into them in the next Sunday mail!

Why should you open another (additional) account at all?

Everyone can answer this question for themselves, but you can get ideas for your answer from the following paragraph. 🙂

Yes, there are people, who do not have an own account, because they share a joint account with their partner. Everyone has an own Girocard and can also see the payments of their partner and other account holder. If I would be someone like that, I would feel very well with this solution.

However, I am not that kind of person and neither are most people of our community. Many probably experience a certain joy when discovering new possibilities.

Personal retrospective

I can remember getting my first “EC-Karte” at the age of 16 years (Sparkasse). When I was 19 or 20 years old, I got the first credit card to it (Barclaycard). Back then, there were various fees.

Another milestone was the DKB Visa Card, where everything important was free of charge.

I was thrilled by the N26 Mastercard, because it was mainly transparent and notified about transactions through push-notifications. I especially liked the acoustic signal on the Smartphone when the payment in the supermarket was approved.

About the Schufa-free providers of the table

I got TransferWise already since 2013. Back then, it was the best provider (my subjective experiences) for fast, safe and cheap international payments. The current account features and the Mastercard were added later.

I use the account and card of TransferWise in Germany from time to time. As a secondary account. I like the push-notifications too and of course, the Mastercard with the small arc that somehow reminds me of Apple. The green color supports that idea. Moreover, the telephone customer service is very pleasant.

TransferWise Mastercard schufafrei

At Tomorrow, everything is good. The thing is, it is only good.

I really do not know, why I have only been using the account and card so rarely since the opening. Perhaps it lacks “sexappeal“?

I do not like the new design of the logo (app on my Smartphone) and the webdesign as much as back when I opened the account.

I still think that the idea with the donation of the card transaction fee for meaningful environment projects is very good, however, the solution through the current partner does not convince me.

I will keep the account in any case, because I think or believe that this will further develop in the future!

But hey! For someone, who is looking for a cost-free and Schufa-free account, this is an absolutely great solution!

Tomorrow schufafrei

We had talked about Bitwala last week. This account is interesting for people, who want to link a true bank account in Germany with a statutory deposit insurance in the amount of Euros 100,000 with the Bitcoin.

You can also use the account and card completely without crypto currencies. It looks like Bitwala makes its money in the area of crypto-transactions and this is why its account and card are free of charge.

Yes, why not?

Advantage for everyone, who uses the account and card.

A subvention of a part of the offer is common in the banking world, even if some banks like to point at the DKB, where it is especially obvious. More than 30 per cent of the Barclaycard-customers finance with the payment of the high loan interest the free cards and cash withdrawals of the other 70 per cent.

Being smart bank customers, we focus on the sunny-side of the providers and compile our individual account system.

There is no general optimal solution, but many different solutions that are optimal in their individual area. Exchanging ideas about it is the heart of our community.

Bitwala schufafrei

The comments feature is ready for your posts – a hearty thanks for your commitment!

Supplementing articles about the addition to the own account system:

PS: Schufa-free at a current account – in contrast to our discrete Schufa-free loan – means that there is no query and neither an entry into the Schufa and/or other creditworthiness agencies. The creditworthiness of the person, who opens the account, does not matter, because these accounts are only working with a balance and cannot be overdrawn.

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