Free cash supply within Germany and abroad

SparCard of the Deutsche Bank

From the yield perspective, the SparCard of the Deutsche Bank is certainly not the best recommendation, but one can use it well as a card to withdraw cash free of charge. This page shows you how to do it.

Deutsche Bank SparCard – good for travels

SparCard`s self-presentation of the Deutsche Bank.

Of course, there are banking products, such as our top recommendation DKB Cash, with which one can withdraw cash free of charge at every visa-enabled ATM worldwide. The problem: Such great offers require a good creditworthiness.

No creditworthiness check.

If this currently does not exist or there is not enough Schufa-data (credit investigation company) available, it is recommended that you initially switch to other bank offers that do not require your creditworthiness.

SparCard as a good option

When it comes to withdrawing cash within Germany and abroad, the SparCard of the Deutsche Bank is an interesting option, because…

With the SparCard you

  • can withdraw cash free of charge in Germany from all ATMs of the Cash Group, as well as at many Shell petrol stations
  • can withdraw cash free of charge in many countries through the foreign branch offices of the Deutsche Bank or through partner banks of the Global ATM Alliance
  • can deposit cash free of charge at the counters of all branch offices of the Deutsche Bank in Germany
  • can deposit cash free of charge at the deposit machines in the lobbies of the Deutsche Bank branch offices in Germany around the clock
  • receive interest on paid credit balance

The SparCard (plastic card measuring 8 × 5 cm) and the associated savings account are always free.

Requirements for a successful application of the DB SparCard

  • Registered address in Germany, no German citizenship is required (One can consign a different shipping address for bank mail – also abroad addresses.)
  • Currently, a German reference account number is required

A particular age, regular income or a certain creditworthiness rating is not required.

The application can be performed online. The PostIdent-procedure is used for legitimating. Alternatively, one can apply for the SparCard at any branch office of the Deutsche Bank.


The SparCard can not be used for payments. Therefore, it is not a substitute for a current account. There are only the functions of cash deposits, cash withdrawals (through ATMs within Germany and abroad) and transfers to another accounts at the Deutsche Bank (if available).

Options of use

  1. SparCard as vacation budget

    One saves money on the SparCard for the holidays throughout the whole year (e.g. using a standing order) and withdraws the money as required in your destination country free of charge from the ATM (depending on the country).

  2. Children or Youth Account

    You can set up a SparCard on your child’s name and transfer a fixed amount monthly to the savings account. The child can then withdraw cash free of charge at many ATMs or branch offices, but it can never overdraw the account!

  3. Send money abroad

    For example, your child is studying in Spain and you want to transfer a monthly study support. You simply transfer to the savings account. With the SparCard, the student can withdraw the money in the foreign branch offices or at the ATMs.

  4. Money transfer to the home country

    For example, you are from Zimbabwe and work in Germany to earn money in order to help your family at home. You deposit money on the SparCard, which can be withdrawn free of charge (only currency exchange charges apply) in the foreign currency abroad at ATMs of the Global ATM Alliance. In Zimbabwe, these are the ATMs of Barclays.

    Please note that the conditions of the Deutsche Bank prohibit the sharing of the SparCard and PIN. Consequently, the receiving person should apply for the card.

Do you have further ideas to the usage or experiences? Please enrich this page for the benefit of all readers through the comments feature. Many thanks!

Addition: Withdraw cash in the USA (video clip)

The video shows how easy it is to withdraw cash with the SparCard of the Deutsche Bank in the USA.

Crucial advantage to other banks: At the withdrawal through the Bank of America (partner bank of the Deutsche Bank), even the usual ATM fees do not apply. Thus, you can sometimes only withdraw US$ 20 for your lunch. Additionally, the exchange rate is fair.

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Images: Deutsche Bank · Footnote 1: Note the list of countries on the website of the Deutsche Bank

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13 Responses to “SparCard of the Deutsche Bank”

  1. Jocelyn Kleimann says:

    Good morning

    I have Deutsche Bank Sparcard which I used to withdraw cash from the Westpac Bank in Brisbane Australia through their ATM for more than 10 years but now it doesn’t seems to work.

    Can you please advise whether there is a change in the agreement between Westpac Bank and Deutsche Bank?

    Thank you

    • Gerard says:

      Hi Jocelyn, I also live in Oz and have the same problem. It started last year with a message not sufficient funds available. The bank sent me a new card but after one month the same problem again. Have you been able to figure out the the problem? Thanks

  2. Doug says:

    By searching for ‘girokonto vergleich’ I was able to find curated lists of nearly all interesting current accounts. By searching for ‘kreditkarten vergleich’ I was able to find curated lists of nearly all interesting credit cards. By searching for ‘sparcard vergleich’ however, I was not able find a list of available SparCards, but there are more, not just the Deustche Bank one with the Global ATM Alliance scheme. Is there a full list somewhere listing all of them?

    Thank you

    • Redaktion says:

      There are far more than 1,000 banks in Germany and a multiple of this are condition models. Nobody really can compare all codition models on a daily basis. On our web portal, we focus on a (subjective) selection of banks that we consider the best in Germany.

  3. Doug says:

    Huh. what do you mean by ‘condition models?’ Is that a term laypeople usually know? Then, I’m not one of them. Thanks!

    I did not ask you above to make the comparison of the SparCards. I just reflected on the fact that…

    “By searching for ‘girokonto vergleich’ I was able to find curated lists of nearly all interesting current accounts. By searching for ‘kreditkarten vergleich’ I was able to find curated lists of nearly all interesting credit cards. By searching for ‘sparcard vergleich’ however, I was not able find a list of available SparCards” – I meant, 3rd partied did the comparison for Girokonten and Kreditkarten, but not SparCards, got it? 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Michael says:

    I recently used my SparCard in Greece and was charged 5.99 Euros for the transaction. When I got the SparCard, I was told that no charges apply.
    Can I get some advice?
    Thank you

    • Editorial Team says:

      Cash withdrawal the Sparcard of Deutsche Bank is only free of charge at ATMs of Deutsche Bank and their partner banks.

      We generally recommend to our readers to use the higher level cards with free of charge cash withdrawal, e.g. DKB Visa Card or Barclaycard New Visa. Here the cash withdrawal at an ATM – regardless of the brand – will not incur a fee from the card provider’s side.

  5. Michael says:

    Please tell me why I am charged 5.99€ using SparCard in Greece ATM.
    Thank you.

  6. Hendrik Gerhard Buitendag says:

    Good day
    I have a Deutsche Bank SparCard. Used this for several years, up and until end of October 2016. Now it does not seem to work, the ATM does not even allow the card to go in. I know of several customers with the same problem.

    Can Deutche Bank please get in contact and help me with this problem.

  7. B says:

    Agrico bank France, ATM accepted card for cash out.

  8. Stephen Chang says:

    Dear Sir,
    I live in Vancouver BC Canada. My friend wants to wire money to my Deutsche Bank Credit Card. I don’t have one. Please guide me HOW to open this Online?
    Thank you.

  9. Dolores D Heggblum says:

    Good day,
    Similar to few people I also have a Deutsche Bank SparCard which I used to withdraw at Westpac Bank ATM here in South Australia for more than a year.Suddenly
    my last withdraw is unsuccessful.The message appears on the machine screen “no sufficient fund”. I don’t use the card any more.then last August 2021 Deutsche Bank sent me again a new SpaCcard with the same PIN number.
    I tried to withdraw again but still the same thing message on the screen “insufficient funds”.
    Can you please help me to settle this problem? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you very much

    • Richard Banks says:

      The display at the ATM why a withdrawal did not work is often diplomatic or even wrong. You will only get a correct answer if you phone your account-holding bank, and someone there looks up how your account is doing and what data was actually saved from the withdrawal attempt. Sometimes it has to do with limits or changes in cooperation. Such answers need to come individually from the account-holding bank.

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