With advices to obtain a better interest rate (see below)

Online loan by Smava > The best way to get a loan in Germany!

One of the most successful loan intermediaries in the German Internet is smava.de from Berlin. The portal compares loan banks, offers its own loans and provides a marketplace at which you can get financing from private financial lenders!

In short: with smava, one has the greatest chance to get a loan in Germany.

You learn here how Smava works in detail in order to prepare yourself to get with high probability one or more loan offers and at a reasonable rate.

1. Requirements for a successful loan application

  • You are at least 18 years old and have an address in Germany
  • You dispose of a regular income (e.g. salary, pension payment)

Do you meet the requirements? So, let’s continue!

2. Start loan comparison

However, beware: Who makes a loan application on the Internet at several banks in order to determine the cheapest offer for oneself, is in danger of getting absolutely no loan at all. Every loan application is saved at Germany’s largest credit investigation company SCHUFA. Several loan applications decrease the personal rating. Thus, the loan will become more expensive or even impossible.

This is different at Smava: The loan comparison takes place in a “protected” environment. Details can be found further below in this article.

Go now in parallel with the reading of this article to the comparison page ► smava.de ◄ and choose the amount of loan you want.

Smava Kredit-Vergleich

1) Specify the use of the loan. If no predetermined use fits, choose “Freie Verwendung” (free use).
2) Choose a loan amount. Smava mediates loans between Euros 1,000 and 120,000.
3) Specify a loan period. This means, in how many months you will repay the loan including interest. You can see the monthly instalment on the far right.

Here, it is not worth the time to “play” with the loan amount or period, as the interest calculation is based on the best creditworthiness rating.

Only when you enter your personal data, tick the box to agree to the conditions and have clicked on “Weiter” (next), you will see the individual loan offers according to your creditworthiness rating.

3. Enter personal data

Smava Kredit

Enter your personal data, click on the first box and then on “Weiter” (next).

On the next page, your income has to be stated. Please enter it truthfully, because it is common in most commercial banks that you have to submit proof of salary.

To increase your chances to get a loan, do not forget to also state part-time jobs or side-line jobs, if they are stable and you can prove the income.

Then click on “Weiter” (next) again.

4. Get loan offers

The next page could look like this or similar to this:

Smava loan offer

Congratulations: You have received loan offers and can now choose between different banks.

What happened?

Smava determined your creditworthiness. This was done based on your personal data and what credit investigation companies have stored about you. The word “Credit history” from the American is meanwhile also used in Germany and describes this process well.

Including your loan request data (loan amount, period, use), a record has been created. This record has been matched fully automated with all condition tables of partner banks (Deutsche Bank, Postbank, ING-DiBa, among others) and thus made a preliminary request as to whether the bank would grant you and pay the loan.

The responses from the banks are either “yes” or “no”. At a “yes”, an interest rate is transmitted.

In the best of cases, you have the opportunity to choose your loan.

The calculation, request and creation of offers takes about 1–2 minutes.

You save time and money

You do not only have a huge time advantage (compared to individual requests at all banks), you even get the offers “creditworthiness neutral”.

At the SCHUFA, there was only a single data request using the neutral note “Loan condition request” and from this virtually internally about 30 banks were asked in a “protected” area in order to find suitable banks for your loan.

You can now actually choose the cheapest loan.

What if no loan offer is presented?

The good news: In 50 per cent of cases, one or more banks that would pay a loan were found through the Smava-comparison.

If no bank is found, you have the possibility to describe the loan request in detail and present it as “investment property” on the marketplace “Kredite von privat an privat” (loans from private to private). If one does it convincingly well, one can get a loan from one or more private lenders.

However, the payment takes place through Smava. The interest rates are usually higher here, but especially for freelancers, self-employed and start-ups, this is a real opportunity to get access to external financing.

Understand it as a 2nd chance for a loan

Some people, however, have a very bad creditworthiness or it cannot be determined due to too little data – for example, if one is still very young and has not yet been sufficiently investigated by the credit investigation companies or one lives in Germany only since recently. Then, there won’t be a loan offer. This is a pity. Nevertheless, one has not “ruined” anything, because the loan comparison through Smava is always creditworthiness-neutral and free!

That means for you: If you assess your own creditworthiness as not so good, a loan inquiry through Smava is a good and free opportunity to find out. You do not lose anything, you can only win!

Start the loan comparison now ► smava.de.

5. Loan application, legitimating, documents, payment

Since Smava cooperates with many different banks, there are differences in the loan formalities, of which we cannot describe all of them here. However, there is something really great:

Telephone assistance daily from 8 am to 8 pm!

Once you have sent the loan application for the purpose of calculation and comparison and the first results are present, you get a telephone call from a Smava loan advisor. He/she will help you with the next steps up to the payment of the loan to your bank account.

If you send your loan request at night, the call will take place on the next day. Also on weekends!

Bonus: Advices to get a loan with a better interest rate

  • Specify the income correctly

    State the income correctly and as accurately as possible. Since you may be asked to submit or upload proof later, it makes no sense that you state a higher income than you can prove. If you enter exact numbers, you indicate that you deal well with money!

    Do not forget to state possible further income, apart from the salary. You can do this by clicking in the online form on “Weiteres Einkommen hinzufügen“ (add further income) and a new line will open.

    Smava loan and income

    It is generally known that the prospects for a good loan interest rate rise, the better the own creditworthiness. The own income is an important factor for the creditworthiness rating.

    Do not forget, if applicable, income from capital assets (rental income, interest, dividends, other payments) or income from other side-line jobs, as for example “cleaning service”.

    However, remember that this must be proven on request. Often, this is possible through bank statements. Such income is stated under “Sonstiges” (other).

    loan in Germany income

    State all further regular income (even if you get if from abroad) here at “Sonstiges” (other).

  • State second borrower or guarantor

    This strategy is often used to get a better interest rate.

    Of course: The interest rate is always the price for the risk, which the bank has to face. If two people are responsible for a loan, the bank considers that the risk decreases.

    Some people only get a loan approval due to the current creditworthiness rating, if they state a second person. This is often the case with young people (start-up professionals), who have to move due to the training place and want to take a loan for the establishment of the new apartment.

    It also applies to people, who live in Germany only since recently, but have relatives, who are here for some time and have already built up a creditworthiness.

    Insider tip: If you are self-employed, freelancer or start-up, then always enter the person who has a steady job first. The second person is asked to state the professional status! And no matter how good you are as an entrepreneur, banks always regard economically self-employed people as a higher risk. That means that your loan would become more expensive or perhaps you would not get any – or not the desired amount.

  • State existing loan(s)

    The loan targeted through Smava is not always the first, which one takes.

    All current loans must be indicated in the online form. In Germany, there is the Schufa with a central loan register. If you conceal a loan and one finds information on an existing loan, it looks bad for you, because you were dishonest with your data.

    Existing loans are not a problem, as long as there is still enough money to repay the new loan and the living. German banks calculate very pragmatically: all revenue minus all expenditures (herein, existing loans are included) minus new loan instalment = sum for living. If this sum is enough for living – the bank uses a blanket model, which takes into account children, among others – it looks very good with a new loan.

Are our advices helpful for you?

Then I would be glad, if you would rate this page at the end with 5 stars as a recognition of our effort and you can also recommend it as a source of information. Thank you very much!

Got a too high interest rate or loan was rejected though?

If you want, you can start the loan application process again with a lower loan amount. This has already helped quite often!

You can start the process several times at Smava within the next few days, without suffering any creditworthiness losses, because the Schufa query as well as the data from the other agencies are already available and do not need to be requested again.

Even if you should try it with another loan intermediary later, all your activities at Smava (here, 30 banks were requested internally) look like one single loan condition request!

Loan request can be started several times: this is not only helpful, but also super-fair!

“Start the loan comparison now”

… payment possible in only 2–5 days!


Questions on the loan?

We would be happy to answer your questions about the loan through Smava via the comments feature. Feel free to use this feature to inform other loan seekers about your tips or experiences with Smava. The goal is to help loan prospects to get the best possible loan in Germany. Thank you very much!

Obviously, you have read this information page until the end – Are you now ready to start a non-binding and free loan request to find appropriate offers?

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Who writes here?

Someone who gained experience with more than 100 banks in more than 20 countries during the past 15 years. My name is Gregor and if you click to continue you can find out why I am here and what this site is for ⇒ continue.

73 Responses to “Online loan by Smava > The best way to get a loan in Germany!”

  1. Francis says:

    Thank you for the great description! If I sign up today and apply for the loan, when can I expect the payment?

    • Gregor says:

      The assessment of your loan application, as well as the creation of one or several loan offers is in any case completed within 48 hours.

      Now, it depends on how well and fast you cooperate. It is legally required that you make the legitimating. This is done generally through the PostIdent procedure at every German post branch office.

      At some banks – you know from the article above that Smava does not only grant own loans, but also mediates loans to various banks – this is even possible via video-chat. This saves even more time.

      In most cases, proof of salary can be uploaded online or sent by e-mail. If you do not have this possibility, you can also send it by mail.

      On average, it takes a week from the online application until you have the money in your current account. Therefore, you should start on time!

      • Redaktion says:

        Ah! Your question comes at the right point of time, because since today, Smava has something new that you might like: Kredit2Go!

        If your desired loan amount (and your creditworthiness) fit into the Kredit2Go program, then you receive the payment within 24 hours!

        Kredit2Go is a special program in order to pay loans to borrowers even faster. For this to work, a lot was standardized. For example, this “fast lane” only works for loans with a term of 36 months and a loan amount of Euros 1,000 to 5,000.

        You can also see it, if you use this loan calculator: https://www.deutscheskonto.org/en/loan/comparison-calculator-tool/ – in the results overview, the logo of “Kredit2Go” is shown at the interest rate of 4.99 %.

        Proof of salary and income do not have to be submitted in this fast program. The creditworthiness is checked digitally using Schufa and other information services.

        From this and the quite favourable interest rate, one can see that the program is designed for people with a good to very good creditworthiness.

        If your creditworthiness is average or if you do not have a creditworthiness assessment of yourself, you can still apply for the Kredit2Go. You can do this through the link: smava.de and fill the fields as described above in the instructions.

        If you do not fit into the Kredit2Go program, you will get other loan offers in the best of cases. It may be that the interest rate will be a little higher. Interest rates generally depend on the creditworthiness and usually reflect the estimated risk of the loan bank.

        If everything works in your favour, you will get a loan approval online quite fast. Now you only have to make the legitimating. You can do this through the webcam (similar to Skype).

        As soon as this is done, the loan will be paid. Generally, the money is in your bank account on the following day. Does that help? I wish you lots of success with your plans!

  2. Kubisch says:

    I want to thank Smava and also this page here!

    Through you, I drew my attention to the possibility of favourable loans on the Internet – well, I have already heard of it before. But which provider should one choose?

    You have described it comprehensibly step by step, so that I took my chances at Smava.

    I have stated my desired loan amount and tried different terms at the calculation, then I registered (created something like a user account) and filled the fields for the personal data.

    Suddenly, my phone was ringing and a friendly loan advisor of Smava was calling. This was quite a surprise for me, however, it was helpful, because we filled the remaining fields together. Sometimes, one is not completely sure about filling a form.

    After the calculation – there were two offers – he has counseled me, where to submit the loan application. This worked very good. There was not even a query by the bank. Only the legitimating had to be made and then the money was paid. The first debit entry of the instalment already took place. I am very satisfied, because I was able to make a little dream come true at very favourable conditions.

    • Gregor says:

      Many thanks for this great feedback + the description, which is an outstanding supplement for subsequent readers. ?

      If there are loan advisors available, then Smava really calls already during the filling of the online loan application. One has determined that mistakes at the filling can be avoided this way. This increases the chances of getting a loan!

      If it is during the night hours, one can also fill the online application. The call will then take place on the following day.

      One was able to organize loans through these conversations, because a personal chat opens more possibilities.

      The loan counseling on the phone is an option. You can accept or reject it.

      The requirement for this consultation is that you register (see our instructions above) and provide data of your desired loan, as well as of your person (contact data, etc.).

  3. ALPER Celik says:

    Why doesn’t it show loans more than 120,000EUR?

  4. Sam says:

    I have applied for a loan in the amount of Euros 25,000, I already have Euros 5,000 loan and I still have 18 instalments. I also have two mobile phone contracts and repay my cell phones in instalments until October 2017, but I have not specified this information in the application. Could this complicate my loan application? Do I get a loan? Can they reject my application, because I have not mentioned any information about my cell phones? I kindly ask for an answer.

    • Gregor says:

      Do you want to increase a loan, which was organized through Smava? If it did not go through Smava, it makes sense to register first at Smava (see above in the article) and enter the necessary information completely. If no mobile phone contracts are asked for, then you do not need to enter them.

      About the possibility of a loan increase or the refinancing (instead of Euros 5,000 Euro old loan and Euros 25,000 new loan => one makes Euros 30,000 new loan and repays the old loan completely), you can contact your personal loan counsellor at Smava. After all, he/she knows your personal data, your creditworthiness and knows which banks want to grant which loans. You can find out who your personal credit counsellor is in the logged-in area.

      So: If not done yet, register at Smava or log in as an existing customer and contact the Smava counsellor from the online account. I wish you all the best!

  5. Ron says:

    Hello, in which language is the procedure performed? I would like to take a loan for the equipment of my apartment. Unfortunately, my German is very weak.

    • Gregor says:

      The contract language of the loan is in any case German. The application form too. If you are lucky, you already get a Smava phone call, while filling the application. Please ask politely if you can speak with someone in English. Sometimes, someone is immediately available, otherwise an appointment for another phone call in English can be arranged.

      It is important to start the online application first, so that the first data is available at Smava.

      Good luck!

  6. Zainab iyere says:

    I make a contact with Smava loans and they offer me 10.000 Euro. They said for the money to be in my account I have to submit some document and they send me an email to print some paper out, and I did that but I don’t know what to do with the papers because they are wrote with Germany language and am weak with Germany language. Please what can I do with the papers?

    • Gregor says:

      The best would be to give Smava a call and let them explain the form and the papers to you. They will gladly talk in English with you. Just bear in mind, please, that at banks in Germany, German is the language for contracts and communication, which is why the loan agreements are done in German as well.

      Anyway, at Smava you have professionals on your side, and they will gladly help you. Best of luck!

  7. Volker says:

    I have an outstanding housing loan I have been paying faithfully but I haven’t completed the loan but still in need of another loan. Is it possible to get another loan?

    • Gregor says:

      In principle, yes. Smava is exactly the right contact. They can manage (repost, divide, increase) credit … but it all starts with the input of personal data, so that you have a basis for the next steps.

      • Volker Antonio says:

        How long does it take to be credited? What are your requirements and what is the interest rate for €20,000.

        • Gregor says:

          Smava – or the loans organized by Smava – are paid out within 1-7 days, depending on the provider. The interest rate depends more and more on the personal credit rating. The best way would be to compare the interest rates between the providers who would finance one at all. This can be done by signing up via Smava and entering your personal details + the information for you want to borrow. Best of luck!

  8. Sandro says:

    Hello, I have submitted the loan application through smava.de and I have received 4 offers, among others also from the Targobank. Now, is it only a matter of the evaluation of the application and the ID-card, and then the money is paid out?

    How long does it take from the moment of legitimating until the final decision?

    • Gregor says:

      Congratulations! You have 4 banks that want to finance you due to what you have submitted through Smava.

      If there are no changes of your data in the short term and no false information has been provided, then you can assume that you will have the money in your account within an average of one week.

      I write “average”, because sometimes it takes 3 days, sometimes 10. With the help of the Smava support, it works almost always very, very well. So just get started, sign the loan contract and send it back immediately.

      I keep my fingers crossed for a quick payment!

  9. John B says:

    Good day. I speak a little German, but badly. Can I get a loan? I work officially, Euros 1,356, the contract is unlimited.

    • Gregor says:

      If you can make it through the online application (above, we have translated the most important fields for you and you can ask for help from friends, who speak German better), then you have made the first step.

      As mentioned above, in the optional phone call with Smava, you can ask for someone to speak to you in your language.

      However, the loan contract will be issued in German.

      Whether you get a loan or not, does not depend on your language ability, but on the creditworthiness check. For this purpose, please provide the correct information in the online application. Good luck.

  10. Adam says:

    I do not quite know how to fill the loan application. I have already received an offer from Kredit2day, I even called the provider and I said that I would like to have the conversation in Polish language. Unfortunately, I was not forwarded, neither was I given another appointment. Unfortunately, I cannot speak German.

    • Gregor says:

      Please remember that our site and translation tools make it easier for Polish-speaking people in Germany to understand such terms and procedures.

      If you do not speak German at all, it is probably not the best idea to sign a loan agreement with a German bank. The contract language is German and you would sign something without having the chance to even understand it.

      In your case, it might be better to finance with a Polish bank.

      Tip for following readers: First of all, always speak in German with the customer service of Smava, even if it is not faultless. That does not matter. The loan intermediary must feel that you can basically deal with the German language. For a better understanding, it is then possible to switch to another communication language. If there is currently no Polish speaking advisor, a call back appointment will be arranged.

  11. Luis says:

    Good evening! I am new here and I have never taken a loan. That is a risk. However, I would like to get information. Question, “Why should the second person be entered?“
    I would like to take out a loan of € 8,000 for a car. I am interested in the following: Which monthly rate and which interest applies at a term of 30 months? Thank you

    • Gregor says:

      Things are only risky until you know how to deal with them. 😉

      You do not have to enter a second person. You can do this optionally in order to increase the probability of a loan approval (being a couple, for example). If you live alone, it makes little sense.

      Usually, loans are granted on an annual basis in Germany. So 24 or 36 months. However, at many banks you can repay early (special repayment).

      You receive a concrete offer, directly adjusted to your personal data, if you go through the application process.

      You can make this „risk-free”. It is free of charge and unbinding.

      Have fun with the new car!

  12. Mike says:

    I submitted a loan application with the help of Smava and was shown 4 offers. I chose one, then I signed the documents and sent them back. Online, my documents were also confirmed. If I got this offer, does that mean that this bank will certainly grant me the loan, right? And if I have signed the contract and sent it back, then is my application still being analyzed, or will I certainly get the loan and now I just have to wait patiently?

    • Gregor says:


      The likelihood of your loan approval is now very, very high. In principle, the proof of salary is now only checked, whether your details in the calculation tool are the same… and in order to receive the payment, you have to sign the loan contract.

      You can be glad that your financing is almost ready!

  13. Treena says:

    Hello, I am trying to get a loan in the amount of Euros 5,000. I have already received some offers, but I have only one source of income, which is why I have added my fiancé’s income, because this increases my chances. But I have one question: Will we be responsible for this loan together or only me as a borrower? In the application, only my signatures are required, but there is also the income of my fiancé. Of course, he has filled the application himself, because he knows the language well, but I do not know exactly how it works. My fiancé is also entered by the Schufa, I am not, but everything is alright for him. I kindly ask for your answer. Thank you.

    • Gregor says:

      Caution: If you include the income of the fiancé, then you must also state him as the second borrower. Both are responsible for the repayment of the loan.

      If there is no joint account, only the monthly installment will be debited from one person anyway. In practice, that works very well. However, if one agrees to be entered as a second borrower as a favour, one has to know that if the first borrower fails, one has to pay!

  14. Jeff says:

    I have a question that may be repeated, but I would like to ask it anyway:
    I have quite high net incomes, about Euros 2,300, and I have already received 3 offers, from which I have chosen one and this was sent to me by e-mail. Does that mean that my loan has already been audited by the Schufa?
    I used to have a problem with repaying an old loan, but if I have received an offer from the Targobank, then my loan is already for sure, isn’t it?

    • Gregor says:

      Right, the query went through the Schufa and the bank has given its “green light” based on the information provided and the credit.

      Please consider this a “preliminary loan approval”. Now it is all about signing the loan contract and that the documents to be submitted (or uploaded) confirm your data.

      You can look forward to a soon loan payout! Congratulation. 😊

  15. Erwin says:

    Hi, the Dutch company for which I work opened a branch in Germany for which I am working now. I am already working for this company 10 yrs but very short for the German branch. Also not living in Germany for long period, when can I apply for a loan? How long I need to live in Germany….

    • Gregor says:

      That depends on the bank. For some, 1 month is enough, others want to see 2 years. When you apply via Smava you’ll be on the best track, because after entering your in-formation into the comparison, you will only see such loan offers that fit you, including regarding your time in Germany!

  16. Ruth says:

    I’m an international student and have lived in Germany for six months now and l am likely to start my part time job next month but I need a loan to help me finance my education. Am I eligible to apply?

  17. Sandra says:

    Hello 😉

    I have submitted a loan application last weekend. After 3 minutes, I received a call. A nice woman explained everything to me and she said that if I send my last two payslips and my employment contract, then I could get the money in the account until Sunday. Is that possible? Without doing anything at the post office? I have e-mailed everything and got the answer that the bank is now taking the decision 🙄 and nothing more …

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, that is possible. However, only at a few providers and at the own loans from Smava. This is granted to persons with an above-average creditworthiness.

      This is the „signature-less“ loan. Legally, the loan contract takes place, of course, otherwise no payment would take place. It is the digital loan contract. You confirm it online and the legitimating is done through the video camera. This is also possible on the weekend.

      However, this does not apply to every bank in the loan comparison. If you are offered this modern variant, congratulations!

  18. Ariel says:

    Hello, I have a question: What happens to the excess of money, if I have already applied for a car loan and have given an exact amount, but now I found a cheaper car?

    • Gregor says:

      That does not matter. You will still receive the requested amount.

      If you have a bank with the option of special repayments, you can immediately deposit the excess and your loan will be repaid faster. However, you can also use the money for something else.

      At a car loan, it is important that the main part of the loan amount is used for the purchase of a car.

  19. René says:

    I am interested in a loan in the amount of up to Euros 1,000. What should I do?

    • Gregor says:

      Take a look at the instructions above in the article. There are not many banks that lend such a small amount, but there are some. Good luck!

  20. Zed says:

    Hello Gregor! I have filled a loan application on your website and have received 4 offers. I have decided to think about it until Monday, but today I have already received documents from one bank that I have to sign and send back. Does this mean that this bank has granted me the loan, or can I receive further offers from other banks in the near future?

    • Gregor says:

      Congratulations that 4 banks would like to finance you! That are outstanding news!

      At questions on specific loan offers, please contact the Smava loan consultant. I cannot look into personal data … and therefore any statement from me would be an assumption and that does not help.

  21. Wonder child says:

    Have sent proof of my salary and other basic documents to Smava with postbank willing to give me a loan. I sent again on Friday the documents the bank sent me to fill through the post office. When should I expect the money inside my account.

    • Gregor says:

      The date of payment depends on the processing backlog of the bank. Currently, the process is that Postbank processes the payment within 4 to 5 days after receiving the documents. The prerequisite for this, of course, is that the documents are all complete when they reach the bank.

      If you add the postal service, you can calculate with Postbank a period of one week be-tween sending the application and payout.

      The Smava credit advisors are kept up to date with the bank’s current status re. the applicaton. If you contact Smava, you can get the current status. Currently, this is not dis-played in the online menu, but I have already suggested this with them.

    • Michael says:

      I’ve submitted the required documents postbank willing to offer me a loan , does it mean that they gonna grant me loan ?
      Of course I gave them the correct documents to what I also imputes during the registration online

  22. Mohit says:

    I’m an international student and currently living in Germany from last six months and l am likely to start my part time job next month but I need a loan (7000 Euro) to help me to finance my education and expenses. Am I eligible to apply?

    • Gregor says:

      Anyone can apply. But with that little information we cannot say much regarding the probability of success. Anyway, a definitive statement can only be gotten from the provider, once the online-process is finished.

  23. Nicos says:

    Are there no hidden charges? Because last year I applied for loan and I was asked to pay €250 to process the loan. But I declined.

    • Gregor says:

      Since the Supreme Court in Germany has banned the fee for processing a loan application (years ago), there are no more fees. The bank earns on the interest alone, and this only if the credit comes about. For you, the whole application process is free of charge!

  24. Roland says:

    I need a loan in the amount of Euros 25,000. I am looking for offers especially on the Internet, but I do not find an answer to my problem.

    The problem: My net income is Euros 2,470 plus expenses, about Euros 130 for 3 months (because I am a truck driver). I have been working for 8 months. You need bank statements and payslips from the last 3 months in order to get a loan. Okay, so far, everything is fine with me. Unfortunately, I have a problem with my employment contract.

    I have a fixed-term contract since 1st of November 2018, but without expiration date. This is because I replaced an elderly driver. He will retire in 2 years and cannot continue working, because of health problems. I have a permanent job in Germany since 5 years and a bank account at the Targobank, also since 5 years. I also took a loan of Euros 2,000 from my main bank, which I have repaid long ago. My Schufa score is also okay and is at 94%.
    However, the company policy is unfortunate for me. I cannot get the permanent employment contract, because the other driver is blocking the position. All I have received from the company now is a written confirmation that if the older driver cannot work again after the long-term illness, I immediately get a permanent contract.
    I want to add that I need the loan by the end of November for personal reasons.

    Are there any banks that only ask for account statements, pay slips and income without having to submit the employment contract?
    Best regards

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, there are good news for you: At most banks in Germany, you do not have to submit an employment contract. One can learn already through the payslip the start of work at the company and whether a termination or a planned leaving date is provided. If this is not planned, the field remains free in the payslip and it looks as if it was a permanent job.

      Provided, of course, that your company has a professional accounting with payroll accounting. But that probably applies to 98% of companies in Germany.

      So you can apply for your loan. Good luck!

  25. John says:

    Does applying for loan affect Schufa?
    Does taking credit affect also my Schufa if I pay within the time? e.g. I want to take 10,000 credit for 1 year.

    • Susanne says:

      The Schufa scores are not something you can easily calculate just like that without knowing all the particulars…

      • John says:

        That I know. But should I worry about my Schufa rating if I want to apply for credit?

        • Susanne says:

          If the credit is approved, that’s a good sign for SCHUFA, especially if the credit is being paid back as agreed. If not, it affects/can affect the SCHUFA negatively.

          • John says:

            Does that mean that taking credit regularly is good for your Schufa if you pay the credit back within the time? e.g. I take 10k credit, and pay within a year. Then I take 15k next year, and again pay within a year. Then 20k and so on.

  26. cU Bm says:


    I have a blue-card with unlimited contract from my employer. I am married and my partner has parmanent residence card. Then for how many years I can get credit as the blue-card has only 4 years mentioned on it.

    I would like to apply for credit for 7 years. Am I be eligible to apply for credit in this case.


  27. Jefferson Storic says:


    I am a British citizen not living in Germany.
    Can I get a Smava loan ???


  28. James says:

    Dear Gregor, I applied for a loan in Smava, one of the pre-approved ones. But after submitting the documents, one of the banks rejected my application. Can the other application be impacted by this as well? I have been in Germany for 8 months now. Monthly net income of about 4k. Can you help? Thank you.

    • Richard Banks says:

      Please talk to Smava’s customer service. As an outsider, I have no access to customer data and therefore can neither make a concrete statement nor assist actively. Best of luck!

  29. Michael says:

    I’ve filled up the loan application form and immediately like 5 mins after, I got a call telling me to sign the print and sign the document sent to me via mail and send to the post office, they also requested for proof of income and all that which I’ve sent already through the post office, I’ve called and they said they have received my documents and will be looked into .
    Now my question is?

    Is there any chance that my loan is almost granted (like is that a green light that the loan could work out?)

    How long can it take after this process to receive funds if granted?

    • Richard Banks says:

      That sounds excellent! I wish you best of luck for a quick credit disbursement. On average, this takes a week.

  30. Lazar says:

    Hello, I am a follower of the deutscheskonto.org for more than 4 years now and you are doing the absolute best work regarding banking in Germany in English language. Thank you for everything you are doing!

    I have a question regarding my case, but I also think that the question is something that can be interesting to your readers. So here is the case:

    I want to apply for a loan and, at the beginning, I was considering to apply directly at my bank (ING DiBa) because I love them and I love the flexibility of early repayments and possibility of amount/term changes. But the Smava way sounds like a much wiser move, so I am wondering:

    1. If I apply for a loan through Smava and there I find an offer from ING (as I understood, ING also gives loans trough Smava) and I accept the offer from ING, will the future loan adjustments happen directly in my ING eBanking or that must now be done trough the Smava account?

    2. I will apply for a 50.000 € loan, out of which is 35.000 € planned for the car and 15.000 € is for other stuff. Should I apply for a car loan or I must apply for a free loan?

    • Richard Banks says:

      Hello Lazar,

      Thank you very much for your assessment and your appreciative words. I really appreciate that 🙂

      Answers for you:

      1) Yes, since the credit is being managed in your ING online banking. At Smava there is an additional account in case you want to apply for a loan again in the future, then all the data is already available. Smava mediates and moderates the lending process. ING is the contact for the duration of the loan.

      2) I would apply for a car loan because the interest rate is cheaper and the main purpose is to buy the car. It is okay for ING if a few thousand euros are left for other things. It is important to the bank that the main purpose (bulk of the money) is used for a car purchase. From my perspective, this applies in your case.

      Good luck, and enjoy the new car.

  31. Frank. says:

    Is it possible to get a loan if you are from the Holland?

    Because it says you got to have an adress in Germany.

  32. Gopu says:

    Hello, I applied for a loan and got 7 offers. I chose one and now they told me to wait for a week and they will let me know. Why there is a wait of 1 week? I also received some mail by post, what is that? I had a video call and everything was identified by an agent. I chose Sberbank for the loan. I am a bit lost.

    • Richard Banks says:

      Congratulations! 7 loan offers is more than most receive 🙂 7 banks would finance your loan amount after the preliminary examination. Oftentimes, the borrowers choose to take the offer with the best interest rate. That makes sense, financially. There are further condition features in the information field next to the offers. Sometimes you can also see there how long it takes for the loan to be disbursed. Some providers can do this within 24 hours – others take up to a week. That depends on the technical processes of the respective bank.

      Obviously, Sberbank is currently quite cheap – with your individual credit record – but you should settle for a few days waiting time. Meanwhile, the loan has probably been paid out to you? This usually works very reliably. Thank you for the question and sorry for my seeing it so late.

  33. Mand says:

    I am working in Germany 2 and half years.i have residence permit Germany can i apply car loan 25,000 euro ?

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