The most important similarities and the most significant differences!

Comparison: Comdirect better than DKB?

This comparison is different: Normally, some editors declare – by arbitrary established criteria – one account as the test winner.

However, does this really help you? Actually, it depends on which account fits you better! Editors cannot specify this.

You decide … and you can use this comparison as a base for your decision, if you wish.

  Logo der DKB
Logo der Comdirect
The most requested properties
Account management
  • unconditionally free of charge
Withdrawing cash
  • free of charge
    at any ATM using the Visa credit card
  • free of charge
    at ATMs of the CashGroup or in branch offices of the Commerzbank using the Girocard
Withdrawing cash
  • free of charge
    at any ATM using the Visa card
Bank cards DKB Visa Card
1 or 2 Visa cards free of charge
DKB Girocard
1 Girocard (V Pay), free of charge
Comdirect Visa Card
1 Visa Card free of charge
Comdirect Girocard
1 Girocard (V Pay), free of charge
The most significant differences
Account type Current account with overdraft and credit line
that means up to Euros 15,000 loan on account and credit card is possible at a corresponding creditworthiness and income /small>
Current account possible with and without overdraft
At a low creditworthiness, the account can be set up as a credit account with Prepaid-Visa card
Maximum card charging unlimited (Visa card) Euros 5,000 (Visa card)
Orders by phone (e.g. transfers, securities account order)
  • no
  • yes (partially subject to charge)
Emergency card
  • yes, within 48 hours worldwide
  • no, but emergency money within 48 hours worldwidet (subject to charge)
Further differences between DKB and Comdirect
Cash withdrawals using credit card Euros 1,000 per day and credit card (2 cards = Euros 2,000) Euros 600 per day
Cash deposits free of charge
using the few deposit machines (article in German)
free of charge
at any branch office of the Commerzbank
Settlement of card transactions Visa credit card collects without interest until the automatic monthly settlement with the current account Visa credit card collects without interest until the automatic weekly settlement with the current account
Interest Credit interest: current account and Visa-Savings
Loan interest: if current account is in the red
Credit interest: Call money account (Tagesgeld)
Loan interest: if current account is in the red
International transfers Worldwide from Euros 12.50 Worldwide from Euros 7.90
Similarities (DKB and Comdirect are alike in many services)
What both offer
  • free account management, free bank card(s), free SEPA-transfers, landline number for customer service, free account opening
Foreign transaction fee
  • 1.75 % at card payments in foreign currencies

At cash withdrawals from ATMs, no foreign transaction fee is charged.

Alternatives without foreign transaction fee can be found in this overview.
Availability By phone around the clock (24/7) or by e-mail / post
Refund of foreign charges At cash withdrawals, both banks refund the foreign charges; instructions: DKB, Comdirect (article in German).
interesting for travellers in USA, Thailand, Mexico
Blocking of the credit card Around the clock calling the phone customer service
Joint account Yes, with two or more persons
Language German
Complementing products Savings accounts, Securities account, Junior-account, Loans Savings account, Securities account, Junior-account, Junior-Depot, Loans
Account opening (important to know!)
Creditworthiness check yes
about 65 % pass this check; find tips here
about 65 % pass this check
Application on account opening online online
Legitimating (Identity check) from Germany
• via video chat (WebID) or
• PostIdent-procedure
• via video chat or
• PostIdent-procedure
from abroad
• via video chat (ID-cards in German)
Legitimating of bank, notary or lawyer
• via video chat ID-cards in German)
Legitimating of notaries
Application on account opening is accepted from:
• Germany, Austria, Switzerland (all nationalities)
• worldwide for German citizens
• Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein (all nationalities)
• worldwide for German citizens and for people, who have a “valid” reason for an account in Germany
Start the account opening link to the bank
(read further information)
link to the bank
(read further information)

My personal conclusion

Compared to the comparison of Number26 vs. DKB, the differences between Comdirect and DKB are minimal.

Often, I recommend each other’s account, if the account opening did not work at the other bank. Strangely, I get more feedback that the opening of the DKB account was rejected. The overall picture is probably distorted, because there are more DKB customers or prospectives among our fans (German site) than of the Comdirect.

DKB has the better brand; Comdirect the better phone service

… this is my overall conclusion.

DKB invests more in advertising, Comdirect more in customer satisfaction?

DKB is known to many sports enthusiasts (besides soccer) as a sponsor and is also committed socially. Additionally, it makes a lot of advertising for its free Internet account with Visa credit card- especially the free withdrawing of cash worldwide.

I do not perceive the Comdirect in advertising as strong. I especially like the customer service by phone. Although, you have to enter the access number and the PIN at the beginning of the call, but then you will be forwarded immediately (my waiting times are usually less than 5 seconds) to a competent banker, who welcomes you with your name.

I like that.

And I thank both banks for continuously providing such an excellent price-performance-service-offering since years!

The biggest difference in the everyday use

… is, for me, the cash withdrawing in Germany. At the DKB, I can go to any ATM and withdraw cash free of charge. In my region, there is namely no beastly 😉 Sparkasse and VR-banks that limited their ATMs to direct-bank customers.

Perhaps this is the reason, why I constantly carry my DKB Visa credit card in my wallet.

My bank cards of the Comdirect are optionally there too. Depending on what I intend to do. The free deposits and withdrawals using the counters of the Commerzbank are, of course, outstanding. Everything works flawlessly!

Recommendation for action

If you did not read the article, “Why you absolutely need a second free current account!“ yet, then please do it. Its facts and ideas have changed the opinion on a second account positively of so many readers …

For me, the DKB and Comdirect are the ideal banks for the permanent set up of a main current account. You will decide for yourself, which will become your main account and which your secondary. Both versions are good.

Likewise, you can pair the DKB or Comdirect account with another bank, which provides you with further significant advantages, such as Number26 – especially if you often have card payments in foreign currencies.

Unfortunately, the DKB as well as the Comdirect are subject to the international service fee of currently 1.75%, of which the Number26 MasterCard is exempt.

However, you “should“ have at least one account at one of the both banks from this comparison 😉 … in order to experience by yourself, how great the best German direct banks are nowadays!

Video summary of this comparison

Maybe you want to help that this comparison will be read by more people. For this purpose, I have specially produced this video … multimedia content can be shared even easier, right? This video is in German language – but with English subtitle:

Direct link to the video on Youtube:
Subscribe for the channel? www.DeutschesKonto.TV
Link to the providers ⇒ DKB: | Comdirect:

The most important pages about both banks

DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank)

Comdirect Bank

Is the DKB or Comdirect the better one for you?

I am thrilled to know of your opinions or your experiences. Please use the comments box to enhance this comparison for the benefit of all readers. Many thanks!

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Who writes here?

Someone who gained experience with more than 100 banks in more than 20 countries during the past 15 years. My name is Gregor and if you click to continue you can find out why I am here and what this site is for ⇒ continue.

4 Responses to “Comparison: Comdirect better than DKB?”

  1. Aamir Malik says:

    Does the DKB offers online banking for the current account?

  2. Andrey says:

    Hi, first of all – thanks a lot for the site and the knowledge!

    Now question – I almost started the DKB application, but was told by a friend that now DKB requires minimum 700 EUR deposit every month… Which would totally be a deal breaker in my case – just moved to Germany, dealing with the papers and not yet getting any regular income at the moment..

    Could you confirm that they now have changed the policy, and if so – is the Comdirect is still free from the minimum required cashflow? Maybe another option, if the DKB is out of the window?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Gregor says:

      A very good question! I had already been worried that some English speaking people might misunderstand the 700 Euro.

      The solution is simple: The 700 Euro are only an option in order to obtain even better free of charge services from the bank. The account and Visa Card are always free of charge – regardless of whether there is a monthly incoming amount of 700 Euro or not.

      With this incoming amount one gets better interest rates and saves the international service fee when traveling within the Euro zone.

      New customers get the premium conditions to test during the first 12 months – the bank calls them “Aktiv-Kunde”/active customers. If you then have the monthly incoming amount of 700 Euro, you retain the premium conditions. If that is not the case, the account remains, and it does not cost a fee, either.

      This lets us heave a sigh of relief, right?

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