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Bon-Kredit ► Euros 1,000,000 in loans are paid daily!


Bon-Kredit is one of Germany’s biggest loan intermediaries on the Internet. I had a meeting with Mr. Hegenauer (Bon-Kredit) in order to find out for our readers, how to proceed best to get a loan.

I have worked out all important statements for you – for your loan application – on this page. Moreover, I was allowed a peek into a confidencial statistic from which you can learn that about Euros one million in loans is paid every day. Therefore, one has a realistic opportunity to get the necessary financing through Bon-Kredit!

Do you fulfill the requirements for a successful loan application?

  • at least 18 years old
  • income of Euros 1,300 per month or more
  • main place of residence in Germany
  • current account for the payment of the loan
    If you do not have a current account in Germany yet, you can open one within only 2 minutes.

… Start a loan form parallelly to this page!

The sequence

  • You can go to the website of Bon-Kredit and read all information in German language there or you start here and now a non-binding loan applicationloan application.

    With this application, no costs incur – it is a non-binding request. In the best of cases, you receive a loan offer and can decide later, whether you accept it or not. The decision is yours!

  • Payment in 24 to 84 hours

    In order to receive the payment within 24 hours, all steps must be completed quickly:

    • fill online application completely
    • proof of income (e.g. send salary slip via e-mail/data upload; also possible by mail, but payment date postpones)
    • legally required legitimating via PostIdent (later also VideoIdent possible)
    • state account number for the payment.
  • Calculation of the possible loan

    At best, you state exactly the amount in the application form that you want as a loan.

    If one estimates that a higher loan amount would be possible because of your creditworthiness, then you will be informed about that. Also, if one would pay you a loan with a lower amount.

    In order to make the calculation, one queries data at the Schufa once with the note “condition loan request”. If you make a self-query at the Schufa, you can see this query for 1 year. Other loan providers see this only for 10 days. This query-mode is creditworthiness-neutral, if one makes it once … in contrast to the note “loan application”, which is often made by bank branch offices.

    As soon as the loan offering is calculated for you, you will be informed regarding all further details about the payment.

Important to know: What does “Schufa-free loan” mean?

A Schufa-free loan is not entered at the Schufa after the payment. For other banks, it looks like that you do not have a loan!

Through Bon-kredit, Schufa-free as well as normal loans are possible.

At a Schufa-free loan, however, the loan interest is hifher than at a normal loan. You do not have to worry about this now. The application form for the calculation of the loan is the same. As soon as your “loanability” is calculated and several options are available, you are asked, whether you want to choose a favourable loan with Schufa-entry or a little more expensive one without Schufa-entry.

After the loan caluclation, a loan consulting via e-mail and/or phone takes place. You have enough time to make your decision. Until the payment of the loan, everything is free of charge for you! The costs for the loan are included in the loan interest.

Questions on the loan application through Bon-Kredit?

Our editorial or I would be pleased to answer your questions through the comments box at the end of this article.

“Here, Euros 1,000,000 are paid daily”

… Start loan application now

Last but not least ? Retrievable loan amounts:

  • Loan with Schufa: Euros 100 up to 200,000
  • Loan without Schufa: Euros 3,500 up to 7,500
  • With the online application, your “loanability” is calculated and then the currently maximum possible loan amount is shown. Agreed?

… and something else: many people are very satisfied with the loan mediation through Bon-Kredit, as the photo of the evaluation portal shows:

Bon-Kredit Bewertung bei eKomi

Bon-Kredit does a great job for loan prospects, as one can see here on the evaluation portal.

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Who writes here?

Someone who has helped more than 100,000 people to obtain a new bank account in the past 7 years. My name is Tanja and if you continue reading, you will find out why I and this page exist ⇒ read more.

22 Responses to “Bon-Kredit ► Euros 1,000,000 in loans are paid daily!”

  1. Branson says:

    Can I also get a loan, if I live in Germany, but have a foreign employer? I receive a monthly salary from abroad. This is provable!

    • Tanja says:

      A loan mediation through Bon-Kredit is only possible, if you are registered in Germany (residence) and the salary is paid to a German account. The company seat of the employer does not matter.

      So, in your case yes, if the salary payment is transferred to an account in Germany.

  2. Anne says:

    I have requested a loan and received a letter with my offer. However, I would like to change the requested amount, how do I do this? DI just re apply ?

    • Editorial Team says:

      Very good that you’re asking!

      On your credit offer you will find the name and telephone number of your contact person. Please give them a call.

      A lower credit amount will almost always be possible. A higher amount as well, if income and credit score are sufficient, too!

      The higher the credit amount, the more the bank can earn 😉 But they will take care to limit the credit amount in such a way, that the on-schedule back-payment is very probable.

      Please do not issue a second application, that would only lead to confusion.

      Best of luck for your credit disbursement and for what you will be doing with it!

  3. Ashok Kumar says:

    Hi Editorial Team,

    I was a student at TUM. When I was a student I got a GEZ ARD ZDF bill monthly. My flatmates asked me to ignore because the bill was already being paid by our landlord. Later after a while I contacted GEZ and cleared out all my bills. But unfortunately I got an entry S1 in my Schufa.

    I have been working from past 2 years and also pay ARD GEZ every month. I am seeking for loan for about 30000 Euros but unfortunately because of negative entry in Schufa I am not able to get the loan. Can you please suggest me how to work around with this issue? Thanks in advance.

    • Gregor says:

      If there are still open invoices from the GEZ, I would pay them. This is the first way to improve the Schufa. The debt reason needs to be gone. Nevertheless, it can take up to 3 years until the Schufa is clean again. Generally, it is never a good idea not to pay your bills. Payment reminders and debt collection processes are becoming more and more effective and creditworthiness is getting of increasing importance for the economic life.

      With Bon-Kredit, however, you have a provider who also lends “Schufa-free” loans. Just start the application form. Later, you can state that it was just a small invoice from the GEZ and that this matter has since been cleared up.

      What is a reason for rejection for many online banks, might be something Bon-Kredit can really help with in many (though not all!) cases. Best of luck!

  4. Pat says:

    I cannot speak German so well, will it be a problem?

    • Gregor says:

      Crucial for a loan approval is your creditworthiness. This is composed of various factors, such as the income and credit history.

      The language does not affect the loan approval. But you have to be able to enter the information right, of course, and understand the basics of the loan contract.

      Maybe you can ask a friend to help you with the communication?

  5. Ricki says:

    When I am asked for the passport number, can I also state my ID number?

    • Gregor says:

      If you do not have a passport, then clarify this directly with the lending bank mediated by Bon-Kredit.

      Bon-Kredit has several bank partners and they have different criteria. It is important that you can be legitimized beyond doubt. At non-German ID cards, some banks attach importance to a passport, because passports have international standards. Every country can make the ID-cards as they want!

  6. Arlyn says:

    My fiancee is 68 years old and hes a pensioneer, his monthly pension is 2000 Euro. His Schufa record will be resume next year. He want to get a loan without Schufa for his wedding plan. Loan amount 5500. Is he can avail a personal loan?

    • Gregor says:

      Loan/credit applications are done online an will be processed by the provider. They can only provide information/a decision, once all data is entered in the online application. Best of luck!

  7. Kolibri says:

    Hello. Where could I get a loan of Euros 5,000, if I have a negative entry at the Schufa? It is only about Euros 300 and I was not my fault. I kindly ask for your help. Best regards and thank you for your commitment.

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, Bon-Kredit is one of the very few providers, where this is possible. However, the other factors must be alright. In particular, income from a permanent job.

  8. Jay says:

    Can someone with a negative Schufa get a loan from Bon-Kredit?

    • Gregor says:

      Whether you can get one, we cannot know. However, there are people who have received funding via Bon-Kredit despite negative Schufa. This is possible because Bon-Kredit also works with banks outside of Germany and they do not check the Schufa information. Nevertheless, a certain creditworthiness must be present, income from a job!

  9. Mathew says:

    Can I contact Bon-Kredit during the weekend?

    • Richard Banks says:

      Yes, you apply for the loan online. Then you will receive an e-mail based on your case, and you simply reply to that. Best of luck!

  10. Michal says:

    Hello Dear.
    Is it possible to get a loan for buying a house or a flat?

  11. srinija mandadi says:

    I have a low Schufa score before I got the full-time job. I need personal loan around 15000 euros. I am working as a full-time employee in Germany since April 2021. Is it possible for me to get the loan around 1500 Euros?

    • Richard Banks says:

      Until you apply for the loan, no one can tell you whether you will get it or not. The credit check can only take place when all the data from the application form are available. Since it is a machine check, the loan application must be filled out and submitted online. Best of luck.

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