Current account with Visa Card in Germany

DKB Account Opening

DKB Visa Card

Opening a bank account at the DKB is easy. On this page, we will show you how.

Requirements for the Account Opening

The DKB almost does not have any requirements for the free account management. However, you should not have any negative Schufa-entry (credit investigation company).

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The bank account can be used as a main account, just like I do, or it may serve you as a secondary account, leave account or savings account. Everything is possible, as neither minimum cash flow nor a regular use is required.

DKB Cash is just perfect for almost any application and always free of charge!

Opening an account online

You can only apply for the bank account online.

Please use the following link for your application

Identification of the customer

By law, banks are obliged to identify their customers beyond doubt. This can be done at the DKB in three different ways:


DKB PostIdent

The PostIdent-procedure has proven itself in the past 15 years. After completing the online account application (duration: about 5 minutes), the computer will generate a PDF-account application with a PostIdent-coupon.

You will have to print both, sign the account application and take it together with the PostIdent-coupon and your ID or passport to the next branch office of the Deutsche Post. The postal worker will take care of the identification procedure (duration: about 3 minutes) and send all documentation to the DKB.

This whole process is completely free of charge for you.

Proven system of bank account opening:

With new personal identity card and the ID-app (AusweisApp)


Do you already have the new personal identity card (nPA) with enabled eID-feature, as well as a commercially available card reader? Then you can save the trip to the post office. With the ID-app (AusweisApp) of the federal printing office, the DKB can identify you unequivocally (duration: about 3 minutes).

If all data matches and the Schufa (credit investigation company) reports „green light“, then the bank account can be opened right away. The DKB Girocard, as well as the DKB VISA credit card will arrive only a few days later in your mailbox.

Enables you to complete the account opening in only 3 minutes:

Bank account opening from abroad

Emigrated German citizens and some foreign citizens, who are proficient in German language, can apply for the DKB-account from abroad.


As soon as the application was accepted, you will receive a letter or an E-mail with the legitimacy request. In some countries, the legitimate identification is possible through banks, lawyers and notaries, so you do not have to travel to Germany.

You can visit bank/lawyer/notary with your passport or ID. He/she will complete the form for you and send it directly to the DKB. The identification-form is bilingual (German and English language).

There are also countries in which the foreign identification is not approved or temporarily issued. The DKB is working on this problem in order to enable the account opening from as many countries as possible.

Please click on this link, if you are not in Germany:

DKB Cash Summarized

In order to open the DKB-account, there are very few requirements:

  • no negative Schufa-entry (credit investigation company)
  • Understanding and Speaking of the German language

DKB Cashback

Gladly used features of the account DKB Cash

  1. free account management
  2. free DKB bank card
  3. free DKB VISA credit card
  4. free cash withdrawal from ATMs (worldwide!)
  5. fair interest on credit balance
  6. low overdraft interest rates
  7. Account application within Germany and from abroad possible
  8. Collecting bonus and discount points (Cashback, optional)

“Go directly to the DKB-account opening”

… free online current account with extras!

Contact data of the Bank

Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Taubenstraße 7–9
10117 Berlin

Telephone: +49 (0)30 120 300 00
BLZ: 120 300 00

Pictures: Federal Ministry of the Interior · DKB AG

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49 Responses to “DKB Account Opening”

  1. Edgars says:


    How do you think – for identification purposes outside Germany (but in EU country) maybe Germany’s Embassy can be identification (instead of lawyer or other bank)?

    • Tanja says:

      Technically, German embassies would be able to confirm someone’s identity. But it’s not part of their job to do the identification for banks. Hence they won’t do it.

      That’s a pity! Surely it would not harm Germany and it would be very helpful for those who have to provide proof for an identity.

    • Tanja says:

      But very good idea. Maybe it works in individual cases. Try it 🙂

  2. Krista says:

    Hello, unfortunately seems that all this information is out of date here as after filling your data to opening application you will end up with message that opening a bank account is only possible for customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    I am about to move to Germany as got job there and thought that will try to open account for me but as it seems now – the only way to open it is when you are already moved.

  3. Muksin says:

    these is Muksin,
    am current live here in Germany, but am from Tansanian,

    I have all the Identity card needed for opening the account but I have a question do you also provide $ Current dollars or only Eur current?
    Lets me know.

  4. Mojtaba Modaresi says:

    Dear sir or Madam
    I am writing to you to ask you for opening account and receive a Debit card . As I am living in IRAN , I would be very grateful that you tell me if it’s possible .
    yours sincerely
    Mojtaba Modaresi

  5. Jack says:

    Sadly, after gone through the application form online, I got the following message (I am from the UK and filled in my UK address in the application form):

    DKB-Cash Prüfung

    Leider konnten wir Ihrem Wunsch nach einem DKB-Cash im Rahmen unserer automatischen Entscheidung nicht entsprechen. Die notwendigen Voraussetzungen für ein DKB-Cash liegen gemäß Ihren Angaben nicht vor.

    Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir nur für Kunden in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz Konten eröffnen.

    Any chance for me to get an DBK account?

  6. Danial says:


    I would like to know DKB bank address(s) in Frankfurt to open an account.
    I appreciate your help.


    • Gregor says:

      The DKB Bank havn’t an addres in Frankfurt. It is a online bank. An account opening goes only the online way.

  7. Danial says:

    Can you introduce me a bank in Frankfurt to go in person to open an account in I just need a traditional one to obtain a debit card and I’m from Iran !! Danke for your help

    • Gregor says:

      Sorry, on this website we only publish about the best direct banks. We have not enough experiences with local banks in Frankfurt.

  8. Salim Ahmed says:

    We are sialkot-Pakistan based company interested in open a account in Germany for our European customers so would you mind to let me know how is it possible?

  9. luke Mersh says:

    This bank has been recommended to me for opening an euro as I will be working in Portugal and earning a salary in euros.
    I am a UK citizen, would I be able to open this account online.
    Luke Mersh

  10. Joao says:

    Possible to change the pin codes of either the VISA and/or Girocard?
    Hi, I applied and got approved in DKB, I am now waiting to receive all starting letters. I am having a question in advance that maybe someone can answer : Will it be possible to change the PIN of the two cards? In my home country banks this is possible but ( if I remember correctly ) I need to use an ATM of the bank brand in order to access the “change pin” option. Anyone has experience with trying to change the PINs of DKB cards?
    Thank you.

    • Tanja says:

      As far as I know, the PINs of DKB-cards cannot be changed. This is a pity, because it is possible at other banks. With the time, I got used to my PINs, even if they are not so nice.

      Nevertheless, it was a good decision to choose the DKB as a free account and I am glad for you that your account opening worked out well 🙂

      There is a video course in German language that already helped a lot of people to use the DKB even more optimal:

  11. Mika says:

    Hallo. I am a newcomer in De. Come here to learn Deutsch and work or study later. I have address here.Eu citizen. What are my chances to open Dkb account without monthly income yet? I would use it to deposit my savings now and later for salary incomes. is interesting for me too. Please any advice what to do. Best regards

    • Tanja says:

      That is a good idea to come to Germany!

      The DKB is a great bank, but in your case look at Number26. There is no need for income for successful account opening. You can deposit your savings via Supermarket (Penny, Real, Rewe).

      Unlike the DKB there is no interest in the account. You can later change … good luck!

  12. Ahmed says:

    I live in egypt which i hold its nationality, is it possible for me to open a bank account in germany, Thanks in advance.

  13. Mila says:

    Hi Tanja,

    Apologies for asking a question I’m sure has already been answered! I have recently moved to Berlin from London and would like to open either a DKB or ING cash account. However, I am in a temporary sub-let and my name is not on the post/letter box. What is required by the banks to open the account and how will the bank/cash cards be delivered?

    Many thanks in advance!


    • Tanja says:

      Perhaps it is useful to write your name on the mailbox for a few days after the account opening … otherwise, how should the cards be delivered? :-O

      After the account opening, you can enter a different address in the online banking, e.g. c/o or the one of a post-box company.

      Both banks use the place of residence for the creditworthiness check at the account opening. Therefore, it is meaningful to have a true address! Good luck

  14. Carlos Cassano says:

    I am Australian, live in Switzerland, and would like to apply for a DKB Credit Card. Is this possible? I have an L permit

    • Editorial Team says:

      Opening an account and being granted the free credit card always depends on the credit check. Switzerland is one of the few countries, from where an online application in principle is possible. Give it a try. Good luck!

  15. Freddy says:

    hi am an American am currently in Hamburg, i would like to have your credit card but i don’t have an account with you. I’d also like to know if i can use the card to access my bank account which is only in the States. thank you

    • Editorial Team says:


      This is a banking related internet portal, where we provide information about the services of DKB and other banks – but we are not a bank.

      The DKB Visa card is connected with the DKB Cash account, so you’d have to apply for both, which you can do via this link:

      You cannot “connect” this Visa card to your US-account, though.

      The actual decision regarding your acceptance as a customer lies with the bank.

      Good luck!

  16. Rea says:


    i would like to apply for a euro account and i am based in the UK.
    is that possible?
    Your application process is only in German and i do not speak german….


  17. Sasha says:


    I live in Germany and in need of currency account for swedish krona. The money will be sent from Sweeden to Germany. Can you please write how much will cost for transaction and exchange rate in euros because I will have to get cash i euro

  18. Ralph Koelling says:

    My family lives in Frankfurt and I live in America and I spend 3mths out of the year in Frankfurt, can I open an account on line from USA
    I live with my Mum when in Frankfurt, or should I wait till I’m in Frankfurt

    • Gregor says:

      US citizen can only open this very good bank account, if they have a “Meldeadresse” in Germany. You have to live here for account opening.

  19. Xenofon says:


    I have successfully completed my Passport Identity Online. How long does it take to be my account active?

    The second question is that in the application proccess, I did not found the option to ask for a visa.

    Is this option on the final steps or I should have to ask for it?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Editorial Team says:


      The Visa Card is automatically part of DKB Cash and doesn’t have to be applied for separately. Most new customers get the first DKB letters mailed within 8-10 days. After around 15 days all cards and PINs probably have arrived. Due to security reasons, they are being sent separately from each other. The account is active right away and can be used immediately. Enjoy!

  20. bola says:

    Hi did anyone know the daily withdrawal limit on ATM machine on this account as it has not been mention in this forum. im in UK thanks with any information

  21. lauren says:

    I see above that I should expect to receive my card in about 8-10 days from my Identity Legitimization. Does anyone know if I can get my IBAN numbers for direct deposit in advance of that?

  22. Nicholas Brieger says:

    I have dual nationality (UK and German). I live in London. I would like to open a DKB euro bank account, deposit euro cash and get a euro credit / debit card. Am I eligible?

    Thanks for an early reply.


  23. Rick Martinez says:

    I am German Citizen in the US. I am moving to Germany for full time employment for the first time. Can I open account from US with my family address in Germany and then change later when I have a permanent address?

    • Gregor says:

      As a German citizen in the US you can even do the DKB account opening with a US address. You can also try it with an address in Germany. There is no guarantee for an account opening. There is always a credit check done according to German standards. You can change the address yourself within the online banking and even enter an alternate postal address – but only after having gained access to the online banking. As long as you are still in the US, I would use the US address, because in the account application they ask for your place of residence. In addition, the bank then knows that you do not have a Schufa credit history. Best of luck!

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