Using the combination of online and branch office to one´s advantage …

Postbank in Germany

Postbank Card

Free Postbank Card:

Not everything of the German Postbank is really good.

However, on this page, we want to present the really good services.

This can be interesting especially for those, whose life was not that picture-perfect. It will be easier for them to obtain a bank account at both top banks (DKB, Comdirect) of this special portal.

Direct banks work mainly with standardized processes and leave little room for special strokes of fate. One can also use the account of the German Postbank online, however, one has additionally the possibility to visit one of the many branch offices in order to speak personally with a banker.

Current account for everyone

The Postbank offers several current accounts; here you will find a summary of the most important commonalities:

  • free account management possible
  • free Postbank Card
  • free cash withdrawals from about 9,000 ATMs in Germany
  • in combination with the Sparcard 10 × per year free cash withdrawals abroad
  • free Postbank Visa credit card possible
  • Online banking including Banking App
Special offers are provided regularly for new customer acquisition. Here you can find the current offer:

Account opening at the Postbank

Almost all online offers of the Postbank can be concluded in the branch offices too. This option has some advantages:

  • You can compare offers comfortable using the computer or tablet and obtain detailed information.

    If you decide on an account opening online, then you can submit all data online. At the first account you will be asked to prove your identity (PostIdent) at a branch office of your choice. Done once, you will be able to open all further accounts online by yourself.

  • If you prefer personal support, you can open the bank account directly in the branch office.

We recommend starting the bank account opening online, because the conditions and offers are sometimes better online as in the branch office. Although you became a customer of the Postbank through the „online world“, you can always use any of the bank branch offices of the German Postbank.

Exception: If you attach value to a personal consulting, then you can go directly to a Postbank Finanzcenter (financial centre). Or you can try the customer service of the call centre in advance.

Account opening from abroad

Basically, bank accounts at the Postbank (current account, savings account) can be opened for people residing abroad (e.g. Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia). For legitimating, one has to perform the PostIdent procedure at any post office in Germany.

Postbank Financial Center

An account, which was applied for online, also entitles you to use any branch office of the Postbank.

Why some people have opted for the Postbank:

The Postbank is especially used, because it is represented throughout Germany.

Each main post office has a financial centre of the Postbank. Moreover, one can find many post office counters with banking offers in shopping centres and even in smaller stores on the countryside, like e.g. in beverage markets or bakeries.

Additionally, the Postbank is a cooperating partner of Western Union. Therefore, you can submit money transfers of the Western Union at post office counters. Here again applies following: there are lower fees with an online account of Western Union.

For foreign visitors, who would like to have a bank account in Germany, the Postbank can also be interesting, as there are Post office branches at big German airports and the German Postbank has experiences with customers from other countries.

Peculiarities of Postbank accounts

Online, phone, E-mail and branch office

Being a customer of the Postbank, one can almost do anything through online banking. However, you always have the possibility to contact the customer service via phone or E-mail, or visit directly one of the many branch offices.

Receive cash fee-free

Customers of the Postbank have many possibilities to obtain cash fee-free:

  • in all post branch offices within Germany
  • at supermarket checkouts of several cooperating markets
  • at almost every Shell petrol stations
  • at all ATMs of the Postbank
  • at all ATMs of the cooperating partner of the CashGroup (e.g. Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Berliner Bank)

Tips when travelling abroad

With the Postbank Sparcard (free savings account), you can withdraw cash 10 × per year fee-free from ATMs abroad. The Postbank bears the fees!

One can apply for the Postbank Sparcard separately or as a supplement to the current account.

Bank statement printers and Mobile-Banking-App

If you quickly need information on how much money is on your current account or whether an expected payment has arrived, you can

  • insert your Postbank Card in the bank statement printer in any post branch office and you receive your current bank statement printed or
  • access your bank account through your Smartphone and the Banking App.
Postbank Terminals

Cash, money transfers, bank statement? Automats at the Postbank are available for you free of charge all around the clock.

Summary: German Postbank

The German Postbank is one of the biggest German banks. The Postbank belongs mainly to the Deutsche Bank. As usual in big banks, there are good offers and not that good offers. Similarly, there are good and less good customer service staff members.

Thanks to the many branch offices of the post with the possibility of performing banking transactions, it is interesting for many people to open an account at this bank.

When applying for the first and any further account, please always pay attention to the fine print. The Postbank wants to earn money too. Thus, not everything is free of charge and quite a lot of new customers were surprised after opening the account and checking the first bank statement that some fees where charged for particular things.

“use the current offer of the Postbank”

Use this special portal to exchange information about the German Postbank, give and receive advice. For this, please use the comments box at the bottom of this page. We, the editorial staff, will give our best as well and will provide further contents about the Postbank over time.

Alternatives to the Postbank:

  • Commerzbank
    Who prefers a combination of branch office and online banking should take a look at the Commerzbank Germany’s second largest private bank has great banking service offerings.
  • DKB
    The Deutsche Kreditbank is especially popular among people because of their free current account DKB Cash, which does not need a branch office and the banking takes place exclusively online. Who passes the creditworthiness check, will get a free Visa Card including credit line.
  • Onlinekonto of PayCenter

    Perhaps this is somehow an unusual offer: PayCenter is a provider, where you have to pay fees for the account management and account usage. This circumstance has an important background: the provider earns good money since years. It does not matter whether you use the account or not. That gives you two important securities:

    • your account won’t be cancelled, if you use it “too much” or “too little”.
    • account and provider remain permanently in this form (= virtually a guarantee of existence for the account).

    The account opening is possible with a place of residence in Germany or abroad. There is no creditworthiness check. No Schufa query. No Schufa entry. The account can be used as a business account (corporate account). Soon, the online banking will be available in English too. The account opening is possible within 2 minutes: See all information.

Images: Deutsche Postbank AG and Gina Sanders (, banknotes)

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Who writes here?

Richard helps people through this special portal to find bank products in Germany and abroad and shows how to use them optimally. You can register as a “fan” and, by doing so, watch even more instructions and videos.

86 Responses to “Postbank in Germany”

  1. Aneres says:

    I opened a savings account years ago, and regret having done so. I’ve had an impossibly difficult time transferring money to my account in France. Every time I talk to someone on the phone they tell me something different about what to do and what letter to write. After having sent all the requested documents and letter to the Central Bank in Munich, I waited for ten days with no reply and after having been told 3 or four times on the phone to; “wait a few more days, the transfer should come through…” this morning I was told that they have received my letter, but the only transfer possible would be to another Postbank account in Germany!!! There is no way that I can request a transfer to another account outside of the country?!!??! I’m furious with the POSTBANK and find them anything but professional.

    • Redaktion says:

      That is not nice to hear. We are sad that Deutsche Postbank makes the situation so uncomfortable for you. Sorry, for that poor behavior!

      Normally the bank has to send you your money to your (new) bank, if you cancel the bank account. And that is for free in the whole SEPA area. I don’t understand Postbank’s behavior!

      We hope that you will find a good solution to get your money back as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us via the comment form if you need help with writing a letter to the bank in German.

      Thank you for posting your situation here.

  2. George says:

    How can i get a credit? It’s easy? Im working in Germany for almost 2 years. Iwant to buy a new car and I am a bank client.

  3. Phil Walter says:

    While traveling in Germany, I made a cash withdrawal using my American credit card on June 3rd. As of June 17, there is still a pending charge on my credit card, despite the fact that Postbank processed the charge on my account. Is there anyway to have the pending charge removed from my account?

    • Redaktion says:

      Sorry, we are not sure how we can help you … we have less experience with US credit cards.

      Mainly we write about how is it possible to made cash withdrawal for free 😉

  4. fernish says:

    I am an aupair here in Germany. I want to open an account in Post Bank so that it would be easier for me to send money for my family in the Philippines. Any suggestion on what type of account should I open?
    Thank you

    • Redaktion says:

      If you want sent money – without Western Union, you need a current account (in german: Girokonto). You can use the button (there is a link) from our website to come to the current account or you go into a branch.

  5. Vladimir says:

    I opened an account one year ago or so and I still not received my Visa / Master Card as it should be. They sent me a VPay card which is completely useless in case of international transactions. No one of my numerous claims relative to was processed ! The account is not for free because every three months they charge me about 18 Euros fee. I was charged 60 Euros or more for cashing three checks (!) And finally nobody speak English on help desk. I am looking for an account in another German bank, consequently.

    • Gregor says:

      Thank you for your valuable comment.

      For some people is the Deutsche Postbank a good solution. But you are right, that is really not the best bank in Germany.

      I also prefer other banks. You can read it on this website for smart bank customers.

  6. Therese Siemers says:

    We have a relative from Germany coming to visit in Canada. He has a German PostBank card.

    Will his card work to withdraw cash from a Canadian ATM?
    Where we live there is no Western Union office. Here we have Alberta Treasury Branch, CIBC, Credit Union, and TD Bank.

    Please advise best options for travelling in Canada.

    • Gregor says:

      Usually the Postbank Card will be works on all Canadian ATMs. But it depends which Postbank Card is that in detail. The Postbank is a big bank with more than on Card offer. It could be that your guest have to pay fees for using or it is free.

      How much time is until start the traveling? Maybe it make sense to order one of the best traveling cards for free ATM using.

    • Vladimir says:

      As I already said – you cannot use VPay card in Canada. Only Visa / Master but be careful because there are so many Visa / Master that you should make sure that there is one internationally accepted, ATM included !

  7. Tin says:

    I am from Greece can i open a bank account to Postbank? And if i can what need to do?

    • Gregor says:

      It is easy to open over internet, if you have an address in Germany and can make the ID authentication on a post office in Germany.

      If you don’t live in Germany, it is not so easy to open a Postbank account over internet.

      • Tin says:

        Can i travel to Germany to open an account?Because i travel often in Germany.

        • Vladimir says:

          You don’t need to go to Germany, just connect you to Postbank site, download all of necessary forms ( in German only ) fill and send them with the proof of identity to Postal Bank office.

  8. Bruno says:

    Back in 2013 i was working in Germany (i am from Croatia) and I had to open bank account in Postbank. I am wondering is there a branch/filiale in Croatia where i could withdraw money, without using ATM since my card maybe damaged and i plan to come to Germany in few months.
    Thank you

  9. Markus says:

    Hi I have cash account at post bank. But at the moment i am in united kingdom. I would like to ask how much cash i can take from chash mashine in united kingdom per day and how much pounds i can buy from my cash card in united kingdom per day? Thank you

  10. Redaktion says:

    Okay, in the interest of our readers, we had to make a decision!

    The Deutsche Postbank is a good, but not exactly the best bank in Germany. As editors, we are focusing on posting useful content of German suppliers that we think are better, such as:

    Therefore, questions about the Deutsche Postbank are no longer answered by the editors. Dedicated readers are welcome to take care of this. Many Thanks!

  11. Julie says:

    I am working with a foreign exchange student from Germany who has a PostBank VISA card. He has tried to withdraw money at an ATM here in Nebraska, USA and he gets a message that says insufficient funds. His mother said she deposited money in his account in Germany over the weekend. Any suggestions what he can do to access his money? Thank you

  12. Vladimir Pydo says:


    First you have to check his account state if there is what should be. If so, the only reason I see is the amount he want to withdraw because in some cases it is limited. You can find all of these information once connected to his account.


  13. Ankita Sethi says:

    I have a account in postbank Munich, but right now I moved to Spain for my Erasmus semester. Can I withdraw money in any local atm here in Spain with my postbank debit card? Does postbank charges any fees for the withdrawal?

  14. Vladimir says:

    Hello Ankita,

    You never could be sure with this bank !
    If the card you are a holder is a V-Pay it will be preferable to check in Spain because not all the banks in EU recognize this one. If your withdrawal will be made in Euros there will be no any kind of charges but, to be sure ask a question to PostBank staff to know which one of bank in Spain have the contract signed with PB.


  15. Samira Pezeshkpour says:

    Hi everyone,
    I send money to a company through Postbank. After that I found out it is not a good way for them because they can only accept that I send payment directly to their bank account. How can I take my money bank from Postbank now?
    Thank you in advance.

  16. Tom says:

    Dear all,
    I have a normal banking account and a prepaid Visa card with the Postbank. Is the prepaid Visa card charged to my normal banking account and the money is automatically paid from my normal account if I use the Visa card? Or should I first load my Visa card before I use it?

    My German is not good. Can somebody please tell me step by step how I can transfer money from my normal account to my prepaid Visa account online?


    • Vladimir Pydo says:

      Hello Tom,

      If your Visa are associated with your account you can use it without anything else, just use it, if your account is supplied, of course.
      If your Visa is associated with another account, no matter if it is in the same bank or not you have to transferred money to this account, then you can use your card.


  17. Tom says:

    Thank you Vladimir for your reply. My Visa card and my regular account are both from Postbank. And there is enough money in the normal account but not in the Visa. So the fact that the Visa is prepaid is not important. The money is directly charged to the normal account. Right?


  18. Vladimir says:

    Hi, If I understand you got two accounts in the same bank. If you want to use your Visa what you have to do is a transfer the funds from one account to another where you Visa is and then use your card.


  19. Bruno says:

    Hello. I have went to bank few months ago to terminate my bank account and when done to transfer rest of money to another account in different bank. Proces of closing my Postbank account lasted around 2 months and i was informed in email, now when they closed my account i cant use it but rest of my money didnt come to another account. Is there a time period in which it takes to transfer money from now closed account to another?
    Thank you.

    • Vladimir says:


      It depend. If your new account is in UE it couldn’t be delayed – transfer should be done same day.
      If not, it may take some days, usually no more then seven days.


  20. Bruno says:

    hmm its taking more then seven days. Thank you

  21. Carolyn says:

    Hey, I am Croatian and when I arrived in Berlin in October, I opened the account in the Postbank. Now, since I have bought an iPad, I need to buy some online applications with my Visa. And I submitted the request for Visa in Postbank, but they refused to do it by telling me that I need to prove my incomes are steady for 6 months and then I can receive my Visa. Is that normal procedure? Thanks!

  22. Lana says:

    Hey. I have a postbank Visa card and now I need to send money to my friend in Finland. She gave me her account number but I have no idea how to do that online.
    I’d really appreciate your help.


  23. Vladimir says:

    Just connect to your PB account then fill all of here data into the transfer form then specify the amount then click on send, you will be asked to enter security code from your TAN generator ( if manual ) that’s all …

  24. Rose says:

    My husband lives in Germany and I school here in Nigeria. How my husband can transfer money to me with bank to bank without Western Union. Is it possible?

  25. Alin says:

    Hi all ! Some one can tell me how can i close my visa card at postbank ? Thanks .

  26. Bojana says:

    Hello, my son (20 years) will spend a month in Berlin on a German language course. He would like to open a non resident bank account just for safeguarding his money during his stay. Can he open a non-resident account at Postbank and if yes, what are the requirements. Will he be able to withdraw cash on a daily basis?

  27. Vladimir says:


    Create an account just for one month make no sens ….
    If so, yes, you can open an account in Germany even if you are stranger. The only question is if they want to accept.


  28. Anna says:

    Please, knows someone how to check the amount from Visa Credit Card Postbank?
    Thank you

  29. Mae says:

    Can we transfer money from Western Union Philippines to a Postbank acct in Germany?

  30. trinibabe55 says:

    I have an existing Postbank account in Bamberg Germany however I think it is a saving account as i am now in the caribbean i am able to withdraw funds here from my account in germany. My question is – Would I be able to access my account online as well as do transfers to other Banks?


    Vidiya Heucken

    • Editorial Team says:

      Postbank has good sides, as well as some not so good sides. The interesting part for you would be the free Postbank Sparcard, because with that you can withdraw money from your savings accounts from abroad free of charge, and that five times per year. Do you already have this account and this card?

      Otherwise, as an existing customer, it would be a good idea to apply for it.

      Online banking as well as the banking app are also very good at Postbank. If you have the access information, you can access your account from all around the world and make transfers.

      The customer service is a bit of a weak point … but once you are set up, it should work!

      By the way, you can only withdraw money from your savings account at a local branch, or at an ATM with your Sparcard. This is not intended for transfers to other banks. For that, you need a giro account. Further information regarding that can be found in the article above.

      • trinibabe55 says:

        Thanks, I already have the card where I can withdraw from abroad 10 times free of charge. I was interested though in the bank transfers but as you said it is not possible from postbank to other banks, that’s a shame.

        How am I able to obtain access information for online banking?


        • Editorial Team says:

          If you have questions regarding the online banking of an existing account, then please contact your bank directly. We are not the bank.

  31. Joey says:

    I have a postbank savings account. How can I print or download my account statement online. Am having a difficulty as regards that. I was told that online account statements are only for current accounts. Also can I print my account statement at an ATM abroad as I have already left Germany. Please I will appreciate an urgent reply.

  32. Johan says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for this wealth of information, this is really useful for me.

    I’m looking for a bank account in Germany that includes VISA debit card (not credit). I found many banks that offer this such as DKB and Consorsbank but they require German residency.

    I’m from The Netherlands and I live close to the border and I also visit Berlin at least twice a year so I can visit a branch but I need a bank that accepts foreign customers and offers a VISA card.

    I found out that Postbank offers a VISA credit card but do they offer a VISA debit as well? And do they accept foreign customers if you visit a branch? Or are there any other options?

    Thanks again!

    • Editorial Team says:


      The branch managers in the local Postbank branches might decide differently, that is why we as an external web portal are reluctant with giving recommendations regarding bank branches.

      Does it HAVE to be a Visa Card? There are several MasterCard providers in Germany, which might be an option.

      • Johan says:

        Thank you for your response.

        Yes, I’m specifically looking for a VISA, Mastercards are really easy to come by in The Netherlands but VISA is pretty rare here.

  33. Eva says:

    I opened an account with Postbank on Monday and up till now I do not have the card and document in my post, please how long will it take pls?

  34. Mai says:

    I have a Postbank checking account. I need a bank statement in English. Where can I get it?

  35. Abby says:

    Hi, my mother who lives in Germany has a Postbank Visa Card. Currently, she’s in the Philippines. She wants to withdraw money from her Postbank Visa Card (VPay). Is it possible? Do you have an affiliated bank here in the Philippines where she can withdraw?

    • Editorial Team says:

      Of course one can withdraw cash with the Postbank Visa Card abroad. Simply use the card and follow the menu/instructions of the ATM. But which ATM provider in the Philippines might be the best, is something we cannot judge from Germany.

  36. Ilona rooke says:

    Hi my mum has passed away and has a Postbank account how do I claim my inheritance or how to open and transfer her account into a new account in my name. How to stop her German pension is there anyone that can speak English in the Berlin branch

  37. Zeshan says:

    I have opened a Postbank in Dillenburg Germany at 7/7/2018 and still I did not receive any Bank Card. Kindle Tell me After how long I will receive my Bank Card? Thanks

    • Editorial Team says:

      Please inquire at your local Postbank branch. As an external web portal, we don’t have any access to customer data. For a direct bank, 3 weeks would be too long. But since you have opened your account at a local branch, it’s possible that the duration is still within their time frame.

  38. Valery says:

    Do they have English online banking at the Postbank? I am now abroad. My husband is in Köln, he deposited money on my post bank account, but for two weeks now it is not there…when he came to the office of post bank to clarify this situation, they checked the transfers and told him that every was fine, the money is sent, but still at any ATM I get the message such as “insufficient funds”. I need to see all the activities on my account: money received, money withdrawn, bank commissions, amount of money on my account and so on… I know that it’s possible to see my account through the online banking, but I need the English version because I can’t read German. So, I can’t even give any data to post bank about my account estate… Is there English online banking? Thank you!

    • Gregor says:

      Postbank does not offer an English language version for their online banking. That’s the case with 99% of German banks. N26 is a modern bank without any local branches, but with English language online banking and English language customer support. This doesn’t help in this case, but maybe it’s an idea for later.

  39. Darshan says:

    I have online account in Postbank Deutschland and want to pay 50.00 Frank to Switzerland, but there is no option on the app to select the other country. I searched and did not find. Anybody know that how to use to pay, out of Deutschland by using this Postbank App?
    Thank you.

    • Richard Banks says:

      Instead of the DE-IBAN, simply use the CH-IBAN when doing the transfer. Switzerland is part of our European SEPA transfer system. It should work (I myself don’t use the app, but TransferWise instead. Best of luck.

  40. Per says:

    Is it possible for someone from abroad that is recently without income to open an account to Postbank? Or is it necessary someone to have a basic income to achieve it?

  41. Stefan says:

    Do Postbank don’t have any deposit options outside the normally opening hours? Other cooperative banks?

    • Richard Banks says:

      There are ATMs in some branches that are available 24/7. In addition, you can deposit cash amounts of up to 1,500 Euro through various partner shops. Which of those are close to you in your case, you’ll best find out from Postbank.

  42. Indira Bhattarai says:


    I have made a payment to the another bank in Germany but the transaction is still not made.
    What should I do?

    • Richard Banks says:

      Search inquiries about payments that have not arrived are always being done via the bank that has sent the payment.

  43. Joseph Glandon says:

    I have a brother in Germany that owns a Postbank account. He is very sick and wanted me to help him manage his Postbank account. I went to the Postbank center in Stuttgart with my brother, they had me sign documents, copied my passport and stated that they would mail me a Postbank card in the mail and I would have access to my brother’s account. Postbank never mailed me the card, and it is 2 months later. Do you know the phone number of a Postbank customer service center I can talk to about this that speaks English?

    • Richard Banks says:

      This is the phone number of Postbank’s nation-wide customer service: +49 228 55005536. Wishing you best of luck!

  44. Vishnu Panicker says:

    I am planing to move back to India by end of this August or September. I have a postbank Giro basis account. If i mobe to india , how to close this account since India is outside SEPA procedure. Will they send the money to my Indian account? Or Is there another way of closing the account?

    • Richard Banks says:

      The account can be canceled by letter. Why don’t you have a friend transfer the remaining credit to an IBAN account? It’s best not to leave a lot of money in the account. Have a safe trip home!

      • Vishnu Panicker says:

        Is it possible for the Postbank to Transfer the amount to a friends account upon my request? Or can they directly transfer the amount to india? As you told, the account can be cancelled upon a letter, is it possible even if i cancel it after i return back to India via an email? Or should i provide the bank the letter in person?

        • Richard says:

          The account must be terminated by a physical letter with the original signature. It is up to you to whom you transfer the remaining money. You own the account. An internal German bank transfer is a common thing. In your situation, it also makes sense to transfer the remaining credit – minus the transfer fees – abroad.

  45. Bishop says:

    Can I make a transfer from my post bank account to Nigeria account if yes how long will it take to be in the Nigeria account?

    • Richard Banks says:

      Personally, I use TransferWise for international transfers. This takes about a day. Sometimes, the money is already credited at the recipient’s on the same day.

  46. Thomas says:

    While the writer has presented a very rosy picture, the truth is far from it. Post bank is one of the slowest with worst possible customer service. It takes 4-5 working days to transfer money within Germany. There is no English support on the customer help desk. And on top of that we have to pay account maintenance charges.

    I have lived in many countries and I am yet to see a comparable service.

    • Richard Banks says:

      Is this possibly exaggerating in the other direction? A national transfer cannot take 4-5 days because the statutory maximum is 1 day.

  47. Kristina says:

    Guten Tag, I would like to open a credit card Visa from Postbank what are the requirements and all charges do you have. Many thanks.


    • Richard Banks says:

      Postbank only issues credit cards in connection with a current account. That would be the first requirement. The second is to pass the credit check. This includes a regular income in the account. Does that fit? Then please proceed re. everything else directly with Postbank.

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