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PostIdent at the Airport

In some cases, the best accounts of DKB and Comdirect can be opened directly from abroad.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, for example, because a country is „too exotic“ or because no bank, no lawyer or notary assists to perform the identity verification for the German bank.

Landing in Frankfurt am Main. At an exit or stop, one can easily make the PostIdent for the account opening.

Landing in Frankfurt am Main. At an exit or stop, one can easily make the PostIdent for the account opening.

Alternative: PostIdent at German Airports

You always have the possibility to make the legally required identification (legitimation) in a branch office of the Deutsche Post. This procedure is called PostIdent and is free of charge for you. The bank bears all fees.

The PostIdent procedure works like this:

  1. You receive a „PostIdent“ coupon per mail or e-mail (print it out) from the bank,
  2. You carry your ID or passport with you,
    (if your ID/passport does not show your home address, then the postal worker may ask for a proof of your home address;
    driver´s licences are not accepted as identification documents)
  3. You give the coupon and your ID to the postal worker,
    (he/she will type some data into the computer, print a document and will then ask you to check the accuracy of your personal data and to sign it)
  4. He/she will hand back your identity documents and that was it. The printed document will be sent together with the coupon to the bank.

For the bank, your identity is now unequivocally verified and the account opening can take place.

You can make the PostIdent in any branch office of the Deutsche Post!

Deutsche Post at Airports

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A lot of international flights cross Germany. Especially over the hub of Frankfurt! We know a US american, who was on a business trip to India. When changing flights in Frankfurt, he had so much time that he was able to conveniently visit the branch office of the Deutsche Post …

Mini-Entry into Germany

The branch offices are always outside the transit area. This means that you have to officially enter Germany (even if it is just for some minutes). Therefore, you should plan your time generously to be able to pass all securtiy checks (entry and exit).

At a free post office counter, PostIdent will take less than 5 minutes!

The post office branches at the airports are quickly found. In order to make it even easier for you, we list the post office branches of the most important international airports here:

German Airports and their Post Office Branches

Airport Where exactly? Additional notes Contact
Frankfurt am Main Terminal 1
Area B
Level 1
(this is arrival hall B)
Flights outside of the EU-area depart mostly at Terminal 2. Both terminals are connected with a train. The driving time is 1 to 2 minutes. Telephone:

Opening hours:
Link to the Airport

German Airports with International Flights (alphabetically)
Cologne-Bonn Terminal 2
Area D
Post office is in the book store Buchhandlung Kirschner Telephone:

Opening hours:
Link to the airport

Hamburg Arrival in Terminal 2 Post office is situated in the book store k presse + buch (on the left side of the entrance) Telepfone:

opening hours:
Link to the airport

Munich Airport Center
Level 03
Post office is situated in the tobacco store Wagner’s Tabakforum before the security check Telephone:

opening hours:
Link to the airport

Stuttgart Terminal 3
Level 3
Post office is in the tobacco store Tabakbörse Telephone:

opening hours:
Link to the airport

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