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DKB Video Legitimating

The first step towards the DKB-account is the online application. Here you can get ► directly to the online application

Then you proceed as shown in the video:

Links from the video:

Video legitimating step-by-step

After sending the application on account opening, up to 48 hours can pass until you receive an e-mail from the bank with the invitation to legitimate.

Normally, you get to choose between the PostIdent and the legitimating through video chat.

If one variant should be missed, which occationally happens (for example when adding authorized persons), you can ask for the legitimating through video camera with such a friendly e-mail:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
eben habe ich den Antrag zur Bevollmächtigung für mein Konto ausgefüllt. Könnte meine Bevollmächtigte sich bitte auch bequem per WebIdent legitimieren? Dann würde ich mich über das Zusenden des Links freuen.

Kontonr. ist: 1053XXXXXX

Vielen herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüße
Gregor Janecke

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have just filled the application on an authorization for my account. Could my authorized person please legitimate through webcam? If this is possible, I would be glad to receive the link.

Account number: 1053XXXXXX

Many thanks and with best regards,
Gregor Janecke

This happened to me, what you might know from our Sunday Mail.

Answer of the DKB:

E-Mail der DKB zur Video-Legitimation

Both types of legitimating are free for you!

That means that the DKB bears the fees.

Start the legitimating

You start the legitimating through one of the links below the video above. There, you enter your personal data, which is checked by means of the ID-card or passport during the video conversation.

Important: For starting the video legitimating, you require the reference number. You can find it in the e-mail. Also see the photo above.

This looks as follows in the browser:

Legitimation per Video bei der DKB starten

Please note that you need to have your cellphone nearby in order to confirm the video legitimating with a TAN at the end of the procedure.

In the video conversation you go through your personal data with the ID-staff member and can hold some validation features of the ID-documents in front of the camera:

DKB Video Ident

Everything is very easy and done within a few minutes.

However, it can be that there are problems with the Internet connection or the camera. In this case you just switch to the app and finish the legitimating through the Smartphone or viceversa, if you have tried it with the Smartphone first. This can look as follows:

DKB Legitimation via Ident-App

In the best case, you will see this picture soon:

DKB Legitimierung mit WebID fertig


You are now finished with the legitimating procedure and the production of the cards is automatically triggered. In the following days, you will receive 7 letters after the account opening.

Ready for an account opening?

Frequent questions about the DKB legitimating

1. Can the video legitimating also take place from the abroad?

Yes, of course. This is the big advantage compared to the PostIdent-procedure. You can make the video legitimating from any place around the globe, provided a sufficiently stable Internet connection.

If you did not get the link and the reference number immediately, you just ask for it politely in an e-mail. You can find the template further above.

2. Is the legitimating recorded?

Yes. This is necessary. At a certain procentage of legitimatings, it is checked whether everything went correctly. However, you do not have to dress yourself up.

Statistically, men prefer the fast and simple legitimating through video, women visit the post office counter more often.

3. Which ID-documents are accepted?

For us German citizens, the ID-card or the passport are accepted. At account opening from Austria and Switzerland or with their ID-documents, also the ID-card or passport are to be used.

The passport is the ID-document with “higher quality” and is accepted by many countries.

Some national ID-cards are not to be used for the video-legitimating, because they have either very few provable validation features or there are too many different variants.

Of course, there are also further reasons, as e.g. the ID-staff members cannot know all ID-documents of the about 200 countries worldwide. In case of doubt, the PostIdent-procedure is available, because a post office staff member can take a detailed look at the document him/herself.

It is statutory for the bank that it has to identify its customers beyond doubt. As there are sanctions, the bank has to decide against an account opening if there are doubts. However, this only applies to way less than 1 per cent of applicants.

Further questions?

These are welcome through the comments feature at the end of this page.

We wish our readers a fast and successful legitimating, as well as joy while discovering and using the great possibilities of the DKB.

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