What new DKB customers are expecting ...

DKB: 7 letters after account opening

In the following days after you open your DKB account you will get 7 letters. This video clip shows you what they contain and ideally what you should do with them:

The video clip is in German because German is required to successfully open an account.

If you still do not have a DKB-account, please see this page: DKB – the most important information at a glance.

For future reference:

  • a) Welcome letter

    The first letter that you will receive from the DKB contains your account number, sort code, IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code). It is recommended that you store this page in your bank files.

  • b) PIN for Internet Banking

    In addition to your login name – which is your account number by default – the letter also contains your PIN for internet banking. This PIN consists of 5 numbers and can be changed by you when Internet Banking.

    For security reasons you must change your PIN when you first login to the DKB banking system. Your new PIN must still be five digits and contain at least one letter and at least one number. Do you already have an idea?

    Your first login into the DKB-banking system will only make sense if the third letter …

  • c) iTAN list (Indexed Transaction Number)

    … has been received, because your change of PIN must be confirmed with an iTAN (Indexed Transaction Number).

    From January 2015, there will be a choice between pushTAN (push Transaction Number) and chipTAN (chip Transaction Number) instead of iTAN.

    The iTAN list is definitely part of your bank files, because you will need it for confirmation of your transactions, as long as you do not use any other TAN procedure.

  • d) Girocard (V Pay Card)

    This letter contains your normal bank card which for many bank customers will still say ‘EC card’. Detach the card from the paper and sign it on the back. Then the letter can be thrown away.

  • e) PIN for the Girocard

    This letter contains two pages. On the second page there is a box to scratch off. Below that the four-digit PIN for the current card can be found. This letter can be placed with the bank files, however, your PIN must never be written on your card or carried as a note in your wallet.

  • f) Credit Card (Visa Card)

    The DKB Visa Card is enclosed in this letter. Detach the card from the paper and sign it on the back. The letter can then be disposed of.

  • g) PIN for the credit card

    The last letter contains the PIN for your DKB Visa Card. Follow the same procedure for this that you did for your Girocard.

Which card should I use?

Difference between DKB-Giro and DKB Visa Card

The most commonly used bank card in Germany is the normal bank card (old term: EC card). Therefore, it is not surprising that some new DKB customers immediately use the Giro card out of habit.

Please read this section carefully, as disappointment and unnecessary costs often originate here!

If you pay in the supermarket or at the gas station this is perfectly fine, but please keep in mind that cash withdrawals from ATMs at home and abroad are free of charge only with the DKB VISA Card.

DKB Visa Card at Hawaii.

Only with the Visa Card will you get free withdrawals everywhere!

Thus our recommendation:

Use the DKB Visa Card from the beginning for or all possible payments, then you will hardly ever insert the “wrong” card into the machines when withdrawing cash.

In addition, if you pay with the VISA card you will get more benefits:

  • interest-free credit until the automatic monthly billing (transfer of the credit card balance to the DKB bank account)
  • collection from DKB-Club bonus points

Payments with the DKB Giro card will be debited immediately from the Giro account. Use the DKB Girocard as an “Acceptence joker” in stores, which so far did not accept Visa payments.

You can find more good ideas for using the Visa Card here: The 11 most important functions of the DKB Visa Card.

In case you are not a DKB customer yet, please look at this site, in order to see if the DKB can be a useful bank for you personally DKB Cash with Visa Card – free .

Do you have questions about the use of the DKB account? Please use the comment box at the end of the page. I would love to help with my experiences!

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