Account Opening of the Comdirect Bank´s Savings Account ➜ Instructions

Opening the Comdirect Tagesgeld-PLUS

Opening a call money account is quite easy, as no creditworthiness check of the customer, like at the current accounts, takes place.


Savings account that can also be opened from abroad.

The savings account at the Comdirect can be opened for people with their place of residence within Germany as well as for people, who are (currently) living abroad. Speaking German is an advantage.

For everyone, who is not proficient in it, we have translated the main points of the application on account opening into English (the green words in the illustrations).

Step 1: Open the online application

Page with the online application ⇒

Step 2: Fill out the online application

Here, we show the application form for the account opening of the Tagesgeld-PLUS account (Call Money):

Part 1 of the application for account opening at Comdirect

Note: Please note that a business use of the account is not allowed. Therefore, the first answer always has to be ja (yes).

Part 2 of the application for account opening at Comdirect

Note: You have to enter the address that is stated on your ID-card (if applicable), as this will be asked at the legitimating too.

Part 3 of the application for account opening at Comdirect

Note: The data on occupation and industry seem to be a little unnecessary for a savings account, however, these are part of the application process of new customers. In the end, the Comdirect account can be upgraded to a current account or securities account (both available with a credit line).

Part 4 of the application for account opening at Comdirect

Note: Payments by transfer are made from your savings account only to the reference account (exception: you have a current account at the Comdirect). Therefore, this is a mandatory input. The information may be changed anytime. Also foreign bank accounts can be entered here. If you do not have an account yet, you can get an account number within minutes (credit account): Immediate account opening.

What comes next?

Through the button Weiter (Continue), you get to the next page. Here you have the opportunity to check all data on accuracy. Afterwards, the application on account opening will be sent.


Each bank in Germany must know the identity of their customers. Therefore, the legitimacy is required by law. These options are available at the Comdirect Bank:

  • Legitimating via PostIdent-procedure at any branch office of the post in Germany
  • Legitimating via video call (holding ID in front of the camera will be possible soon)
  • Confirmation of the ID-data by a notary.

The PostIdent-procedure is suitable for everyone, who is living in or visits Germany. The video call, which is already in use for some Comdirect products, enables the identity check from anywhere in the world – providing a powerful Internet connection.

The legitimating through a notary is intended for people, who live abroad and do not have the possibility to make the legitimating in Germany at a post office soon. From many, but not all countries, a notarial confirmation will be accepted.

As the set of rules occasionally change, it is useful to ask the Comdirect directly on the country, in which you are currently located. You can do this, for example, by telephone dialling + 49-4106-7088. Confirmations from the „developed world“, like the member countries of the European Union, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are generally accepted.

The cost of the notary is born by the customer. The costs of sending the access data and the regular bank card (at a combination with a current account) are born by the bank. PostIdent and video calls are free for customers.

Ready for the account opening?

“Apply now for the Tagesgeld Plus ”

… the free savings account in Germany!

Account opening from abroad

The account opening from another country does not currently work through the online form, but through a PDF document. How to find the right PDF:

Comdirect forms for account application from abroad

Das Findiing the right form for an account opening from abroad is not that easy. Please use this link: Comdirect forms.

Related articles:

Questions on the account opening?

Please feel free to ask your questions to the editorial staff through the comments box of this page. We are pleased, if we can help others to open an account with our ideas and experiences.

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12 Responses to “Opening the Comdirect Tagesgeld-PLUS”

  1. Sandra says:

    I am a German citizen who lives abroad (Greece).
    Can you explain me what is the right procedure for opening a savings account at the Comdirect through PDF document?
    Thank you in advance and many congratulations for your brilliant work in this site.

    • Redaktion says:

      Do you have filled out the form and sent it to the bank?

      • Sandra says:

        I downloaded PDF form but i am a bit confused about the procedure of identification.
        Can i use the option of video call (i have a german passport) or i have to visit a notary instead?

  2. Bridget says:


    I’m moving to Germany in late November, but I want to set up an account with Comdirect before i get there, as I won’t have stable address in Germany for sometime.
    I am Australian with an Irish passport. Is it possible for me to somehow do the video call option to show my ID or do I have to do the notary option instead? Thank you.

  3. Marek says:


    What is the current interest rate on Tagesgeld-PLUS account?

    Are the interest rates posted somewhere on the comdirect website?


    • Editorial Team says:


      Displayed prominently above in the article as well as at the end of the page you will find a direct link to the bank’s Tagesgeld offer. When you click the link, you will get directly to the proper site of the bank, where all important terms and conditions are stated, and from where you can start the account opening. You will also find the interest rate there.

      It would not make much sense to post the interest rate here, because it is subject to change and is also not particularly attractive. Comdirect is one of the best and most stable German banks … they do not need any savings deposits from customers (because contrary to other banks they only grant few loans).

      If you want to open a savings account with a higher interest rate, you can find it in this comparison:

      On this page we introduce the idea of how to become a customer with one of the best German direct banks via the way of opening a savings account and thus circumvent the credit check!

  4. Lukman says:


    I would like to open new account in Comdirect bank. My question is, that, there is in the application form and the “Feststellung von Identitat”, required information related to the “Steuer-Identifikationsnummer/TAN”, in our country there is no such number for the employee, just for firms, that they have and registered in the tax authority and they responsible to deduct the required tax amount from the employee’s salary and transfer it to the tax authority under their file registration number. I need your advice, what should I do in this regard to complete filling the forms.

    Thank you so much.


    • Editorial Team says:

      Stating the tax ID is important if you have a German tax ID. If there is no tax ID in your country, simply leave the field free.

  5. Thomas says:


    I would like to open Comdirect bank/share trading account as a joint account with my wife. /In case one spouse dies.
    The application does not have an option to specify the other person who would have an equal right to operate and own it.
    Any suggestions, please?
    Presently Polish resident.

    Kind Regards

    • Editorial Team says:

      Joint accounts are a usual ocurrance at Comdirect. Please discuss the details with the bank directly. Best of luck!

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