Current account with MasterCard in Germany

Opening an online account immediately

There are events in life or in the business world, in which you have to open an account immediately. But what can you do when the banks are closed or you are abroad?


The online account can be operated using the PC or Banking-App.

This page shows a solution that can be immediately implemented

Online account opening within 2 minutes

The Online account of PayCenter can be opened online within just two minutes, because only few data has to be stated when opening the account. Even the address data can be submitted later.

You need the following to open the account:

  • Name
  • Date of birth

For the bank account opening, you only have to state your name and date of birth. In order to obtain immediate access to the online banking, you state an e-mail address and specify a password.

Money can be transferred immediately

You will immediately receive your online account number (IBAN and BIC), so that you can make deposits by transferring funds right away.

Many people are helped with this super-fast account opening: The account number is instantly activated and the current account can receive money from the first minute. Also logging into the online banking system will work immediately.

All further steps can be performed calmly and on demand.

New account number for online account

Screenshot from the article with the instructions for account opening.

Things that can be made after the account opening

In order to use all functions of the online account (e.g. outgoing transfers, MasterCard), an identity check of the customer is required. This is determined by German law.

The identification is performed via PostIdent-procedure. Simply print out the PostIdent-coupon during the online banking or download it on your smartphone and visit a branch office of the Deutsche Post with your ID-card or passport. A staff member will help you to carry out the identification process. This procedure is free of charge.

Online account with prepaid MasterCard

Thanks to MasterCard, cash can be withdrawn all around the globe

The identification must be performed before you make the first outgoing transfers or use the MasterCard. Anyway, the MasterCard will only be sent, if an address was consigned.

The MasterCard can be sent to a different address

This shipping address can be freely chosen by you and does not have to match the one on your ID-card. The shipping of the MasterCard is possible to the abroad paying a postage fee.

It does not matter, whether the identification process is performed on the next day or in a few weeks, e.g. if you are currently not in Germany. Therefore, this online account is an interesting solution for expatriates and business people, who expect transfers to a German bank account and need an immediate solution.

The online account is opened and available for payments. The complete activation immediately takes place after the PostIdent, as the Deutsche Post forwards the result of the identification to PayCenter electronically.

The immediate account opening is also possible for companies

At the opening of a current account for a company, the name as well as the address of the company and, if necessary the commercial register number, have to be stated too. For companies in establishing, the field for the registration number remains empty.

Legal entities (e.g. GmbH (ltd.), UG (limited liability)) must have their company address in Germany. Private persons and business people can state an address in Germany or foreign country.

“Open the online account within 2 minutes”

Current account with MasterCard in Germany

Questions to the opening of the online account?

… please ask them using the comments box. We will try to help you best possible!

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