ING versus VW

Best credit lines in a comparison ✅

As you perhaps already know, I have a credit line at both of the following providers. They are by far the leading banks in this special segment!

Due to the fact that not every application is approved at the first time, this comparison helps you taking the decision at which bank you should apply first.

Questions? Help? ⤻ As usual at the end of this page!

ING Rahmenkredit
ING credit line
VW Rahmenkredit
VW FS credit line
Credit line in a one-on-one comparison
Account management (including application and online banking) free of charge! (without any conditions!)
Credit line € 2,500 up to 25,000 
existing customers can increase to up to € 50,000 
€ 2,500 up to 8,000 
existing customer can increase to up to € 25,000 
Interest rate 5.99 % 6.65 %
2.95 % for new customers in the first 12 months
Minimum installment none
only the interest, if the credit line is used
1 % of the overdraft facility
also only, if the credit line is used
Example: € 5,000  agreed on credit line, current use € 1,000 for 30 days
€ 4.86 € 50.00
Special repayment yes, at any time in the full amount!
Requirements for a successful application
Minimum requirements regular income (job, pension), older than 18 years, no negative Schufa-entries, place of residence in Germany
Acceptance of self-employed persons? yes, (but difficult, see details below) no
Start the application: Weiter zur Bank
Weiter zur Bank
Questions and supplements to the table are welcome and can be posted through the comments feature at the end of this page. Many thanks!

Help for our smart bank customers

1. When is the best time for an application?

Very easy:

When you really not need a loan!

Most often, it is the case that you are in a better situation, when you do not need money from a bank – in regard to creditworthiness, time and of course also personal pressure.

Best is to apply for a credit line anticipatorily and preventively. You apply in good times for the loan and only use it in times in which you need money!

With this, we approach the …

differences between an installment loan and credit line

Installment loan Credit line
Payment of the loan amount immediately to the full amount
at some providers also a date within 3 months can be agreed on
no automatic payment
when, the amount and how long you use the credit line, is entirely up to you
Special repayment yes, at some good ones yes, any time and any amount
Repeated payment no yes, always up to the maximum amount of the agreed credit line

That means:

You can arrange to set up a credit line for free!

You only have to bear costs, when you use the credit line. You pay relatively comprehensible interest. There are no further costs.

When you do not use the credit line, then there are no costs for you!

Once set up, however, you can fully use the credit line anytime you want – without prior notice or the like.

2. How can I apply for the credit line with the highest probability of approval?

For the application at the ING, I have elaborated a detailed instruction with many screenshots for you ► Open the step-by-step instruction.

You can also start with the application procedure right away and, if questions occur, read the instruction or ask for help using the comments feature.

If I would apply anew for the credit lines, then I would start with the ING again.

The following has proven successful:

  • Apply online.
    Nowadays, the online application form is pretty easy to fill.
  • Switch to offline.
    Submit your proof of salary physically through the mail. By doing so, you increase your chances on a credit line approval at least by 10 per cent! These are the experiences of our community.
    The bank offers the account check through a bot (this is a safe procedure to check your creditworthiness for the account), however, there are often challenges that lead to automized rejections.
    When bank employees check it manually, the success rate is better.

3. Other things that you need to know!

What you learned on this page applies to both top providers ING and VW FS – not to all the other banks out there that offer credit lines.

Banks often cancel credit lines or lower them, if they are not used! If you apply for the credit line at such a bank, you do not gain anything, but rather harm yourself.

At our two recommendations, you can leave the once set up credit line for years without using it – nothing will happen.

ING and VW set up your credit line for life!

We have made own experiences with credit lines and banks since 2010 and could tell you quite a lot more secrets.

But what will that be good for?

It is important for you to know, which providers are available for you permanently and uncomplicated, isn’t it?

These are the ones described in the article. You can look forward to updates through the Sunday mail being a frequent reader.

Please also enrich our community with your experiences with the credit line of ING and VW FS. For example through the comments feature at the end of the article.

What information is missing to complete the setup of the credit line today?

I am gladly available through the comments feature. Other smart bank customers or our community are also happy to help. They have earned my highest respect. A heartly thanks!

Supplement: What has motivated me to write the today’s article?

Some will perhaps say, “You have already shown us the great possibilities of credit lines several times – latest with Use the credit line strategically. Why again?“


  1. You now have a comparison of the both top providers.

  2. There are still so many people, who have never heard of it.

    This week, a reader, who has just joined us recently, asked whether one can also use the credit line for a job transition?

    Yes, of course you can do that. The use of the money is absolutely free to choose. The bank won’t ever ask for a proof of the money use.

    Unfortunately, this person was no longer in his old job. He is currently looking for a job.

    Looking for a job (= unemployed) is the worst possible time to apply for the credit line!

    If he would have applied for the credit line just one month earlier, he could have used it very well. The credit line does not end with being unemployed or when losing a salary.

    Once set up, it won’t be checked again, ever!

    One can even switch to being self-employed and can keep the credit line. Being a self-employed person or unemployed, you would not get a credit line in the amount of up to Euros 25,000 in the first step!

This is why it is so important to report about it from time to time in oder to show helpful ways!

It is my desire that people write to me in the coming months:

Hello dear Mr. Janecke,

many thanks for drawing my attention to the great possibilities of the credit lines. I have applied for them and got them. Besides a payment for testing and fast repayment, I have not used them in the past months/years. Why not? I did not need any additional money.

But just two weeks ago, XY has happened to me and I was really glad that I could immediately take advantage of the credit lines and solve the problem. Please keep on helping with your smart bank customer ideas!

A heartly pledge to you:

a) Take care of yourself and implement this precaution action!
b) Forward the link to this article to friends and acquaintances.

Many thanks!

Video to the article for you:

Setup of the credit line at:

Further smart bank customer articles:

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