Easy explanation of the Comdirect conditions – with checklist

The only way to get the starting balance!

Fact: Some banks with average current accounts offer a starting balance in order to gain customers that they would otherwise not be able to obtain through their offer and services.

starting balance at comdirect current account

The ad of the Comdirect to gain customers: comdirect.de.

For you as a customer, this will lead to an expensive bill, because you either:

  • have an account for years worse than possible
    and possibly pay back multiple times the starting balance through different charges
  • or change the current accounts permanently in order to get new starting balances, until you have ruined your Schufa rating, so that no acceptable bank is willing to open a current account for you.

From my practical experience, I know cases of both types!

Advice: Search for a perfect current account – if there is still a starting balance included, even better!

One of these accounts will be for many people the free current account with free Visa card of the Comdirect bank. We have described this account in different aspects on this special portal in numerous articles and developed practical instructions for you.

I will not write about the details of this account and credit card in this article. If you are still not familiar enough with the account, you may look at this German series of articles, before reading on.

Checklist for the maximum bonus of Euros 150

The Comdirect bank is a bank that values long-term customer relationships and wants to earn from the current account customers despite the free account management. There are banks that „cross finance“ the current accounts from other areas and therefore, they grant the starting balance laxly.

However, if you do not want to pay the „consecutively“ expensive bill, then have a look at this checklist before you make your decision on opening an account at the Comdirect.

You have to do the following to really get the money as a gift:

Type and amount of the bonus Condition to complete My comment
50 Euro Activation bonus

You get the first Euros 50 as soon as you actually start to use the current account.

The condition is completed, when you have 5 account entries in the first 3 months.

Each account entry of more than Euros 25 of transfers, deposits and withdrawals, ATM usage, credit card transactions or even securities bookings count.

The bonus will be credited in the 4th month after the account opening to your Comdirect current account.

This condition is easily completed. I myself have received the Euros 50.

50 Euro Account change bonus

This is very clever as the bank wants to achieve that you transfer your salary payment to the Comdirect account. The condition is: Submit proof that you have closed your former salary account. You have 3 months after the account opening for this step.

However, the Comdirect will help you with the change of the account and the transition of the payments. You can find out more in the personal area of the online banking of the Comdirect.

Actually, one cannot consider this a starting balance, but a compensation of expenses. Nevertheless, if you submit the proof on time, the bonus will also be credited in the 4th month after the account opening.

If you are interested in a true change of account and bank, then this is not a difficult condition to complete.

If you only need a second account, then it will only be the first Euros 50. No salary payments are required for this.

50 Euro Compensation for damage

Successful salesmen call this procedure “Risk Reversal”. If the product does not complete with the promised features, you will get your money back. With this, the prospect should have an easier time making the decision. This way, he/she does not have any risk.

If the product does not fulfil the promised, then you get the money back. This is, of course, a little more complicated than with a simple cleaning agent, but it does work. I know a former Comdirect customer in person, who really did receive this compensation for damage after closing the account.

He is no customer of the bank anymore and his new application for account opening was rejected. This is comprehensible, as it is one thing to invest money in form of a starting balance for a new customer relationship, and another thing to throw it down the drain.

However, if the occasion arises, here the conditions in order to receive the Euros 150 in total: The closing of the account may occur at least 12 months after the account opening, mentioning the reasons. Moreover, one must have received the other two bonuses. With this, the Comdirect ensures that one has really used the account and that the motivation for the account opening was not drawing the starting balances.

It is better, if you become a happy customer of the Comdirect.

However, the payout of the last Euros 50 (a total of Euros 150) really does exist, even if this only applies in rare cases.

Euros 100 or 150 in bonuses?

It is fair to say that a new customer will receive a gift of Euros 100 starting balance by the bank when he/she opens a current account and uses it as a salary account.

The other Euros 50 are some kind of compensation for damage, if you are really unhappy with the bank. However, this will happen in the rarest of cases.

Several people in my family are customers of the Comdirect – some since many years – and they are very pleased with the bank.
Although the DKB is our number one of the current accounts with their free current account-credit card model for more than 10 years, I have to admit that the telephone customer service at the Comdirect is clearly the winner!

Comdirect has a great customer service!

In principle, the DKB does not offer a starting balance and, therefore, cannot win this competition with the Comdirect from this point of view. At this point, I want to remind you of the beginning of this article: It depends on the correct account and if on top of that, one has the opportunity to get a bonus, one may accept this thankfully.

As you have seen the checklist, you really have to do something in order to get the starting balance for the current account of the Comdirect. This should attract real customers and no bank hoppers.

Moreover, as one impressively learns in the article Why you definitely need a second free current account, it is advisable to have both accounts simultaneously.

The question remains: which account should I open first?

“Yes, I want to become a Comdirect customer”

… and get the starting balance as a gift!


What experiences have you made with the starting balance?

Please feel free to enhance this page with your tips, recommendations and experiences through the comments box. Thank you for your commitment!

PS: What happens after the account opening? [Video in German language]

How to open the current account at the Comdirect correctly from within Germany and abroad

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  1. Rafa S says:

    Very interesting and even more helpful advice. As I’m looking to get a comdirect account to replace my main account from Deutsche Bank (I hate having to pay for the student account when I’m not raking in a salary), this couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Thank you! Such a wonderful and practical website, by the way.

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