For the children of DKB-customers:

Prepaid DKB Visa Card for Minors

The own DKB Visa Card for your Junior!

The own DKB Visa Card for your Junior!

What a lot of DKB-customers – who are parents too – do not know: They can open a free DKB-account with a Visa credit card.

DKB designates this offer as DKB Cash u18.

Free Offer for Minors!

When is a DKB-account for minors useful?

There are many useful implementations. I would like to describe three of them in detail, as many readers request them.

  • Pocket Money Account
  • Savings Account including Fund Savings Plan
  • Visa Card for Minors on the road (e.g. school trips)

1. Pocket Money Account

Of course, depending on age and personal interest, you can familiarize your child early with a bank account and card. You may set up a monthly standing order to transfer the pocket money – unfortunately, weekly is not yet possible at the DKB, however, that would be a good suggestion for the guys of the development.

Your child may then pay by Giro- or Visa Card. Moreover, free cash withdrawals from ATMs are possible, just like with the DKB current account for adults.

The accounts of minors are maintained on a credit basis. Therefore, overdrawing should not be possible.

DKB Cash u18

A great offer of the DKB for the children of its customers.

2. Savings Account including Fund Savings Plan

Just like with your Visa credit card, also for the balance on the account of minors will be paid interest at the call money interest rate. Thus your child has a savings account with a fair interest rate and monthly interest credits.

Interesting for some open-minded parents: The DKB Broker can be also set up for minors. Not necessarily to speculate in the stock market, but to set up a solid long-term Fund Savings Plan for your child.

At the DKB, there are absolutely no asset-based fees for that. So in the long run, this is a brilliant way to build wealth.

DKB Broker

A packed custodianship account also possible for minors!

3. Cash on the road

Nowadays, school trips and student exchanges cause that already 14 to 17 years old teenagers have to spend money abroad without their parents.

Often, one does not want to give the teenager all the possibly needed money in cash. If it gets lost, what then?

In the USA, traveler’s checks (can be ordered via DKB-Online-Banking) still represent an interesting alternative. However, in most countries – whether within the Euro-area or foreign currency countries – the Visa Card is most useful!

With the Visa credit card, one can pay cashless, quickly and electronically, as well as withdraw cash free of charge from all worldwide available ATMs with the Visa sign.

If the youngsters should urgently need more money, then the parents can take care of that quickly by transferring money on their Visa credit card.

The DKB Visa Card for minors is normally issued as a Prepaid version, so that only the money can be spend that was previously transferred to the credit card account. This is an important safety aspect.

DKB Visa Card in Colorado, USA

The free Prepaid Visa Card from DKB Cash u18 is the ideal means of payment that can be given to children on journeys, school trips or student exchanges to explore the whole world.

How to apply for the DKB-account for minors?

At least one parent must be a customer of DKB first. If you are not a customer of the DKB yet, then please, go ahead and apply for your own completely free account at the DKB:

Application process for existing DKB-customers

  1. As a DKB-customer, you may login to Online-Banking.
  2. On the left navigation side, go to Produkte (Products)Konten und Karten (Accounts and Cards) and then to DKB Cash u18. Here, you will see a list of the advantages of this type of account. Now click on „Open DKB Cash u18” and follow the application process.

Is there a minimum age for the u18 account?

No. As soon as the birth certificate is issued, you can open the account. Therefore, you may set up an investment savings plan for your baby and also arrange the issue of a Visa Card immediately.

Further questions about the DKB account for minors are welcome!

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