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Cash im Shop ► Withdraw cash at Rewe, Real or Penny free of charge ◄ without minimum purchase!

Last Saturday, I tested for you the new possibility of free cash withdrawals. My usual companion: the video camera.

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Free cash withdrawals in a comparison:

DKB Visa Card
Visa Card
Cash im Shop
Cash im Shop
Places of withdrawals? almost all ATMs with VISA-sign
these are about 99 % of all ATMs around the globe
more than 6,000 shops in Germany
e.g. Rewe, Real, Penny
Withdrawal amount? up to Euros 1,000 per day Euros 50 to 300 per day
Multiple withdrawals possible? yes yes
Fees? no, free of charge!
Foreign ATMs abroad sometimes charge a “direct customer fee / ATM-fee“ – the DKB has no influence on that
no, free of charge!
Cash im Shop (cash in the shop) does not replace the free cash withdrawals at the ATM, but extends your possibilities to get cash. Moreover, it increases the daily availability of Euros 1,000 to Euros 1,300 (both withdrawal methods combined)!

Instructions: How “Cash im Shop” works

In the video (above), you could see step-by-step, how I withdrew cash free of charge in the Rewe-supermarket. I have summarized the steps for you to read them here again.

  • Create barcode

    You can create the barcode by loggin into the banking-app of the DKB through the Smartphone (see video above) or the classic online banking on the PC. In both cases, you click in the main menu on the menu point “Cash im Shop” (cash in the shop).

    DKB Cash im Shop – Barcode erzeugen

    In the online banking, the sequence is the following. In the banking-app, it is the same way, however, the presentation is more compressed.

    Follow the menu instructions.

    You can choose a withdrawal amount of Euros 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300.

    If you want to create another barcode within 24 hours for payment, only the non-used amounts are available. In this case, a barcode in the amount of Euros 150 has already been created. For the next barcode, one can choose Euros 50, 100 or 150.

    Auszahlungsbetrag bei Cash im Shop

    The same presentation can be found in a compressed form on the Smartphone / iPhone (see video above).

    The next step is to confirm the planned withdrawal with a TAN.

    Done, the barcode for withdrawal has been created.

    Barcode von Cash im Shop

    You can save the barcode created through online banking and then print or send it by e-mail. This is also possible on the Smartphone / iPhone.
    Moreover, you can get shown a map with the closest paying checkouts including opening hours.

  • Go to the supermarket checkout

    If you do not know, where the closest site of a cooperating checkout is, you can use the interactive map in the online banking system, as well as in the banking-app.

    Standorte von Barzahlen-Kassen

    Sites of paying checkouts are shown with a “B”. If you click on this “B”, an info field opens with the name of the shop, address and the opening hours. Very useful!

    At the checkout, you present the printed barcode or show the barcode on the Smartphone / iPhone.

    DKB Cash im Shop App offen

    You can take the barcode with you in the form you prefer – presented here on the Smartphone (left) and as a DIN-A4-print (right).

    Scanning the code has not worked in my cases, but that does not matter. At the checkout, you always have the possibility to enter the digits below the bars manually into the checkout. Both codes bear the same information.

    Next, the checkout system shows an amount with a minus sign, what could surprise the staff member at the checkout during the first times. But everything is ok. One gets this amount paid in cash. Additionally, one gets a receipt of the withdrawal.

    Always stay friendly and cool 🙂

    Please be friendly with the checkout staff. Especially during the beginning of “Cash im Shop”, people could wonder about the request to withdraw money. In all our cases, the checkout staff was willing to try it and it worked flawlessly every time.

    Barzahlen: Bargeld und Kassenzettel

    Photo of my test withdrawals: cash and receipt.

  • Done, what now?

    By redeeming the code (coupons) at the supermarket checkout, the generated code disappears in the online banking / the banking-app in real time. This way, one can be sure that there won’t be a double payment.

    Moreover, one can see the withdrawal in the account transactions even on the weekend.

    Barzahlen auf dem Kontoauszug

    The withdrawal through “Cash im Shop” is shown as an online transfer to the service provider “” in the transfer overview.

Questions on the sequence?

I would be pleased to help you with my experiences. At best, you enter your question into the comments box at the end of this page. There, you can also report your experiences – for the benefit of other readers –.

I have kept the first video above intentionally short. If you want, there will be a second and more comprehensive video about the new money withdrawal method “Cash im Shop”. The questions and experience shared through the comments box will influence the content of the video. With e-mail address, you will be informed with preference as soon as the new video is completed.

Further articles that help to use the DKB-account even more effective:

PS: In order to use “Cash im Shop“, you must be a current account customer of the DKB. How to open the account for free, can be seen here.

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  1. Dramil says:

    Thank you very much for the demonstration. I think this will be more and more common specially if banks starts to apply fees to their Automates.
    I don’t fully understand German, but in a report in TV, they said something about banks searching for new sources of income including applying fees to withdrawals (the report was on N-Tv). So, it might be sooner than we think.

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