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Is the Quantum-Financial-System around the courner?

Die Kunst über Geld nachzudenken André Kostolany, one of my role models from my youth, said:

Yes, our financial system is a fraud – but a damn good one!

He did not see – during his time – any better alternative.

Are we more evolved today?

  • Some say no

    They say, “If the existing financial system will break down, there will be death and chaos. Banks will close. Supply chains will break down. Everyone will become poor and many will starve to death.

    One works with the proven means of fear.

    This means has proven being the most successful throughout centuries – as you can also determine in the crisis of the past year.

    Moreover, this thesis is especially represented by people, who profit directly or indirectly from the existing system and, of course, by those who have repeatedly heard it through several types of media and now regurgitate it.

  • But some others say yes

    They recognize the performances of the time of the unsecured papel-money-currencies. Many mammoth projects would simply not have been possible without a flood of money created out of almost nothing. However, there is also a downside to the power system of the partially private law central banks.

    One has attributed the statement, “As long as I have control over a certain currency, I don’t care who rules”, to the former representant of the Rothschild-dynasty Mayer Amschel Rothschild. His family was substantially involved in founding the banks that create bank notes on American land.

    People, who say “yes”, think that it is time for a change.

    A big accordance is present in the desire to have new currencies that cannot be manipulated and cannot be used as a weapon. (Note for the low-brow reader: There are several books about currency wars that document the development of such.)

    The new money system should serve the people and the environment and should fit to the region in which it is used. It should be based on true values.

    Herein, one works with the means of hope, which is, of course, effective with many people, who currently feel deprived and want an improvement. Around the globe, this would be the bigger group!

Working title, “Quantum Financial System” (QFS)

The working title of the new version with which we will exchange our financial values in the future, is called “Quantum Financial System”. It should consist in “computer science” that cannot be manipulated.

Also other advantages sound perhaps like balm on the wounds of formerly tormented bank customers:

  • free account management
  • free worldwide payments
  • no interest (no overdraft facility interest, however, no interest on balance either)
  • immediate transaction credit notes or outgoing notes – around the globe in real time.

Thinking further: What effects will such a system have?

In the same context, regular business models with practical relevance will be challenged by us bank customers with a Quantum Financial System, because if there won’t be any fees for payments anymore, then Visa, Mastercard and American Express will have to come up with something. Their systems will probably be able to dock on the QFS – is it even meaningful to make business in an interest-free and fee-free system!

If someone of our readers has invested in shares of these companies, questions about the impairment of his/her investment arise … and again fear is created:

Perhaps it is better to hold on to the old system, so that everything will remain as it was?

What will happen?

How the future will look like, can I, being an investor, author and networker, perhaps only wish – but not know. We will write the future together or will let it be written for us. Depending on how active or passive we are.

If you take a look at what several “futurologists” write, then there is a high probability that more will happen according to the voluntary action.

For example, one will work in teams for a certain project and when this is done, new teams will be arranged, depending on the task. In some parts, we already have it. This will be even more self-determined after overcoming strong “employee rights” in some European countries.

Perhaps one can also make up the thought that there is a voluntary action as a collective, whether we cling on the old financial system that is repeatedly tinkered with new rescue packages or whether we are open for something new.

Does the Quantum Financial System already exist?

Apparently, the Quantum Financial System is already running in the background since some time and it ready for use at any time needed, if the old breaks down or gives back. Thanks to the worldwide digitalization, all accounts and payment flows are known around the globe!

Every individual could voluntarily give part of the old financial system back by exchanging currency (banknotes or account balance) with a material asset.

Of course, one can buy expensive collection watches or Oldtimers – but I don’t understand anything about it and it does not seem really meaningful for the general public. Even gold, the classic save haven currency in the paper money age does not seem appropriate to me for everyone.

But what about silver?

Doesn’t people say that silver is the poor man’s gold?

Wasn’t silver part of our coins, before it was exchanged by cheap metal, just like paper money?

Until 1974, the 5-Mark-coins in the federal republik contained 7 grams of fine silver. These would be worth Euros 5 at the time of publishing this article!

If you would exchange the coin as the old currency D-Mark at the federal bank, you would only get Euros 2.56. Not even mentioning that you were able to get a meal in a restaurant for D-Mark 5 back in 1974 and today, you only get a pizza from the freezer box at the discount store.

Silbermünzen heute

I particularly like the American investment coin “Silver Eagle”, because it says “Liberty” on the front side. Is it an embossed freedom compared to the debt money system?

Let’s continue with silver

In order to really give a part of the old system back, it is important to buy “physical silver”. That means: silver in the form of coins or ingots. There is a whole bunch of certified online shops that sell such investment silver and send it safely to your desired address. For example ► ✅

Silber kaufen

Every coin, every ingot, every gram of silver counts that finds it way back again into the family!

What to do at higher amounts?

At higher amounts, you can think of letting the physical silver be stored in high security vaults abroad (Switzerland, Canada, Singapur). I personally use this provider since years:

BullionVault Konto

This is the market place (order platform) at BullionVault. On the right side, you can place purchase orders, for example at a certain price.

What do you think of it? What did you implement?

Silberkaufen I am looking forward to read your ideas and success stories through the comments feature. Perhaps there will also be some pictures, just like the reaction to the article with the concluding idea that #silversqueeze is a bit like demonstrating against the establishment!

Please feel free to share this article. A hearty thanks!

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