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Secret: Whether you get a loan in Germany often depends on where you apply for it!

Have you ever noticed that you have to state your exact income at the loan application, but not your expenses? In any case, except for the actual rent costs or possible installments of existing loans.

This is due to the fact that banks substract the expenses of the loan applicant with lump sums within the “expenditure account”.

Do all banks calculate with the same lump sums?


Every bank or bank group has he freedom of defining the lump sums for itself. These lump sums can be quite different, as the following example will show you:

Pauschalen beim Kredit

Clear example: At bank B, our sample family would not have any financial leeway for a loan – Bank A sees Euros 600 as freely available income, which could be used for possible loan installments.

What does that mean for the success of your loan application?

If you do not know what lump sums are used by your preferred bank or your main bank, then it is meaningful to use a professional loan intermediary who knows these facts.

In our newsletter, we have already discussed Smava several times. Smava is such a professional loan intermediary.

The main task of Smava consists in:

Matching interested loan parties and banks

Banks (most often) want to grant loans, because banks earn a lot of money through them. Even if your bank possibly does not tell you about the lump sums, Smava knows them to achieve a perfectly fitting “business” for everyone.

That means for you – and this is my recommendation:

Use Smava for finding your desired loan. Through the application through Smava, a dataset is produced from your desired loan and this is matched with the lump sums and further criteria of banks.

In your personal “Dashboard“ at Smava, you get banks suggested, which would generally finance your dataset.

Now it is up to you at which bank you want to submit your loan application. In the best of cases, you will receive several suggested banks and can then take care of the subtleties, such as special repayments, etc.

Advantage: You only apply for a loan at a bank that wants to finance you!

That saves you a lot of time and unnecessary rejections!

What else can we learn from the graph?

The longer the term, the higher the probability of a loan approval


  • Because the longer the term, the lower the monthly installment.
  • The lower the monthly installment, the higher the freely available monthly income.
  • The higher the freely available income, the more probable it is that there won’t be problems with the repayment of the loan (additionally, the bank earns for a longer time and therefore it earns more interest).
  • … and the more probable that the bank grants a loan!

Further reasons for a loan-granting bank through Smava

In most cases, you will receive financing from a bank with which you have not had a business relationship. The bank concludes the loan contract with you and is, in most cases, only interested in this loan. You will not be further bothered by the bank.

These banks often are also cheaper than local banks, because they do not have employees to “check” your account transactions. The supposed advantage, “My bank on site knows me well”, often is quite a disadvantage for the client. A banker knows a lot about you when taking a peek into your payment transactions – sometime more than you like. 😉

Moreover – whether it is permitted or not: it often happens that people are impeded from switching the current account, if they have a current loan at the main bank. An external bank really does not care, if you will switch to a cheaper current account in the future.

Please do not make yourself dependent from a bank; work with different providers for different areas!

True to the motto: Go where you are treated well. In the case of this article, it is a bank with low living lump sums and good conditions. In most cases, you do not know this bank yet.

Therefore my recommendation: Determine the perfect bank for you through the service of Smava. Even if you e.g. know that the ING is good with loans, do it anyway. Perhaps you will end up with the ING after the professional matching – perhaps you will also be surprise which will be higher ranked in your suggested banks.

Even if the ING generally is good, there are datasets that it does not finance. You, being the customer, do not know that beforehand.

Want to start?

The yellow implementation button is ready for you. If you have a question or supplement, please feel free to use the comments feature at the end of this page. Thanks!

Good luck for the implementation of your desired loan!

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