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Comparison: DKB + ING + Comdirect

Comparison: DKB + ING + Comdirect

26.2.2021:  “Our” three main current account banks have adjusted their conditions in order to maintain themselves for the future. As there are partially changes on the way for us bank customers, you can see the new detailled comparison here:   DKB ING Comdirect Account management fee per month free of charge free of charge if fulfilling one of … read more

Is the Quantum-Financial-System around the courner?

22.2.2021:  André Kostolany, one of my role models from my youth, said: Yes, our financial system is a fraud – but a damn good one! He did not see – during his time – any better alternative. Are we more evolved today? Some say no They say, “If the existing financial system will break down, there will be death and … read more


Trade Republic stops the squeeze and then apologizes to us …

15.2.2021:  Most of our readers did not catch it or have only observed it a little. We will address this case in our Sunday-mail, because it could be pioneering for the future. What happened? (rough summary) Most private investors buy shares and leave them. Their gain consists in the regular dividend payments (when the companies distribute profits among … read more

dkb change

DKB Changes: Cancel account? Or open it now more than ever!?

8.2.2021:  The DKB with more than 4.5 million customers – main product is the free current account “DKB Cash” – is the German “bank leader”. When it changes some decisive conditions, then similar conditions change at other direct banks shortly after. However, they were most often not able to keep pace. Whether this also applies to the current changes, we … read more

P Konto Germany

Open a "P-Konto" (account with seizure protection) in Germany

25.1.2021:  This is our recommendation for a secure “P-Konto” (account with seizure protection) – why and the background in the article. The most important data briefly: Withdrawing cash free of charge around the globe (1 × month) Incoming transfers free of charge (5 × month, then 50 cent each) Payments in Euros with the Mastercard are always free of charge … read more

loan lump sums germany

Secret: Whether you get a loan in Germany often depends on where you apply for it!

8.12.2020:  Have you ever noticed that you have to state your exact income at the loan application, but not your expenses? In any case, except for the actual rent costs or possible installments of existing loans. This is due to the fact that banks substract the expenses of the loan applicant with lump sums within the “expenditure account”. … read more

Open Free Current Account with Branch

Free Current Account with Branch Office in Germany

2.12.2020:  Yes, many of us do not need a branch office bank anymore and therefore we have a DKB or ING account. Nevertheless, there are people who prefer the personal contact for some bank services. This article has been produced for them. Of course, we all can take part in it and supplement it using the comments feature … read more

free business account Germany

Fyrst: Free Business Account in Germany

1.10.2020:  With great joy, I find out that there is currently an increasing number of sideline business creations. This is a good sign for the future. Even if business creations are implemented in front of the uncertainty of a crisis, they can develop a whole lot of positive energy that so far bystanders come to have better thoughts … read more

arbeitslos meldung

Unemployed? You, being customer, have to report that to the ING!

28.9.2020:  At first, we thought it is a bad joke – but it is not April anymore. About the facts: New reporting obligation about the change of the employment relationship, AGB (Terms and Conditions) 11 (6) The newly introduced Paragraph 6 of Number 11 of the General Terms and Conditions – valid from the 1st of November – stipulates … read more

corona loan

"Corona-Loan" for private persons

22.9.2020:  Many of our subscribers of various years have already set up their personal credit line system. The key to it is the 5-credit-lines-system as a supplement to our account system. Perhaps you are not with us since long or have been guided to our smart bank customer community through a recommendation. This article shows you how to … read more

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