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Rahmenkredit (Framework Credit) ► How I got 25,000 Euro - immediately ... and how you can do that, too!

31.7.2017:  In this article I will show you, how I have received – despite a not particularly high income[1] – a framework credit in the amount of 25,000 Euro immediately after the online-application. You will learn how to do this as well, and why the set-up of a framework credit (in German: Rahmenkredit) makes sense. The Best: The … read more


Open an Account at DKB or ING-DiBa?

30.6.2017:  When one wants to open a new free giro account, it makes sense to perform a comparison between DKB and ING-DiBa, because: They are the two leading direct banks. One has the most customers in total, and the other has the most (free) Visa cards in the customers’ wallets. There is an important reason for those two … read more

onlinekonto english

Open Current Account in Germany! (English speaking)

12.5.2017:  Finally, the time has come: From now on, you can open a current account in Germany, which: is completely available in English language: Procedure of the account opening Online banking Customer service (phone/e-mail) Includes a MasterCard (individual card design possible) Includes a DE-IBAN (important, if you want to apply for a loan in Germany) Can even be … read more

car loan germany

Car loan in Germany

28.3.2017:  More than 95% of all new car purchases in Germany are financed. Used cars are bought in cash or also financed with a car loan depending on their conditions. More and more banks show themselves open to the financing of used cars. On this page you will learn: the most important requirements for a successful loan application … read more

emergency visa card

Emergency Visa Card by German DKB bank

23.3.2017:  In the afternoon, I reported the loss of my card to the hotline, three hours later, I received the emergency cash and in the morning, the emergency-Visa-Card arrived by express messenger. What had happened? On the way to the USA, my DKB Visa Card got lost. Stolen or lost? I do not know. After searching through all … read more

DKB Julia

Experiences with the DKB-credit card

6.3.2017:  Last summer, Julia (22) came asking for advice to this special portal and as a consequence of her subscription to the Sunday mail, a nice exchange regarding the most adecuate credit card for her upcoming stay in the USA arose. Free, but powerful! Back then, I recommended her two thrilling credit cards. Julia opted for the DKB. … read more


Overdraft facility immediately at account opening – even without incoming salary transfer!

3.2.2017:  For someone, who attaches importance to a good overdraft facility, the free current account of the ING-DiBa is an outstanding option, because: the amount of the overdraft facility is generally three times (!) the monthly salary payment the overdraft facility is valid to its full amount from the day of account opening (immediate overdraft facility) the actual … read more

international transfers

International wire transfers

30.1.2017:  by Christian Funke In the context with international wire transfers, there are myths, uncertainties and a whole bunch of terms that are not sorted at all. Finally, high costs are created that should not have been necessary. Without a detailed knowledge, it is difficult to ensure that the receiver gets the exact amount, even if one bears … read more

DKB Question

Reader's question answered through video

24.1.2017:  Today in the video, I am answering some question of our reader Thomas, who dealt intensively with the smart use of the DKB-account. I am sure that the questions and answers will be thrilling and useful for many people. Moreover, you will experience me in another environment, as I am currently on a research-trip in Paraguay. Here … read more

Comdirect Account Opening

Complete Comdirect account opening

11.1.2017:  If you are facing the decision of opening a free current account at the Comdirect Bank – optionally with extras – then this article should be interesting for you. Experiences of my own account opening at the Comdirect Through this “landingpage”, I have started my account opening procedure: You need about 7 minutes, if you apply … read more

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