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open free current account

Open free current account ► without ◄ salary transfer (but with credit card)

15.11.2017:  More and more banks turn the salary payment –, partially even with a certain minimum amount –, into a requirement for the free account management. Well, and many banks generally charge account management fees or fees for the cards. Is there a free alternative? Yes! It exists … and you will find out all the important details about it. … read more

rahmenkredit strategy

Apply for a credit line before (!) instalment loan – plan the financings of your life strategically!

3.11.2017:  Just like it is meaningful to build asset with a strategy, it is meaningful to build financing options strategically for life. Never heard of it? No wonder. As in any area in life, there is also little known, partially hidden knowledge when dealing with the personal finances. In our circle of smart bank customers, we reveal such … read more

deposit cash

Deposit machine ► Deposit cash free of charge to the account!

24.10.2017:  Withdrawing and depositing cash free of charge is often the reason to not cancel a generally expensive current account at a branch bank. Some people, who switched to the free current account of the DKB have made different experiences now. They can dispose free of charge of currently of 16 deposit machines and around the clock, to … read more

DKB or Norisbank

Open account at the DKB or Norisbank?

16.10.2017:  As a frequent reader, you know that the DKB is our clear favourite since many years. Today, we have for you the direct comparison with the Norisbank – with the Norisbank, because this bank received most votes from you at the last voting! Moreover, the Norisbank issues a free credit card of the type Mastercard. Besides the … read more

DKB Visa Card

DKB refunds foreign transaction fee

30.9.2017:  If you like to go travelling, when you visit other countries, then the DKB Visa Card has been made for you. It costs no annual fee, the DKB does not charge fees for withdrawing at the ATM and even refunds the foreign transaction fee. DKB: the most recommended credit card for journeys! How the thing with the … read more

rahmenkredit or ratenkredit

Framework Credit (Rahmenkredit) vs. Installment Credit (Ratenkredit) in Germany

8.9.2017:  Some of our recurring readers are very familiar with the differences and advantages. Please help to complete this article via the comments feature. To all (potential) credit seekers: This article is for you. We hope it will help you to get the best financing form at an advantageous interest rate. Before you conclude the credit contract, please … read more

amex payback germany

AMEX Payback in Germany: Is it smart to take the points?

24.8.2017:  On this page, you will find out in detail, why the American Express Payback Card obviously is a good credit card for smart bank customers. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the card and find out at the end of the article, why it is meaningful to collect the Payback-points. The advantages of the card … read more

framework credit

Rahmenkredit (Framework Credit) ► How I got 25,000 Euro - immediately ... and how you can do that, too!

31.7.2017:  In this article I will show you, how I have received – despite a not particularly high income[1] – a framework credit in the amount of 25,000 Euro immediately after the online-application. You will learn how to do this as well, and why the set-up of a framework credit (in German: Rahmenkredit) makes sense. The Best: The … read more


Open an Account at DKB or ING-DiBa?

30.6.2017:  When one wants to open a new free giro account, it makes sense to perform a comparison between DKB and ING-DiBa, because: They are the two leading direct banks. One has the most customers in total, and the other has the most (free) Visa cards in the customers’ wallets. There is an important reason for those two … read more

onlinekonto english

Open Current Account in Germany! (English speaking)

12.5.2017:  Finally, the time has come: From now on, you can open a current account in Germany, which: is completely available in English language: Procedure of the account opening Online banking Customer service (phone/e-mail) Includes a MasterCard (individual card design possible) Includes a DE-IBAN (important, if you want to apply for a loan in Germany) Can even be … read more

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