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Schufa-free current account

Open a Schufa-free current account …?

29.8.2020:  Yes of course, our subscribers already have a fabulous main account and many already a secondary account as well. It is also known that “too many” current accounts that are entered into the Schufa or a too fast switch (probably) do not have a very good impact on it. Advice: Do not switch “Schufa-entry-required” current accounts too … read more

bitwala sparkasse

Bitwala or 1822direkt (Sparkasse)?

18.8.2020:  Of course, this is a hypothetical question, with which we hope to initiate an interesting discussion through the comments feature. Before doing that, we will take a look into the comparison of the accounts of Bitwala and 1822direkt, a new connecting link between the digital currency industry and the real banking system, as well as a “granny-bank” … read more

DKB open account

… before you open a DKB-account!

12.8.2020:  There are two use options: main account sideline account (secondary account, housekeeping account, vacation account, reserve account, etc.) You won’t find such a division in the price-service-listing. The division is made with the use. This is most obvious at the limits. Use the secondary account with the functionality of a main account? You can find tips at … read more

secret loan

Secret loan from a bank abroad – discrete option for smart bank customers?

8.8.2020:  Even if the here presented option is nothing for you today, please do not discard it immediately. Keep this page in the back of your head or save it. You can also recommend it to others. Many thanks! A. Few known backgrounds are coming to the light A.1 People with a “negative Schufa” Yes, there are people … read more

Aufsteiger Training English

1,000 days of Aufsteiger-Training (Achiever) – Peek through the key hole

1.8.2020:  When the first interested parties from the circle of smart bank customers watched the opening presentation in early 2017, the goal was clear: Achieve the financial freedom within (only) 7 years! The steps between were not clear back then. However, some people have contributed, people who already went down that path. This is similar to a mountain … read more

N26 customers

Open account at N26 – yes or no?

18.7.2020:  149 smart bank customers have participated in our survey about N26 and have reported about their experiences with the bank N26. Thank you very much for everything! On this page you receive the prepared evaluation. We hope that it will be a good base for taking your decision, whether you will decide for an account opening – or … read more

Prämie Norisbank

€ 100 Bonus for an account opening account use …

6.7.2020:  Get Euros 100 from the Norisbank as a bonus for the account opening + active use? If you want it, click here ► ✅ What do you have to do to get Euros 100? You have to open the current account online. You have to use the online account switching service and redirect at least 5  … read more

dkb account

Open the DKB as a secondary account and use it meaningfully with overdraft facility!

25.6.2020:  Of course, I am a fan of the DKB and use its account since 2004 as my main bank account. However, there are people, who already have a good bank account and only want to (provisionally) open a secondary account at the DKB and use it. For you, this article has been divided into 3 acts. Act … read more

Kurzarbeit Loan

Loan at "Kurzarbeit" short-time work?

9.6.2020:  Since 2017 – and especially notable during autumn 2019 and in the early 2020 – we showed our fans how to get set up a free credit line as a provision. Costs (interest) would only apply at its use. Up to this point of time, you would have created a provision for an emergency in a meaningful and free … read more

Richard Banks Transferwise

Open secondary account abroad

18.5.2020:  Open the free account at TransferWise » The primary motivation of this article is not getting money abroad in order to remain able to act in the case of an account blocking – for whatever reason –but to build a second line in order to be able to act at technical defects. The technical failures have become more frequent … read more

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