Is the Commerzbank an alternative throughout Germany?

Free Current Account with Branch Office in Germany

Yes, many of us do not need a branch office bank anymore and therefore we have a DKB or ING account.

Nevertheless, there are people who prefer the personal contact for some bank services. This article has been produced for them. Of course, we all can take part in it and supplement it using the comments feature at the end of this page. Especially those who have already chosen the Commerzbank for themselves.

Commerzbank: kostenloses Girokonto eröffnen

The most interesting facts about the Commerzbank current account

On the 1st of October 2020, the Commerzbank has implemented their changes of conditions, so that you now have a certain planning security:

  • Free account management at a minimum incoming money flow of Euros 700
    monthly. Up to this point of time, it was Euros 1,200 monthly.
  • Free cash supply in Germany at the ATMs of the Commerzbank + Cashgroup without a minimum withdrawal amount
  • Free cash deposits through the machines in the bank branch offices (coins and bills)
  • Personal contact at individual questions through phone, e-mail and branch office!
  • Fast account opening online:

Advantage compared to the DKB and ING?

If you have a question on the account after the account opening, you can always visit the nearest branch office. Likewise, you can make a free cash withdrawal and deposit there. For this purpose, you can find several machines – depending on the size of the branch office – in the entrance hall.

It is partially easier to open an account at the Commerzbank. It is said that the acceptance criteria are not as strict as at a direct bank. Would you try it?

Nevertheless, branch office and online business – even if at different banks – are a meaningful supplement to each other!

Commerzbank as a building block in an account system

Who deals more in details with the condition models of the banks observed by us will find out that it is best for the individual to assemble the own personal account system. For example, this could look as follows:

Commerzbank im Konto-System

Links to further providers:

In order to reach the cost freedom, some of our smart bank customers have set standing orders “in a circle”. Why not? As long as it is compliant with the conditions of the banks, it is legitimate.

It is best for all, if you focus on the best conditions of the providers, use them and recommend them to others … as done through our Sunday mail with steady updates and usage tips.

How does your account system look like?

Let us and other smart bank customers take part in it and you can also get further tips from the community through the comments feature.

A hearty thanks for your commitment!

Alternatives to the Commerzbank

If it should be a national branch office bank, the Postbank also comes into my mind. Even this bank had to suffer quite a bit in the past months. But which bank didn´t?

Most of our readers will decide for a mixture of individually assembled banks in the end. See comments feature. 🙂

Further articles regarding “building an account system”

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4 Responses to “Free Current Account with Branch Office in Germany”

  1. andrei says:

    Hello Richard,
    about the minimum inflow of 700 EUR/month:

    Do you know if this new minimum applies to older Commerzbank accounts also (where it used to be 1200 EUR)?


    • Richard Banks says:

      Sorry, I don’t know that. Do you have such an account? You can ask the bank about your account and perhaps ask for a change to the new conditions model. Changes to the new are usually very easy at most banks, reverse changes are not.

  2. Tommy says:

    Hello. I live Scandinavia/EU and yes I have since 2017 Fidor account my salary coming there but I’m not live Germany. Can I apply Commerzbank secondary account. I guess not have to live Germany.

    • Richard Banks says:

      Correct. For a successful account opening, a residence or at least an address in Germany is a requirement.

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