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Apply for the Gebührenfrei Mastercard Gold and use it smartly – my experiences

Introduction: As we can recognize the new trend that Visa cards and Mastercards are not issued or are only issued for a fee as “true” credit cards at current account holding directs banks, such as the Comdirect, DKB or ING, it is again time to look for supplements.

One option could be the “gebührenfrei Mastercard Gold” (fee-free Mastercard Gold) by the Advanzia Bank. Before you read the ideas and experiences of our guest author Simon Martin, you can find the biggest advantages and disadvantages summarized here for you:

Plus-points: Pay attention:
permanently free credit card
(= no annual fee)
up to 7 weeks interest-free term of payment high loan interest (currently 19.44 % p.a.), if you use the partial payment feature
worldwide free cash withdrawals high loan interest (currenlty 19.44 % p.a.) at cash withdrawals from the withdrawal until the account settlement
no foreign transaction fee  
free emergency replacement card
free replacement card
free replacement-PIN (secret number)
24/7 customer service through phone and e-mail
Mastercard gebührenfrei beantragen

Apply for the fee-free Mastercard ► ✅

Ideas + experiences with the “Gebührenfrei Mastercard”

by Simon Martin

In this guest article, I want to present a “free” credit card for everyone, who likes to travel abroad or for people, who experience bottlenecks in their current account. The credit card is also worthwhile, if you want to build a good credit line.

Why this card / What caused me to choose it?

Since quite some time, I was searching for a credit card that offered me payments abroad without foreign transaction fee. During my research, I coincidentally found a YouTube-video by Susanne …

1. Here you can read our first article about the card (if not yet done).
2. Here you can directly go to the credit card provider ► (thrilling offer for informed bank customers).

… which is about the “gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD”. This video caught my interest and as a consequence, I took a detailled look at the offer.

The conditions of the card and the friendly service have convinced me completely.

The loan application

I entered my data including net income online. Three days later, Mastercard approved my application and granted me an initial credit line of Euros 1,500 , which increased by another Euros 200 after checking my proof of salary by the loan provider.

About 2 weeks after the application, I got the “gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD” with my activation ticket that had to be sent back signed to Mastercard. The according PIN was sent in a separate letter shortly after the card.

Usage of the credit card and building my credit line

I use the card alternatively to my Girocard, e.g. for the weekly grocery shopping, refuelling, payments on the Internet and for payments abroad. After 2.5 months, my credit line was increased to Euros 2,300.

Another 2 months later, the credit line doubled to Euros 4,600. The latest increase to Euros 6,000 took place in January 2021.

Credit line can be build rapidly and easily

The credit card settlement

The credit card settlement always arrived between the 4th and 7th of each month. I had to transfer the pending loan until every 20th of the month. Herein, you have the possibility of a partial payment. This is currently 19.44 % p.a.
Deposits into the credit card account are possible at any point of time.

Mastercard Abrechnung

In the meantime, I use the Mastercard for my daily payments, as you can see here.

My conclusion of the “Gebührenfrei Mastercard Gold”

Without any doubt, the Advanzia credit card is one of the best deals within credit cards for journeys, because the fee-freedom and the permanently missing annual fee are in combination with the low requirements of the creditworthiness only hard to beat.

However when choosing this card, you have to pay attention to not fall into an interest-trap of the card. Nevertheless, if you use the card as described and therefore avoid the high costs, you obtain an almost unbeatable package completely free of charge.

… almost unbeatable package completely free of charge.

Questions and supplements?

Please use the comments feature at the end of this article, a hearty thanks!

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Video by the portal-founder about the article and the fee-free credit card:

Apply for the “Mastercard gebührenfrei” (fee-free Mastercard) ► ✅
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