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Credit line

Credit line: Before you resign your job or get fired

4.12.2019:  The press does not report a lot about it yet (only about the job cuts in the automobile industry) that the economy anticipates to cool down. Some readers will be hit in the coming months, others don’t. But do you know who beforehand? In this article, you receive the instruction on how to draw a financial security … read more

Amazon Visa Card Germany

Amazon VISA: The best card for Germany and the Euro-zone?

14.11.2019:  Guest article by Peter Let’s be honest: Probably everyone has seen the advertising for the Amazon VISA Card at the „Checkout“. When the card was offered with an initial bonus of € 70 for Prime customers, I have taken advantage of it in October 2018 and have ordered the card for me. Issuer is the Landesbank Berlin … read more

Schufa-free Loan

The „Schufa-free Loan“ for wealthy individuals

5.11.2019:  Let’s start with 3 questions: Is a good Schufa score usually important for the successful application of a loan and are all necessary data about the loan gathered at the Schufa? Yes! Are all loans entered into the Schufa? No – but most of them. Can it be meaningful to have a credit line, which is not … read more

How to withdraw € 25,000 being a DKB-customer

29.10.2019:  You won’t find the following in the price and service listing of the bank, but it works. Oliver, participant of our Achiever Training, has tested it some days ago and the photos were also taken by him. How does it work? Very simple: You call the DKB-customer service in the timeframe from Monday to Friday between 8 … read more

rahmenkredit now

Best credit line: Ensure it now!

4.10.2019:  The article Credit line – how I got Euros 25,000 immediately and you can get it too became legendary in the meantime and, if you do not know it already, it is absolutely a reading recommendation. In this article, I share my experiences with the credit line with you and you get two variants of a “plan B”. … read more

Get the money back from Canada

Get the money back from Canada

2.9.2019:  There are people, who have bought a property in Canada years ago and have resold it in the meantime. Now, the money is in a Canadian bank. How can you get it back? This article presents a solution that I use myself. Of course, it is also valid for other money transfers. TransferWise, my best service provider … read more

Account and credit card for domestic help

Account and credit card for domestic help

24.8.2019:  About four million households get help for cleaning, cooking, shopping and childcare creating sideline jobs. Does your help also go grocery shopping for you or would that be an idea for supplementing this service? This article may inspire you and you receive a specific instruction on how to make your financial accounting much easier, hence you obtain … read more

DKB free account opening

Open another free DKB-account

16.8.2019:  For most readers, it will be the 2nd DKB-account … however, the shown below also applies to the 3rd or 4th free account at the DKB. If you not yet have an account, then open your first DKB current account ► here. If you potentially need further accounts, you already know that you start at the right bank. … read more

Comparison: DKB ⇌ TransferWise

Comparison: DKB ⇌ TransferWise

27.7.2019:  Requested by our community: Comparison of the DKB current account with Visa Card and the Borderless-Account of TransferWise with Mastercard. Both are free and in German language. Beforehand: For me, it is not an either/or question, but an interesting combination within Germany and on journeys. However, please take a look yourself: DKB account with Visa Card TransferWise … read more

withdraw money roatan

Withdraw money on Roatán ⇒ Best Practice ✅

13.7.2019:  Do you even have to withdraw cash when you visit Roatán? If you only have a few hours of shore leave from a cruise liner, then you can save yourself from that in most cases. You can pay with US-Dollars in many places. However, the change is given in the local currecy Lempira (HNL) (Exception: within the … read more

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