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€ 100 Bonus for an account opening account use …

100 Euro von der Norisbank

Get Euros 100 from the Norisbank as a bonus for the account opening + active use? If you want it, click here ► www.norisbank.de

What do you have to do to get Euros 100?

  • You have to open the current account online.
  • You have to use the online account switching service and redirect at least 5  automated payment partners. These are generally direct debits, such as the mobile phone bill, Internet, energy, subscriptions and also standing orders like rent, or incoming payments like salary or pension payments.
  • You should NOT have had a current account at the Norisbank in the last 12 months.

The current account is permanently free of charge without conditions!

Question to you: Would you make this effort to get the € 100?

Please answer using the comments feature at the end of this page. In order to produce even better content for our community, I am additionally interested in knowing how you consequently use the Norisbank-account and whether the bonus of Euros 100 was the decisive factor? – as well as further experiences with the Norisbank.

The Norisbank has been observed by us during the past years, however, it does not often manage to make its way into our Sunday article. Somehow it is a classic secondary bank. It is good that it exist, but would we miss it?

Articles for you about the Norisbank:

Background points of view

It normally is known that banks have to save money, because they are missing profits due to the years-long zero-interest politics. This is one of the many smoke grenades that they throw at us bank customers.

Banks make most money through granting loans. And they are acquiring that even more favourable than before.

Being a current account customer of the Norisbank, you have the possibility of getting an immediate overdraft facility in the amount of Euros 500 . This is quite easy.

However, the loan interest is at 10.85 per cent. That is 10.85 per cent more than the bank “spends” to get the money.

Moreover, the main part of the money is created by granting the loan. The customer pays interest on top of the money that has been created through granting the loan.

Rather non-disclosed cost factors are the growing monitoring and control of bank customers in the past years. Banks had to heavily upgrade due to the requirements from politics. The whole thing is caringly referred to as “Compliance”.

Do we, the bank customers, have to understand that?


And because we should not really understand this, they created the smoke grenades.

Perhaps one or the other readers wonder, why does the Norisbank give away Euros 100 as a bonus for new customers?

The most frequent reason is ambitious sales targets.

A bank plans to acquire a certain amount of customers. They rarely acquire enough customers solely through a very good product. This is why there are marketing departments in banks. They regularly get help from outside to sucessfully implement their order of “customer acquisition”.

One can measure the success by the number of newly acquired customers and/or by the “quality” of customers. Thanks to the variation of evaluation possibilities, every customer can be assigned to a “value”. This is also done anonymously.

For example, a customer from a certain customer section can have a value of X through a customer life cycle of 10 years. Let’s assume that X is Euros 2,500. Now calculation games are created and they think of how much money the bank can “spent” in customers of a certain section.

The bank invests in you!

Only some years ago, it was pretty easy for bonus hunters getting “paid” for acount openings. The statistical evaluations resulted in the fact that the banks significantly lose out on these customers on average.

However, sometimes there are such offers that are announced through coupon portals. Of course, the bank knows that it “burns” the money in the mid-term.

In the short-term, a sales goal is reached through the purchase of bonus hunters. This can e.g. be the notification in the report of the next quarter to the share holders that XY customers have been acquired. The profitability is assigned to another manager at the bank.

The Norisbank (in the meantime) has a different approach. It links the bonus payment to the actual redirection of 5 payments. By doing so, the probability is much higher that the acquired customer will use the account in the long-term and will make a positive contribution to the profit of the bank throughout the years.

Euros 100 are quite a lot, if you consider that the account is free of charge and the main competitors DKB and ING do not pay any bonuses.

Why do the main competitors not pay bonuses?

Interesting question, isn’t it?

The ING and the DKB are almost invaded by account openings being the most popular banks with free account opening (however the ING has the condition of an incoming money flow of € 700 as a requirement). Other banks increase the fees and/or limit the services.

The DKB does not pay bonuses out of principle. This is company policy. In change, it spends a lot of money for the promotion of sports. The bank is very well known in the sport industry.

The years-long existing journalism promotion is paying off for the ING. It is frequently mentioned in a direct or subtle way in journalistic articles. Moreover, it makes a lot of advertisement. It also works with bonuses from time to time.

The Norisbank is less known, being a subordinate brand of the Deutsche Bank. Also its image as a “stingy“ bank is still present.

However, people who do not attach value to an extraordinary good service, but want to use the procedures and possibilities within the Deutsche-Bank-group extensively free of charge, is good to go with the current account of the Norisbank.

Account opening of a secondary account with redirection of some payments?

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