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Deposit cash through the Norisbank ► free of charge!

Today, you get a solution idea that I myself do not use – but some committed smart bank customers of our community:

How do I deposit my cash free of charge without a local account?

Prelude: local banknotes become more and more expensive

Being frequent readers or customers of the Sparkasse and Volksbank, you know it: Maintaining a branch bank account has become expensive and will become even more expensive!

Every month, many thousand people cancel their local current accounts and only use cheap or completely free current accounts, as offered by the DKB, Comdirect or ING-DiBa.

But how do I still deposit cash free of charge?

Of course, the first local banks are trying to abolish the fee-free depositing of cash, but we do not want to orient ourselfs on them.

The three banks mentioned above have different options for depositing, but these are not particularly comfortable for all customers.

A comfortable solution can be the opening of a “depositing-account”!

Well, neither this is the ideal solution for 100 % of our readers, but some of our community use this path with great satisfaction.

Depositing cash free of charge: How it works!

  • You take the Girocard and
  • the cash and
  • go to the depositing machine, which can be found in almost every branch office of the Deutsche Bank.
  • Now you just have to follow the instructions of the machine. Then you get a receipt of the deposit printed and can see the credit note promptly in the account.

Simple and fee-free procedure!

Where, how much and how often can I deposit?

  • The Deutsche Bank operates about 700 branch offices within Germany and in most of them, there are depositing machines/ATMs. One Deutsche Bank will certainly be close to your residence … otherwise, this idea won’t be useful for you.

  • As the depositing machines only accept bills, amounts between Euros 5 and 15,000 can be deposited.

  • In practice, you can deposit up to a maximum of Euros 15,000 per day and do this day after day. However, if someone only deposits cash every day, one can assume that the bank will contact you and ask, whether these are solely private deposits!

Background information for you

The Norisbank is the direct bank daughter of the Deutsche Bank. This is why Norisbank-customers can deposit and withdraw cash free of charge and as often as they want through the machines of the Deutsche Bank.

Requirements for a successful account opening at the Norisbank

  • You are at least 18 years old and have your main place of residence in Germany
  • ,

  • everything is okay in the Schufa-query and
  • you plan to use the account privately!
Norisbank Konto eröffnen

If the account is used (for now) as a free depositing or secondary account, then you do not need an overdraft facility nor credit card. That makes the account opening easier at first. If you want to do more with the Norisbank in the future, then you can add these features at any time.

Will there be any costs after all?

Who uses the account at the Norisbank as a pure depositing account, will definitively not pay further costs. You deposit free of charge and when you transfer the money through online banking, no fees apply either. That’s it.

The Norisbank does not know the classic account management fees!

Of course, this is not the desired use from the perspective of the bank. Who wants, can use the bank for further things. For example, from a regular incoming money flow of Euros 800, you get a free Mastercard and further advantages.

If you are interested in a comprehensive use of the Norisbank-current account, then take a detailed look at this page ►

Delimitation of self-employment

The Norisbank is a pure private customer bank and does not open business accounts. For many self-employed persons, the business runs on the first and last name; this is why it is often easy for self-employed persons to open a free current account at a private customer bank.

If a private account is indeed only used privately by a self-employed person, then it is completely okay. However, if business payments are done through this account or if the account is officially stated as the business account (e.g. on the stationery), then this is a violation of the account contract and when discovered, there will be a risk of account cancellation.

Self-employed persons with private use of the current account is not the target group of the Norisbank, as one can see already in the online application of the account opening:

Berufe bei der Kontoeröffnung Norisbank

Self-employed persons and entrepreneurs are not included in the selection …

That means that if you are a self-employed person or entrepreneur, then the Norisbank is no option for you to deposit cash income free of charge through the Deutsche Bank.

Herein, a business account must be set up. By the way, the Deutsche Bank offers a cheap variant of a business account ►

Extra-professionally self-employed is okay!

However, if you have a proofable main job (permanent employment) and earn a little money extra-professionally and deposit it from time to time through the deposit machines, then this is completely okay.

Just as okay is, if you have a main job with low income (e.g. gastronomy) and the second part of the income is the tip. You receive it in cash and have to deposit it somehow.

Perhaps you do not make daily deposits, even if the deposit feature is free of charge for you, the Norisbank has to bear the costs. You should prefer to gather a little until the next deposit.

Fairplay is the keyword!

If the article today is a good solution for you, then I would be grateful, if you start the account opening and give me feedback through the comments feature about how it was for you. I wish you financial luck!

Experience report from our community

That’s how I use the Norisbank to deposit cash

by Jannik B.

Jannik, Kunde der NorisbankI use the deposit feature of the Norisbank for different purposes and this quite frequently.


Because the DKB does not offer it free of charge in my city of residence. Because one can share low costs easily with friends, if one combines the account with Paypal and then either states the IBAN or the mail address to where the amount should be transferred.

This way, you do not need to carry cash with you and the friends have no lame excuse … For  € 5 (a little exaggerated) I do not drive more than 200 kilometers to a DKB-counter.

I do not want to pay the € 10 deposit fee of the Sparkasse ( € 5 if you have an account at the Sparkasse).

Depositing through the Deutsche Bank (to the account at the Norisbank) is free of charge and is fast.

The Norisbank always books the amount in the night (around 9 o’clock pm). The account is therefore credited on the same day. The amounts disappear briefly in the online banking and then appear again after the booking as available credit.

Deposits on the weekend are booked on workdays.

One cannot deposit coins. The Deutsche Bank does not like to exchange coins into bills at the counter. (“We are no exchange office …”)

In the case of problems, the Norisbank is available 24/7. A transfer after deposit was already stopped in the system, because I exceeded the daily limit. One has to be careful. I have changed it after this incidence. The Norisbank also denominated that as a security measure. The bank did not ask to see proof or the like for the change. I applied for the desired amount in the online banking and after 2 days of evaluation it was granted.

So that you can even better see how the actual procedure of depositing works, Jannik went to the branch office of the Deutsche Bank and has made a test deposit. Here is the receipt:

Einzahlung bei der Norisbank

After every deposit, you get a receipt as a proof of the deposit. Great, isn’t it?

Even better: You can immediately see the deposit in the online banking as a marked transaction:

Kontoauszug der Norisbank über die Einzahlung

The connection Deutsche Bank + Norisbank is super-fast. 🙂


… are welcome through the comments feature. There you also have space for further experience exchanges!

Video to the article

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5 Responses to “Deposit cash through the Norisbank ► free of charge!”

  1. Amanda says:

    I am looking to set up a business account for my Food Truck. I will, at the beginning, mainly be taking cash payments and will there for make regular cash deposits. Can you recommend a good banking option (I am registered as an Einzelunternehmer)? I currently have N26 Business but they charge 1.5% on cash deposits after the first 100 Euro.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Gregor says:

      Norisbank doesn’t offer any business accounts. N26 is a good bank for a business account, if one does not have cash transactions. Have a look at the Postbank business account. This bank works with a lot of cash, and the many depositing possibilities are probably more advantageous for somebody with a food truck than other banks for business customers with only few local branches. Best of luck!

  2. Saba says:

    Can I deposit cash into a Norwegian bank (DNB bank) through a depositing machine in Germany?

  3. Jaydip says:

    Can I deposit cash in Deutsche Bank account through Postbank deposit machine?

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