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1,000 days of Aufsteiger-Training (Achiever) – Peek through the key hole

When the first interested parties from the circle of smart bank customers watched the opening presentation in early 2017, the goal was clear:

Achieve the financial freedom within (only) 7 years!

Aufsteiger-Training: System

Insight into the structure of the training program

The steps between were not clear back then. However, some people have contributed, people who already went down that path. This is similar to a mountain guide, when you make a tour in the mountains. If you hire someone like that, the probability is huge that you will arrive save and sound at the goal.

Without guidance, most people give up and after the initial euphoria, they turn back to the starting point. Of course, they are still proud of having been so brave and dared go into the mountains once.

The opening presentation – officially it is called “Einführungs­webinar” (introduction webinar) – is the same today as back in the year 2017. You can look at it as if it was the virtual preliminary meeting of the climber with the mountain guide. The goal is the subject, as well as the basics, of how you can reach it. The requirements for the participation are described, so that everyone can decide for himself/herself and independently, if he/she wants to go on that “journey”.

The journey still starts today for everyone at the same starting point:

Kontensystem des Aufsteiger-Trainings

Same basics: The accounts and transfer system.

The configuration of the own account system including the “Golden Goose”. The Golden Goose is the symbol for the passive income – just like in the story, in which you have a goose that lays a golden egg every single day.

You do not know that?

Participate in the introduction webinar. In this hour that you invest, you receive the description of the complete account system. At this point, you could stop – virtually telling the mountain guide that you are not ready to go hiking with him. Of course, you can use the account system. This is free of charge.

The training program remains free of charge for the next 14 days, if you decide to participate during the introduction webinar and write a SMS that you are on board.

Then an e-mail series will start with concrete implementing instructions for the configuration of the account system. Moreover, you get the first coaching units for your further development.

You cannot build a bigger asset permanently, if you do not develop yourself on several levels.

Much more than finances

What many people do not expect from a “financial program”: that the coaching takes place on different levels with subjects that you might not even can imagine today. Why? Because you are not yet a net-asset millionaire, being 99% sure about that. Yes, I have made my homework in statistics. 😉

However, we will not deal too long with the statistics; that would be the path to an average income with an average asset … just like the “Stiftung Warentest” (German consumer organisation). 😉

You can see, I am in a good mood, and this is the characteristic of most participants, when we meet in person. If not “prohibited due to Corona”, we have the possibility of meeting each other twice a year and to get to know other achievers personally too.

Great things have happended during these networkings!

Who cannot or does not want to travel, can still participate in the training program. It is designed to be an online program. Offline is the optional bonus.

Aufsteiger-Training: Gruppe

Caption of the annual kick-off video conference with participants of the Aufsteiger-Training (Archiever Training)

There are about 10 live meetings per video camera per year. Almost everything else happens in the weekly and continuously created coaching content in text form and partially also video form. Through the participation and the commitment of the already active achievers, the program has grown oustandingly well and keeps growing.

For example, there are internal exchange platforms, in which only “achievers” can exchange their ideas. This has the important difference that you are no longer being pulled down. The masses have not decided to build an asset, so outside the achiever group, you are pulled down and derailed from all sides.

Your surroundings are very important for achieving the goal.

Create an environment, which is beneficial for achieving your goals. This applies to everything you want to achieve. If it is a financial achievement, then the Aufsteiger-Training is an outstanding option!

What is the difference between the Aufsteiger-Training and other programs?

Good content and a closed community as well as offline events are provided by others too. This is what people also highly estimate in our program. Moreover it is the:

  • Time frame

    Whoever looks for a “How-can-I-become-rich-fast-system” is not at the right place with us. Building assets needs time and our 7 years are quite sporty.

    Perhaps you have already read some classic literature about asset building. Maybe with funds and ETFs. The authors love to calculate examples, in which you become a millionaire through low savings rates when you are starting your retirement. Are you younger than 22 years now and that is your goal? … okay, then buy yourself such a book …

    On the other hand, a book is read quite quickly and who helps you then with the implementation? If you have questions?

    Well, there are video courses, outturn sheets and ticking tests and there are coaching programs. I have once participated in a coaching program for 18 months. Why not longer? It was limited by the organizer. The organizer offers a maximum of 18 months. Sometimes it is only 12 months. The time frame is good to get you to the next level. However, afterwards you have to search again: Who will lead you to the next step. Many do not know that and start programs repeatedly about the same subject, also because there are promises that you will get to messurable results in this short time. It is possible. I know some strategies. Earned money does not remain permanently, if you do not catch up with growth on the other levels. Do you need time for that?

    I cannot offer you everything either. If you want to become a billionaire, then you need another program after mine.

    Our Aufsteiger-Training is designed to get people from different starting points (but not millionaires) into the financial freedom.

  • I achieved it myself

    Being the author of the red thread in the program, I have walked this path once within 7 years. This difference is decisive!

    Or would you want to learn swimming from a person, who cannot swim?

    Many books, video courses or personal coachings are offered by people, who have never ever achieved in their lives, what the paying customer wants to achieve. How can that ever lead you to the goal?

    A matter of course in football: A coach will be someone, who has achieved high goals as a player. You expect that even being a non-participating viewer of a TV-transmission. I do not know, why this is being neglected in the area of finances or generally coaching. The results, however, speak for themselves.

What the Aufsteiger-Training is not:

  • It is no finanical consultation or investment consultation
    But you are helped to get yourself to the point of taking decisions independently. This is personal growth.

Can you already see results?

Yes, medium-term results. The program is 7 years long and the first participants are about 1,000 days on board.

As mentioned above, it starts out being the same for everyone. In between, there are a few different contents, because if someone starts out with debts, then he/she initially needs other contents as someone, who already has a rented condominium and thinks about what to do with the account balance above the legal deposit insurance.

Everyone starts with the setup of the account system. People, who joined our Sunday mail have the advantage of already having a part of the necessary accounts – some even have all of them.

Then you receive contents about your personal development and financial education. Of course, not everything is my own material. Within the program, you will find outstanding external coaches, such as Luis Pazos (strategy of getting passive income with large dividend values) or Franz Mayrhofer (Germany’s Tax-Lien-professional).

Of course, we also dive into the thoughts of geniouses like Edison, Ford and Kiyosaki.

In the live webinars that take place almost monthly, the final touch is made – strenghening of the personal relations during the optional offline events. There were even some smaller regional meetings and we went on several occasions abroad: once to Croatia and other times to Florida, USA. You find out the reason for choosing this place in our program.

Aufsteiger-Training Florida

With our most active achievers at a dinner in “Ford’s Garage” in Cape Coral, Florida.

If you cannot imagine to participate now, then you know that there are delevoping possibilities in the program.

Neverthless: Will every participant achieve the financial freedom?


Although potentially everyone can do it, not everyone does it. Distractions are as many as appealing. Sometimes also other values appear in our lives, goals are changed accordingly.

Yearly messurement of success!

With the participants, who follow their plan towards the financial freedom consequently, we make a yearly medium-term net asset balance.

Feedback after the first 365 days:

Henrik: 4 %
Herny: 8.63 %
Peter: 10.39 %
Domenico: 12 %
Steff: 18.25 %
Torsten: 26 %
Philipp: 28 %
Stefanie: 28 %
Jack: about 30 % increase
Dominik: more than 30 %

Here you can read an exemplary feedback:

Hello everyone,

I have a percentual increase of 15.47% as a result.

I think this is very impressive, because some months ago, I was at rather 0 at the end of every month.

This looks different now after implementing some savings messures and income increases.

Many thanks for the valuable tips and showing me so many different possibilities to rise.

Greetings, Jonas

Also rich people can increase their assets

There are also people, who have come to us with an asset of six-digits in their net asset balance … Ask yourself the question, “What does it mean to get an overall return as mentioned above starting from Euros 350,000?

What would it mean to you, if you would get paid a CEO-salary every month – without having to go to work?

We have someone, who has built that using the strategie of one of our guest speakers in a little more than one year. Respect!

Did he have some asset in the beginning?


Does he have more now?


You can find out what strategie it was and with which guest speaker he implemented this plan in the training program.

Is this the path that everyone “must” go?


Please only do things with which you feel well.

There are many ideas, concepts and alternative ways in the training program. Hardly anyone walks down the same road as someone else. However, we meet each other (mainly virtually) to exchange our experiences. The direction is the same for everyone: Upwards!

Second messurement

Some have already sent their medium-term result of the second messurement (after finishing the second year of coaching). These are currently between 12 % (Philip) and 36 % (Stefanie).

Yes, there are even percentual increases, although the initial value has grown!

The growth does not only take place in the net asset balance. One of us has his first presentation in autumn at the big show of “Gedanken Tanken” (refuelling thoughts). Others have (as a secondary job) founded companies, operate businesses that generate income with manageable effort additionally to “saving”. For example, Airbnb-rentals. Amazon-business. Tax-Liens or real estate business.

Within the training program, we do not only get reports of possibilities of 100 % and more per year, they are also documented with actual proof showing the “deals”.

Isn’t all of that possible to imitate for everyone?

Yes and No.

Not for people, who are just starting the journey of growth. And please only with a part of the asset. This is why no one has doubled the net asset within the first two years of the program. In the end, consumer-protection-friendly ETFs and precious metals are included in most of the balances for protection in every possible crisis.


It can be that all that is nothing for you or not yet for you. In any case, thank you for reading this article to the end. The next article will again deal with the smart way of using a banking product.

However, if you have a small feeling in you that also another type of living is possible, then start the Aufsteiger-Training today and decide on the way for how long you will participate. It all starts out with the beneficial account system. This can only be good for you. A small limitation: The Aufsteiger-Training is only available in German language.

For everyone, who is already on board, you can recommend this article to your further circle of acquaintances. Perhaps one or the other will join our folks. A hearty thanks!

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