Genial, who complements one with the other:

N26 + DKB ► unbeatable combination!

Is there a perfect bank account? Hardly … and this is why we smart bank customers are willing to use several bank accounts and cards in order to enjoy the best and cheapest services in combination!

This article presents the relatively new account of Number26 as an ideal complement to the proven current account of the DKB. If you are already using one or both accounts, I would be pleased, if you could add your ideas to this page.

If you do not have any of them, nor one of them, you are welcome to ask questions about the clever use or about the account opening. The comments box at the end of the page is activated for you!

  Logo der DKB
Logo Number26
Basic features of the accounts
Account management
  • unconditionally free of charge
Cash withdrawals
  • worldwide free of charge
Girocard DKB Girocard
1 Girocard (V Pay), free of charge
N26 Girocard
1 Girocard (Maestro) free of charge
(in planning)
Credit cards DKB Visa Card
1 or 2 Visa credit cards free of charge
MasterCard N26
1 Debit-MasterCard free of charge
Online banking
  • yes, comprehensive features
  • yes, modern menu navigation
  • yes, but a little roundabout
  • yes, currently the best
Account opening

(Legitimating possible via Video-Chat)

(Legitimating possible via Video-Chat)

Already at the basic features, one can see that one account complements the other perfectly.

If you have both accounts, you have a Visa- as well as a MasterCard – one Girocard type V Pay and one of Maestro. The online banking of the DKB is by far more extensive, in return Number26 has the better banking app!

Therefore, both accounts complement each other perfectly!

Ideas of an ideal complementation
Limit: cash withdrawals
  • Euros 1,000 per day / Euros 7,000 per week
    (2nd Visa Card = double limit!)
  • Euros 600 per day / Euros 2,000 per week
Limit: credit card usage
  • as much as the personal credit limit
    (all balance on the credit card account + credit line)
  • 2 × Euros 4,000 per month (offline / online)
Cash deposits
  • more than 3,000 checkout systems
    z. B. bei Penny oder Real
Overdraft / credit line
  • initial credit line: between Euros 100 and 1,000
  • Credit line at salary payments: up to 3 times the monthly income
  • currently no credit line is possible
  • change at the 1st of December 2015: Overdraft up to Euros 2,000 possible
Card payments in foreign currency (e.g. US-Dollar)
  • foreign transaction fee of 1.75% applies
  • always free of charge
Outgoing transfers in foreign currency
  • yes, an international transfer fee applies
  • not possible
Incoming transfers in foreign currency
  • yes, an international transfer fee applies
  • not possible
Interest on balance
  • yes, on the current account and on the credit card account (Visa-Savings)
  • no, interest free account
Joint account
  • yes, with two or more persons
  • no, not possible
Availability By phone around the clock (24/7) or via e-mail / post By phone from Mon–Fri 9:30 am to 8 pm or via e-mail
Language German German / English
Card blocking Around the clock through the phone customer service anytime (partly) blocking and activation of the credit card possible in the banking app (Instructions in German)
Emergency card
  • yes, within 48 hours worldwide
  • no
Refund of foreign fees
  • no refund
Start account opening Logo der DKB
link to the bank

(read further information)
Logo Number26
link to the bank

(read further information)

The symbols ⇒ and − are not to be rated negatively – they only show in which areas one account complements the other meaningfully.

Details on that in the extensive examples!

Ideal combination: four good examples!

1. Cash withdrawals

ATM Chase

Cash withdrawals within Germany and abroad are free of charge at both providers!

When withdrawing cash, the DKB as well as Number26 got something that the other one does not have!

However, let’s start with the common features: you can withdraw cash worldwide, without the bank charging you a fee!

Withdraw cash free of charge as often as you want!

You do not have to pay attention to a certain bank or ATM group. Free of charge are the withdrawals at any international ATM that accepts the Visa or MasterCard. These are worldwide more than 2 million.

Now the differences (= complementing possibilities)

  • Additionally, one can withdraw cash at more than 3,000 supermarket checkouts being a N26 customer. For this, one generates a bar code in the app and let it be read by the checkout. At best, directly from the Smartphone.

    By this, one can withdraw Euros 1 – 300 per procedure free of charge.

  • In the USA, Thailand and some other countries outside Europe, there are ATMs that charge the customer directly a service fee. This can be converted between Euros 2 and 14 per withdrawal!

    The DKB refunds these foreign fees, as it absolutely wants to keep its advertising promise “Withdraw cash free of charge abroad”. How this works, you can see here: Instructions on refund of foreign fees.

In principle, it does not matter which credit card you use to withdraw cash, as long as you are not currently in the supermarket or on a journey in the USA or Thailand. 😉

2. Deposit cash free of charge

N26 Barcode

In the N26 app, a bar code is created that is read by the checkout system. Branch office search is possible directly from the app. Outstanding!

The DKB operates 15 own deposit machines (Einzahlungs­automaten)nationwide. For people, who do not have one nearby, this was a problem or an expensive venture to deposit cash through a foreign bank.

Remedy is now provided by Number26. In the banking app, you announce the deposit payment and get a bar code. You simple go to a supermarket, let the bar code be scanned and deposit the money in the supermarket checkout.

Deposit cash free of charge at more than 3,000 partner shops

The deposit is booked with immediate credit to the account of Number26.
The first supermarkets, which are connected to this great system, are Penny and Real. Others will follow.

Video documentary of my first deposit payment at Real:

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3. Card payments in foreign currencies

When paying with the Visa or MasterCard in Euro, both accounts are equally great. In any case, the payment is free of charge for you and carried out safely!

If you perform a card payment in a foreign currency, then preferably take the credit card of Number26! Payments in foreign currencies are converted without surcharges directly using the MasterCard exchange rate.

Unfortunately, at the DKB there is an foreign transaction fee of 1.75 per cent. That means for you: Every purchase with the credit card will become more expensive by 1.75 per cent.

This does not have to be! Being a clever bank customer, you simply use the N26-Mastercard in this case (e.g. journey abroad  /  online shop).

Use N26 for card payments in foreign currencies

On trips abroad, the previous cash withdrawals – as seen in example No. 1 – can be just as good. The DKB charges this fee for card payments, but not when the credit card is used for cash withdrawals.

Do you remember the DKB advertising promises? Withdraw cash worldwide free of charge!

4. Transfers in foreign currencies

The account of Number26 is a pure SEPA-Euro account. Only incoming transfers in Euros can be credited. If e.g. a transfer in British Pounds (GBP) arrives, it will be rejected. A conversion to Euros is not possible!

Likewise, it is not possible to make an international transfer in another currency.

On the DKB account, any currency can be received. It will be converted automatically to Euros. For this purpose, the fee “Auslandsüberweisung” (international transfer) applies.

With the DKB, one is connected to the international banking system and can transfer money to all countries – except for those with existing financial sanctions.

Transfers in Euro or 25 other currencies are possible

The transfer can be made in Euros or 25 other currencies. This has the advantage that the often favourable German exchange rate is used. Who chooses the cost control “OUR”, can pay abroad invoices precisely.

Of course, the international transfer fee applies again, but it works!

DKB Überweisung in anderer Währung

DKB: All currencies can be received. For outgoing transfers, there are 25 further currencies available, in addition to the Euro.

Tip: Who has to transfer small amounts frequently or from time to time to the abroad that uses a foreign currency should take a look at this special service provider TransferWise.

Difference at the account opening

  Logo der DKB Logo Number26
Requirements + Background knowledge for a successful account opening
Minimum age 18 years
Alternative: Junior account
18 years
Place of residence Germany, Austria, Switzerland
German citizens: any country
Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Slovakia
Account type • current account with overdraft facility
• credit card account with credit line
• current account on credit basis, Debit-MasterCard
Assessment by the bank • creditworthiness check with Schufa query
about 65 % of applications result in a successful account opening – Tips for you
• no creditworthiness check and therefore no Schufa query
100 % of applications on account opening are approved
Legitimating Video chat or PostIdent (depending on what you prefer)
Kontoeröffnung starten Link to the bank
(read further information)
link to the Bank
(read further information)

Questions on the account opening as well as its clever combination of both credit cards are gladly answered via the comments box (at the end of the page)

“Implement clever complements now”

… order the account, which you do not have yet 🙂

Bonus: Credit card combination on journeys abroad (example USA)

Detailed article to the video clip: USA journey: credit card required?
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