Free current account at Number26 offers further feature:

Deposit cash on the current account at the self-checkout of the Real supermarket (free of charge)

Motivated by a wonderful letter of our reader M.S. on our first article about the singular subject using the example of Penny supermarket, I grabbed my mini-camera in front of the astonished crowd of other buyers and spontaneously recorded this video.

Documentation of my first cash deposit at the Real supermarket:

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Some questions have not yet been answered:

  • Is it possible to make a deposit without the generation of a bar code, if one inserts the MasterCard in the payment terminal?
  • Is it possible to simultaneously purchase groceries and deposit money? (Purchase and cash withdrawal is common)
  • What may have been the problem that the scanner did not recognize my bar code? Do the checkouts occupied by persons recognize the code?

I am looking forward to read your feedback,
many thanks! 🙂

2. The most important facts about the deposit

  • Deposits are always free of charge (no matter how often).
  • Amounts between Euros 50 and 999 can be deposited.
  • Deposits are credited immediately.
  • One gets the information about sales slip, app-message and e-mail.
  • There are more than 3,000 deposit options; the best known are Penny, Real, Telekom-Shop.
  • Money can be transferred to another account.

3. Deposit step by step

a) Generate a bar code

The first step is always that you open the Number26 app and announce the deposit there.
As you can see in the video, this is easy. You click on the Plus symbol and then on the option Cash26 Deposit. Then you enter the amount that you want to deposit. This is included in the bar code – as well as your account number (IBAN) – so that the terminal knows what to do.

b) Scan the bar code

Of course, you will have to be at a cash register or a self-checkout of a partner shop. In the best case, the barcode can be directly scanned from the Smartphone. Alternatives are to print the code or enter the 13-digit bar code number.

You have 24 hours from the bar code generation until the deposit. After this period, the code expires and you would have to generate a new one. However, no fees incur for this.

After scanning / entering, the self-checkout or the cashier will ask you to give the deposit amount in cash. Analogously as if you had bought something, but you do not take any items with you and leave the store without money and without goods (unless you have not only gone there for depositing money).

c) Deposit money

You insert the cash into the deposit slot or give it to the cashier. You will then receive a receipt – you cannot call the piece of paper an invoice, which is normally printed by the cash register – and the deposit process is completed.

You will be notified via push notification and/or email about the deposit, depending on your personal app-settings.


4. Payments

Payments – probably more important for many Number26 prospectives – work analogously to the deposits: generate a bar code, go to the checkout, scan the code, take the money. This way, one can withdraw between Euro 1 and 300.

Up to Euros 600 per day are possible at the ATM withdrawal.

Both variants are free of charge for the customer.

The applicable fees are solely born by Number26.

As the current account at Number26 is generally free of charge, it would not make sense to make deposits and withdrawals every day, but maybe with a weekly planning. It would really be a shame, if Number26 would limit this options again due to some “heavy users”, as the FIDOR Bank made it with the SmartCard and now only two withdrawals per month are free of charge.

5. The three most important facts about Number26

If you are not yet a customer of Number26, then the following lines might be especially interesting for you and may be decisive for your account opening:

  • 1. Free current account

    Number26 offers a free current account (no account management fee).

    Even more: The account is completely free: no annual fee for the MasterCard, no charge for cash withdrawals at third party ATMs within Germany and abroad, no international service fee, no fees for incoming payments in foreign currency, etc.

  • 2. Outstanding Smartphone-App

    I have heard from many people now that Number26 offers the best banking app. This coincides with my experiences. The app is really great and easy to use.

    However: A Smartphone is the requirement for the account opening. Nevertheless, the online banking is also possible via the computer, which is convenient for some people for the creation of transfer orders, but the account is directly linked to a Smartphone. Alternative: virtual Smartphone.

  • 3. Account opening within 8 minutes

    An account opening is immediately possible and the process can be completed within 8 minutes including the statutory legitimating. After entering your personal data, you can start a video chat with a staff member, which identifies you using as a reference your ID-card or passport (hold it in front of the camera).

    The current account can be used immediately. You get the account number immediately displayed in the app. The free MasterCard will immediately go into production and will arrive to your mailbox within Germany usually on the second day after account application.


Apply for the account on a PC with convenient data input using the keyboard and switch later to the Smartphone app. It is easier this way (at this point, THANK YOU for the reader´s tip).

“Start the account opening”

… current account with the most options for deposits!

Frequently read articles about Number26:

Please, feel free to make additions to the article, if I have forgotten important information, Thank you!

Gratitude in return for cash at Real to the account of Number26

Directly after the cash deposit: My little assistant and I say Thank you:
a) for the great reader´s support,
b) for the awesome possibilities with Number26.
See you soon again with a new article or video clip 🙂

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