Smart financing on the basis of creditworthiness

The „Schufa-free Loan“ for wealthy individuals

Let’s start with 3 questions:

  • Is a good Schufa score usually important for the successful application of a loan and are all necessary data about the loan gathered at the Schufa?
  • Are all loans entered into the Schufa?
    No – but most of them.
  • Can it be meaningful to have a credit line, which is not visible for other banks (Schufa-free)?

What do you obtain from this article?

A concept about how to build a credit line that no other bank can see at a Schufa-query – because this is not entered into the Schufa, although it can even be a seven-digit amount!

Concept with step-by-step instruction

You can start with the credit line building today step-by-step, no matter your current creditworthiness rating.

Likewise, you will be able to use the credit (line) at any point of time, independently from how your creditworthiness is at the time of use.

How does that work?

You become a customer at a bank – without any Schufa-query – which sets up a favourable credit line when depositing securities. This credit line is not entered into the Schufa at any point of time.

If you already have securities, then you can transfer them to the new provider (securities account switch). You do not have securities to transfer? You can build long-term asset through securities savings plans.

This asset can be borrowed on securities.

What to critics/sceptics say first?

When I need money, I can simply sell my securities.

Is that correct?

Yes. This actually is what most people do.

Is what all people do, always the best option?

… well, obviously there are other opinions, otherwise we would not be the portal for the smart bank customer. 🙂

When you sell your securities, you do not have them any longer. You cannot profit from value increases, nor from dividends. The value increases and dividends are frequently higher than the interest rate for the loan.

Is all that risk-free?

No. However, neither is crossing the street. But I still do it. Both things!

So, what does Gregor specifically have?

Since many years, I have a securities account at the Comdirect. It is my favourite securities account.

I have already reported about securities purchases or savings plans several times through our blog and Sunday mail. I build myself a strategic securities position in the Comdirect securities account.

The Comdirect does not have the cheap order fees, but the best customer service that I know. Moreover, it is the only German direct bank with a Schufa-free securities loan.

A securities account opening is free of charge and no Schufa-query takes place.

That means: Even if your creditworthiness should be below bad, you can lay the foundation for your later financially flexible life by opening the first-class Comdirect securities account today.

Comdirect Depot schufafrei eröffnen

Moreover, there are also bank­internal creditworthiness ratings and the start of a bank relationship with the opening of a securities account will give you more points than with a call money account or current account.

How much money can I get?

I dealt with this subject in detail with tables and overviews in the special article securities loan.

For the sake of simplicity for this article: If you predominantly have equity funds and ETFs in the securities account, you can calculate with a loan value of 70 per cent.

That means: let’s assume you have equity funds with a value of Euros 100,000 in the securities account, then you can take a loan of Euros 70,000.


The Comdirect grants securities loans from Euros 3,000 up to millions – your magnitude should be among this range, right?

For what can I use the money?

For anything you want!

It is a wide spread misunderstanding that you can only use a securities loan for the purchase of further securities. However, this is not true.

Once set up, you have a credit line on your securities loan account (without setup, it is called „settlement account“, this is what most people know). From there, you can transfer the money anywhere you want, just like with the current account.

Überweisung vom Wertpapierkredit

Money from the securities loan can be transferred to domestic and international account numbers. In the transfer mask you can see the currently available amount.

You can e.g. use it for the purchase of real estate and pay the interest and repayment from the rental income. At a real estate in Germany, you perhaps would not do that, because the interest rate for real estate loans is historically low.

But if you have found a holiday home for rental in Florida – where I am at the time of publishing this article – and want to buy it, it would be an outstanding option.

There are not many banks that finance properties abroad and the interest rate on the securities loan is currently attractive compared to the US-American real estate loan. Moreover, you, being a foreigner in the USA, might only get a 70 per cent financing, but not more.

Ferienhaus Janecke

Holiday homes – just like this one here – in “our” part of Florida are historically held in ownership of completely normal private persons. Depending on the occupancy and class, they earn between Euros 5,000 and 50,000 for their owners each year (after costs and taxes).

This was only an example

You are absolutely free to choose the use of the money!

Why is the loan not entered into the Schufa?

Because your securities are liable as a safety. This is the creditworthiness that you have built yourself. In the worst of cases, the bank would utilize this safety – so sell parts of your securities – to settle the loan account.

This only happens very rarely.

Are there further advantages?

Yes, of course! For example that you can repay the securities loan at any point of time to its full amount or in partial payments (similar to special repayments).

If you currently do not want to repay, the interest just increases your loan amount. In the example of Euros 70,000, this would be at the current interest rate of 3.98 per cent effectively Euros 232.17 per month and therefore cheaper than any overdraft facility!

In principle, a securities loan is not much different to an overdraft facility. You can decide for yourself through online banking at any time, whether you want to deposit or withdraw money. Whatever you decide to do within the agreed credit line is completely up to you.

Securities loan works like an overdraft facility

Personal note: What did I already finance with my credit line?

I used the credit line for a short period of time (some months) for two purchases:

  • purchase of a long-term economic asset
  • purchase of a property in Florida
Kreditlinie prozentual

On my securities loan account, the credit line is not that high, because I mainly have foreign securities in the securities account. Moreover, I love it to build assets in structures – so less in the private securities account. However, this initially is a good thing! Even a strategic one. More about this in our Achiever-Training. ✅

Clear warning:

I would never use a credit line or installment loan for every day expenditures.

Examples would be: vacation on tick, purchase of a big car (that you really cannot afford, just to impress people that you really cannot bear), flat screen TVs or similar bells and whistles that do not have a long-term value and do not generate income.


The screenshots of my Comdirect securities account are of my private account. Depending on where you are at your asset building, you will possibly already work with a legal entity (e.g. an asset managing GmbH (Ltd)).

Good news for you: The Comdirect will most probably offer securities loans also for company securities account at the end of the year. I am particularly thrilled about this, because I requested it repeatedly since years and hold my own GmbH-Depot (Ltd securities account).

You can learn how to structure assets in Germany and abroad in legal entities as a participant in our Achiever-Trainings in advanced lessons.

For most readers the day has come to set a solid basis for the future asset building with a securities account opening at the Comdirect.

After the securities account opening, you are welcome to open investment savings plans. However, please do not forget that the biggest asset has not been created through continuous savings, but through the clever use of borrowed capital.

The securities loan of the Comdirect is such a borrowed capital.

Is this safe?

This depends on the state of your financial education and your financial experience.

My recommendation is: Learn regularly. Educate yourself in the financial area. An easy entry is our account system for financial freedom.

By the way, the Comdirect is the key position in the area of securities account. With the todays securities account opening, you are very well prepared.

After building the account system, you will get step-by-step instructions by e-mail during 2 weeks, you will get a discounted offer with the Achiever-Training to step up and expand.

Shortcut possible?

Yes, sure. If you already have a securities account somewhere, then take the way of the securities account switch. As soon as your securities have arrived at the Comdirect, you apply for the credit line. This procedure can take up to 3 weeks until everything is completely done and transmitted.

Every journey starts with the first step and this would be – if not yet done – the opening of the Comdirect securities account today. You will only need about 10 minutes with all the whole lot.

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