Continue sleeping or wake up?

A beautiful new (financial) world

Have you seen the movie Matrix? In this movie, the main character Neo is offered to swallow a blue or a red pill:

Bist du bereit für die Wahrheit?

Most people thought that it was an entertainment movie …

With the blue one, you get back to the world that you have previously known.

The red one will lead us to the truth and we will start to see the world from a different point of view.

Where is the problem?

Matrix was published 21 years ago. The time, in which you were able to return with the blue pill to the known world, is running out.

Running out, because the world is changing this year to fast like never before in the past thousand years.

Just think about everything that happened in the first three months?

That was the “greeting from the kitchen”. The appetizer will be delivered next week.

Do you think I am crazy? Well, you can think so! Some will completely refuse what I say and will unsubscribe from our Sunday mail. Others will instinctively feel that there might be a grain of truth in it. The rest will start to research facts and to check them.

The retrospective from the near future will proof the truth of one or the other thing. It is not about being right. I operate this blog since many years in order to help people who want to listen to me:

  • to set up a more efficient banking (e.g. account system)
  • to secure and grow assets.

By doing so, I have always been part of the global change procedure – even if I did not recognize or knew it in the first years. We also add the focus on our German values and efficiency.

How will it continue?

Of course, I follow the geopolitical and social developments with great care. Especially the ones behind the scenes. So those of which you only find out a little or nothing at all from the mainstream media. However, this is not the subject of the “special portal for smart bank customers”.

I have deduced the recommendations for action for our accounts and asset values from these developments – wherever it was possible to do so. This will also remain the central subject of DeutschesKonto.ORG.

a) If you have decided for the blue pill …

… and you have a need for financial leeway, then expand your credit lines or get yourself an installment loan with the option of special repayments at any point of time.

I highly recommend our comparison calculator, because a whole bunch of banks are queried at the same time and you, being the customer, can choose one bank out of many that already said “yes” due to your customer profile.

Being a frequent reader, you will surely remember that we have emphasized a provision loan since publishing this article in September 2019 and I am rejoicing of every single feedback from leople, who have implemented it and have one thing less to worry about in the current tense situation.

Financial worries can heavily “eat you up”.

Our financial recommendations in the area of loans should primarily help you to remain able to act.

I cannot promise you a “going back to the old world” although you chose the blue pill, because I personally believe that we will soon get a lot of explanation and a new point of view will emerge automatically.

b) If you have decided for the “red” pill …

… you will see things in the coming months that are not yet accepted by the mainstream. However, they will be mainstream soon. You will be very surprised by many. At others you might say, “I have always known/thought so.”

My two main theses on financial things:

  • The time of the Euro is soon over

    The value stability of the Euro will decline considerably this year. Perhaps it will exist beyond the end of the year, but hardly anyone will want to use it as a means of payment. Why? Federal payments will be paid in a new currency (see theory 2).

    What hardly anyone sees now: In the USA, the Ministry of Finances is taking the control over the “Fed”. The Fed is a “central bank” that belongs to private owners. It has been founded through a law, which has come to existance in a very dubious manner in 1913. Since then, the US-Dollar has lost 98 per cent of its value. It has almost been stable during the 100 years previous to that.

    You will soon find out what that has to do with us in Germany.

  • Unconditional basic income

    There will be game rules in which framework an unconditional basic income will arise.

    A year ago, I would not have been able to imagine writing such sentences now. I am not writing about my political points of view and not my wishes, but only about the development with regard to personal finances that I think that are initialing behing the curtains.

    It will be the case that you won’t be homeless, but also that it is good to go to work. For whoever this is enough and who does not want to work, does not have to. He/she is not a social sponger, because everyone will get the basic income unconditionally according to the game rules. By the way, the envious way of thinking will also change.

Okay, let’s just assume for a moment that the described could happen:

What does that mean for your personal finances?

  • Except for a cash/account reserve of a nice amount (see the introduction webinar to our training for achievers) exchange the papermoney into material assets. We have presented fabulous possibilities of different asset classes to our subscribers in detail in the past years. Especially and with a certain emphasis in our latest issues.

  • Everyone, who does not worry about exchanging assets, can look forward to the basic income. Here in Germany, it will be a turbulent time until then, because the current government spokespersons do not yet have it in their agenda. In the USA, the preparations of sending checks to every citizen in the United States are at full blast.

What do you do now?

As described above, it can be that you will reject these 1017 words and perhaps even say goodbye to us. I maybe would have reacted in the same way, if I would not have researched behind the curtains since quite some time. I wish you all the best!

Others perhaps will be more cautious and think to themselves, “Okay, this sounds crazy, but we have perceived many things as reality in the past days that we would previously have been though of as crazy too. I will stay and get further information.”

If you wish, you have the possibility of getting informed even faster through our telegram channel. Especially if parts of my theses will become reality little by little, the demand of information will be huge!

I will be at your site as a support and orientation with whatever I can do … and if I should be completely wrong about something, then I will also admit it through the telegram and Sunday mail.

I think it will be good on the whole and I am looking forward to a fabulous end-of-the-year review together with you!

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