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Credit line: Before you resign your job or get fired

The press does not report a lot about it yet (only about the job cuts in the automobile industry) that the economy anticipates to cool down.

Some readers will be hit in the coming months, others don’t. But do you know who beforehand?

In this article, you receive the instruction on how to draw a financial security line (credit line) with the creditworthiness of an employee that will remain for your whole life.

Get it today, because when you are fired, it is too late!

So what credit line is it?

It is the credit line of the ING. Our subscribers know about the almost unbelievable advantages for the financial industry since years:

  • easy and free setup of the credit line up to Euros 25,000
  • no costs (you only pay the interest exactly to the day, if you use the money – just like with the overdraft facility at the current account)
  • it can also be set up as an emergency credit line, as it does not have to be used (immediately)
  • once set up, it remains for your whole life (even if you become unemployed!)

Please do not wait …

Rahmenkredit Jobwechsel

At the loan evaluation, the marked field is one of the first checkpoints, as the approval for the credit line is only granted, if a permanent employment contract exists (exception: freelancers, pensioners).

If on your salary slip the fiel “resignation” is still far away, then please do yourself the favour and apply for the credit line.

You receive – without having to give anything – so many advantages as you can see in detail when you click on the links at the end of the article.

Salvation attempts!

Yes, I know: Some of you will only implement the mentioned, when the “child has already fallen down the well”. The weather at the employment market is still in pink colours, right? Did you know the pink coloured sunsets announce bad weather?

Anyway: I am thankful for our really strong community, who forwards the link to this instruction to people, who have already received the cancellation of their employment contract and this is why they get the most successful salvation strategies now along with it.

Nevertheless, you can also register for our Sunday issues, because you will get access to the internal area by doing so.

#1 Salary check through login into the salary account

Diverging from my recommendation of submitting the proof of salary as a copy by mail, you can use the salary check via fully-electronic login into the salary account:

The amount of the net income is fully-electronically determined by the incoming transactions with the payment account “SALA”. About 95 per cent of the salary payments are equipped with this bank internal code – even if you do not see it as a bank customer!

Let’s assume that your employment contract is terminated being subject to a term of 3 months, then you already have this termination date on your salary slip. It is too late for the classic way. But the right point of time to start the credit line with proof of salary via online income check is now. You cannot recognize the planned termination through the account query.

Does that help you?

If yes: Implement it immediately!

Please recommend this article with the link as an original source, heartly thanks!

#2 Submit new employment contract

As soon as you have a new employment contract, even if you start working in a few weeks or months, you can already submit it.

A probation period does not harm the application on a credit line at the ING.

It is important that the exact conditions of payment are stated in the employment contract, as the bank computer calculates with this data.

Arbeitsvertrag neu

Preferably now than later with more efford, right?

Why should we do all this?

Imagine that there is a bank that provides you with an account overdraft possiblity that:

  • does not cost you anything – only if you use it (just like with the overdraft facility, but the interest is considerably lower)
  • you can leave the credit line for years without touching it – without expiring
  • you can also use it to its full amount – without repayment (it is important that the interest payment is secured – in principle exactly like our federal state!)
  • you can keep it your whole life – even if you should become unemployed or self-employed
  • you can easily apply for it online » start the application.

Yes, this is the credit line of the ING!

Is there a catch?


Your own mindset.

I always meet readers on events (you can find the events that I visit in our newsletter), who say to me, “debt is bad” or “I do not want to make debts”.

Do you do this with a credit line?


You build a credit line. You should not use it for consumer expenditures such as a big flat screen TV. It would not be smart to get a loan for this purpose!

You set up this credit line, so that you are able to act!

Let’s assume the case that you get fired and get a lucrative job offer – however, in another part of the country and you only start in 3 months. What will you do?

Everything is perfect: You have enough time to move and also the according means. You do not have to e.g. sell your securities account (= slaughter the golden goose)!

There are a lot of meaningful examples. You are welcome to supplement this article using the comments feature. Perhaps you report about your own use, if you already have experiences with it?


Are welcome, as always through the comments feature! I am also happy to read your success reports! Heartly thanks and we wish you all the best with your job and finances!

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