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Money transfer to Switzerland

money transfer to switzerland

Video documentation in Part 2 of this page. Please scroll!

Today, I have transferred 30 Swiss francs to Switzerland, because I had made a promise to a dedicated reader of this special portal.

92 % Savings

For the transfer, I had used TransferWise, a special provider for international transfers in foreign currencies.

In contrast to my two favourite banks DKB and Comdirect, I was able to save up to 92% on fees for international transfers. Other banks are often even more expensive; thus, the savings with TransferWise would be even more.

Provider Transfer fee Saving (compared to the DKB)
DKB Euros 12,50 most expensive provider in this mini-comparison
Comdirect Bank Euros 7,67 Euros 4,83 (= 38,6 %)
TransferWise Euro 1 Euros 11,50 (= 92 %)

At TransferWise, the fees rise from Euros 200 in percentages depending on the transferred amount. Nevertheless, thanks to its revolutionary exchange rate concept, one can save a lot of money also at higher amounts. Please see the following articles for some examples:

Video documentation

This video clip describes an international transfer to Switzerland. I hope that it will help you to assess, whether TransferWise is a good solution for exact international transfers at the discounted rates for you too (the audio commentary is in German language).

If you have already chosen TranferWise for yourself, then this clip could provide you with interesting instructions.

The goal of this international transfer is that CHF 30 will be received smoothly in the Swiss bank account:

“register at TranferWise now”

save money on international transfer fees!


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